Think Quick

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Think Quick
Background information
Origin Connecticut
Genres Indie, New Wave, Synth-Pop
Years active 2006–present
Labels Oregon Trail Mix
Members Istvan Dawis
Past members Chris, Jenn

Think Quick is a Chip Pop band founded by Istvan Dawis in Fairfield, Connecticut while studying at Fairfield University. Abandoning his previous project, Silentype, Izzy opted to go for a Postal Service rip-off sound,[1] the result was a sound likened to Owl City, PlayRadioPlay!, and Plushgun.


The acoustic ballad, "Final Moment", was the first song to be made electronic. It was a fun experiment and it that was just the start. Initially using Madtracker, and then dabbling with Renoise, Izzy finally rested upon FL Studio as his music program of choice and still uses it today. Chiptunes and video game music are a huge influence on Think Quick's sound.[2][3] The band was named after a late 1980s edutainment title.[4][5]

In an attempt to garner some attention in Summer 2007, "Hollaback Girl (Think Quick's 8-bit remix) was created and posted on Youtube. The video was footage of gameplay from a disco hacked Super Mario Bros 2 rom, and its flashing lights caused seizures in some viewers.[6] In mid-2007, the music of Jennifer Sanchez "Jennifer Lonestar".[7] caught Izzy's ear. He contacted her and she agreed to join the band as a second vocalist. "Certain Somethings", a song inspired by an ice cream maker at Cold Stone Creamery (now closed) in Newtown, Connecticut, was their first duet.

In January, 2008, the song "Best of This" was written about the Spic and Span deli clerk, Brittany H, after taking some amount of Jägermeister. Later that year it became a nominal hit on the radio station, WNHU. Later, in February, after getting ditched by Molly M after seeing Juno and Cloverfield in the same week, Izzy would pen the song, "John Hughes Wrote Home Alone". A song with several allusions to the films Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, both directed by John Hughes. In mid-2008 the song "Final Moment" was featured in an episode of the children's series eScape.[8] At the O'Donnell Memorial Day Picnic, Izzy would meet Meg F. whom he would eventually passively court. The two saw Wanted and Pineapple Express together, in July. After several weeks of unanswered texts, the song, "The Opposite of Sick of You", was born.

Currently, Izzy has compiled all his best songs into a 30-song, 80-minute demo cd-r entitled "The John Hughes Demo" or "jhd" which he has made available for free "The John Hughes Demo".[9] The single, "The Opposite of Sick of You", is available on iTunes.[10] Previously the song had been released in the Series Two Records Volume 15 Compilation.[11] It will also appear on Tweefort Records compilation, Home and Abroad Songs Vol. 2 scheduled for released February, 2010[12] It will also appear on Tweefort Records compilation, Home and Abroad Songs Vol. 2 scheduled for released February, 2010[13]

Band members[edit]



  • untitled demo (2008, self-released, limited to 1 copy)
  • The John Hughes Demo (2009, self-released, limited to 1337 copies)
  • The Lizzie Olsen EP (2011, self-released, limited to 1337 copies)


  • "Final Moment" (2007, self-released)
  • "I've Got A Fever And The Only Prescription is More Cowbell" (2007, self-released)
  • "Hollaback Girl (remix) (2007, self-released)
  • "Certain Somethings" (2008, self-released)
  • "Best of This" (2008, self-released)
  • "John Hughes Wrote Home Alone" (2008, self-released)
  • "The Opposite of Sick Of You" (2009, self-released)


  • Series Two Records Volume 15
  • Tweefort: Music at Home and Abroad Volume 2


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