Illuminating Science at the Diamond Light Source exhibit

Nicola Evans

what is the Diamond Light Source? It is a huge scientific machine (covering the space of 5 football pitches) called a synchrotron which produces beams of light with different wavelengths.

The science of shape-shifting structures

Researchers from the UK are creating novel shape-changing structures that could be straight out of a spy film.

How do insects find their way home?

Researchers from University of Sussex are studying how insects are able to navigate long and complicated routes between their nest and food sources, despite their limited neural capabilities and low-resolution vision. 

Explore, Transform, Reveal: Watch the Summer Science Exhibition in action

Videos by Henry Lau

See the world from different perspectives in this years Summer Science Exhibition with videos from a selection of exhibits including: Looking deep into model volcanoes, How do insects find their way home and the science of shape shifting structures.

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Festo AirPenguins and AirJelly at Royal Festival Hall

Nicola Evans

The beautiful AirPenguin and AirJelly[fish] are every child's (and adult's) dream remote controlled toy. Gracefully swimming through the air with a body of helium, it's amazing to see the movements these biomechatronic animals make. But what are they for?

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Forgetting to forget

In today’s society we are storing an ever increasing number of memories in the virtual world. ‘Forgetting to Forget’ will encourage discussion and open up the debate on the impact of technology on memory recall whilst exploring the possibility that memories are purposefully being forgotten.

Embracing uncertainty - the new machine intelligence

Researchers from Microsoft Research Cambridge are developing software to help computers learn from experience, creating the next generation of machine intelligence.

BBC Bang Goes The Theory See Further this weekend

Words and photographs by Rachel Mundy, audio report by Jason Codrington, video by Henry Lau

This is what happened when the BBC Bang Goes The Theory roadshow hit See Further: The Festival of Science + Arts with their interactive area and hourly stage shows.

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Walking the Science of the City

With its bustling streets, green parks and rich history around every corner, London always has plenty to catch your eye. What is not so well known is the science that keeps the city alive.