Team Fortress Classic update released

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The_Wayside_Son 2013年8月31日 18時48分 
Ever since the update when I run the game, it runs just fine, but only 1/4 of the screen is displayed. It use to run fine before. Does anyone know what's wrong?
xheon 2013年8月20日 11時52分 
well, I had to buy a gfx card to make tfc work, but now that I have one, I might as well start playing some new games, so I guess its bye bye tfc, lol
Louie 2013年8月19日 22時20分 
Running like butter on Linux Mint 15! :-)
||M.S|| oo7 2013年8月18日 14時34分 
@ <Hiro

All the old configs CFGs still work if you replace them.
.ozz 2013年8月18日 12時21分 
The only way is install TFC no steam, custom configs and D3d video mode is working in non-steam.
<Hiro 2013年8月17日 10時25分 
check for missing files, mine all seem to be here: C:\steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\tfc

Do our old configs work still? if we replace these 'new ones' with them?
sir_frags 2013年8月17日 10時19分 
You need to put your configs in the new location for steam tfc files. new location for steam tfc files is:

Use the number keys to select menu items, such as class, if your mouse doesn't work.
Also, go into Video options and uncheck "Enable HD Models If Available." T

That's the only way I can get to play this game now. But at least I am able to play again.
sir_frags 2013年8月17日 9時38分 
using ATI radeon sapphire hd 6670 pci-e video card. I have the very latest driver updates. I only have Open GL option under Video. I don't have any Direct X option. So I am stuck with Open GL I guess. But TFC no longer works for me. I can join servers, but after joining I cannot select any class or do anything else.
wat. ᶜʰᵉᵉˢᵉ 2013年8月17日 7時20分 
@Rand this is the exact same thing that happened with HL1 back in feb. none of this NEEDED to happen. everything was perfect IMO.
Rand 2013年8月17日 4時39分 
RoboCop: Delay what fix? NOTHING NEEDED FIXING! They broke it.