When it Changed: New Science Fiction

How much science fiction is based on fact and what happens when writers work with scientists to create new stories?

Writers Sara Maitland and Michael Arditti join their scientific collaborators Dr Jennifer Rowntree, an evolutionary ecologist, and Dr John Harrison, a geneticist, to read from their work and to discuss how research ideas are used creatively in the writing process.

Forgetting to forget

In today’s society we are storing an ever increasing number of memories in the virtual world. ‘Forgetting to Forget’ will encourage discussion and open up the debate on the impact of technology on memory recall whilst exploring the possibility that memories are purposefully being forgotten.

Future Technologies

Watch the webcast with Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry, Wendy Hall, Jim Haseloff and Bill Thompson.

Je t'aime, je t'aime + La Jetee

Je t'aime, je t'aime

The subjects of time, memory and loss are often the main focus of Resnais' work, and extremely prevalent in this brilliantly structured film. Playful and beautifully cinematic, it transcends the sci-fi genre to gain a deeper analysis of human existence.

Certificate PG

Perfection of the Mind, Body and Machine discussion series

Perfection is a fascination across science and the arts, with implications of interest to all; from philosophers to designers to anyone who strives for it.

The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition

Meet the minds behind some of the UK's most exciting scientific advances at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition. From machine intelligence to green energy, try out the interactive exhibits and question the expert scientists themselves about the discoveries you make.

Explore the exhibits online and plan out your visit.