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The Association
  • Our association is designed to collaborate worldwide efforts to research the Holyoak lineage, particularly descendants and ancestors of George Holyoak, Sr (b.1799) and Sarah Green (b.1797) who braved colonization to the United States from England in 1854.
  • Membership is free, but donations are encouraged to further the study of our familiar history and maintain this website and our online database. To become a member of the association, please complete our Online Membership Form.
  • As membership increases (and donations become more readily available to promote additional research), a periodic, electronic newsletter will be developed at this site sharing the "fruits" of our combined efforts. If you are interested in this type of communiqué, please contact the .
  • Holyoak Coat of Arms: The Latin inscription, "Sacra Querco," means Seeking for the Sacred. This is a holy oak, and beneath a shield with Maltese crosses and a deer head. To color, right side of the shield--red, left side--gold, right side of crosses--gold, left side--red. Deer head--brown. Twisted cord beneath tree--alternating gold and red. Tree and grass--green and brown, accordingly. Inscription--white.
Our Data
  • History -- A brief outline of the Holyoak Family travels to the U.S.
  • Data -- Online database of individuals and families
  • Forum -- Online discussion group hosted at rootsweb.com
  • Library -- Images, documents, etc.
  • Reunions -- Annual reunion itineraries and schedules
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