Jeremy Bible, “The Journey of Enoch” tape

February 29, 2012
By Bryon Hayes

Jeremy Bible is one of the kings of freaky indie audio.  Dude is the sole proprietor of the Experimedia online label and distro, which has been pumping out the non-hits since the turn of the millennium. The site has since become a mainstay for the sonically adventurous who are looking to pick up the latest wares via their web browsers. The imprint itself is equally crucial.

Some of the earliest releases on the Experimedia label involved the participation of Bible himself. “The Journey of Enoch,” in all its dark ambient glory, is one of those budding artifacts that helped put the imprint out there for all the world to worship. Originally issued in 2004 in an ultra-limited CD-R edition (also available digitally), this drone masterpiece has recently been given the reissue treatment – this time on cassette – by the folks over at Rubber City Noise.

Composed entirely with synthesizers, the textures and timbres exposed by this release are incredibly chilling. This is deep, deep sonic material – murky, subterranean tones for eyeless organisms. His softer side getting the better of him, Bible strays away from producing music that is outright terrifying, choosing instead to slot himself into the cozy nook between dream and nightmare. Given today’s crazed synthesizer hordes, “The Journey of Enoch” was an incredibly prescient album upon its original release date – that it has remained relevant is proof of its greatness.

Rubber City Noise

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