When it Changed: New Science Fiction

How much science fiction is based on fact and what happens when writers work with scientists to create new stories?

Writers Sara Maitland and Michael Arditti join their scientific collaborators Dr Jennifer Rowntree, an evolutionary ecologist, and Dr John Harrison, a geneticist, to read from their work and to discuss how research ideas are used creatively in the writing process.

Illuminating Science at the Diamond Light Source exhibit

Nicola Evans

what is the Diamond Light Source? It is a huge scientific machine (covering the space of 5 football pitches) called a synchrotron which produces beams of light with different wavelengths.

Illuminating Fuel Future

Nicola Evans


Culture evolves!

Nicola Evans

From spaghetti towers to scorpions, find out more about the Culture evolves! exhibit in this audio interview with exhibitor Christine Caldwell from University of Stirling.

Interview with Christine Caldwell

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The making of an athlete with Biobots

Text and images by Nicola Evans, audio report by Rachel Mundy

Walking unsuspectingly around Southbank Centre, I was pounced on by Josh Ferguson and Michael Quinn from The Sittingbourne Community College.

“Do you want to test your lung capacity?” asked Mike. I tried to shy away “Oh mine is rubbish”. But he insisted “Everyone says that but then it turns out to be really good”

How do insects find their way home?

Researchers from University of Sussex are studying how insects are able to navigate long and complicated routes between their nest and food sources, despite their limited neural capabilities and low-resolution vision. 

A taste of Street Science - on this weekend

Video by Jason Codrington

Street Science is at See Further: The Festival of Science + Arts every day of the festival at Southbank with different performers, demonstrators and entertainers each day.

Street Science includes Science in a Suitcase, NOISEmakers, Physics in the Field, Ri Maths busking, Royal Observatory Greenwich and historical characters.

Watch the video

Twitter chat with Sylvia Earle

The live chat on Twitter with Sylvia Earle, scheduled for 4.30pm Friday has been postponed due to a Twitter outage. Follow @litweeter for details of when the event will now take place.

See the Litweeter Festival website for details.

Review of Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's "A Celebration of Life on Earth"

Henry Lau

Preshow entertainment for A Celebration of Life on Earth came in the form of the robotic AirPenguin that has been gracing several shows at See Further Festival: The Festival of Science + Arts.