Belated Year-Closer-To-Inevitavble-Doom-Day!

I know this is a bit late, but I was busy going places and getting pointless things done. My 16th birthday (October 7th for you new readers) can be summed up in this one image:

My birthday, to be honest, was pretty dull. Not dull, as in nothing exiting happened, more dull as in nothing new happened.

Most of my birthdays when I was little were like some kind of festival for me. My folks always got me all these incredible doodads and whatsits for presents, used some huge place like Dave & Buster’s, and always baked me some incredibly awesome cake that I didn’t even eat. My friends back then thought I was the best for having my folks set up this incredible palooza for them and me (which was strange, because for the other 364 days they treated me like some social outcast).

My birthdays in my younger years were like those crazy things you’d expect me to have on my 16th time around the sun. I got the presents I dreamed of, which, instead of some new Toyota, were things like¬†a Nintendo¬†GameCube. Heck, I even remember on my 11th, I ate so much candy I got sick and vomited afterwards. I always had the crazy celebrations with all my pals when I was little, instead of in my teens like everyone else does.

My birthdays when I was just a toddler, those were like some special holiday just for me. My Great, Great Grandfather would always come in and remark how older I looked every year, and distant relatives would mail over their gifts. I even remember one special birthday during my Thomas The Tank Engine obsessive phase when I really wanted that green one (I think Percy was his name) like nothing else in the world. And when I saw that tiny box, combined with the sugar-filled energy that any little kid would get, I’m pretty sure I just lost it then and there.

My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t even unwrap it. My mom had to come in and unravel it bit by bit as I desperately tried to unveil the plastic beauty within. My dad just stared at me with worry as my heart rate began to enter the BPM comparable to that of a hummingbird. And when I finally got it open… I actually don’t remember what happened after that. Maybe I passed out or something. But I remember I was happy to have that little smiling train. It was mine. Nobody could take it from me. Not Santa, not my parents, not the ultimate deity of the universe itself. No one.

However, as I aged and learned the sad, sad truths about the lies parents tell you as a kid (I was brought into the world by a pterodactyl? Seriously?!), I began to get bored of the same big old mega-parties I held. The last one was my 12-13th, when I went to D&B’s again and only brought two friends. Then for a while, boring, non-celebratory birthdays were actually exiting because they were new. Then those quickly got boring, and here we are at me being 16.

No, I didn’t get my drivers license.

No, I didn’t get on that MTV show, or whatever it is.

No, I didn’t get a bazillion expensive gifts.

No, I didn’t even get a cake. (I got three cookies mashed into some blob with a candle in it.)

No, my friends didn’t even bother to visit or give me anything.

However, this simple day was punctuated by something exiting. Not as exiting as getting that toy train. Not as exiting as getting a car.

I got my own freaking scanner.

I’m sure the following days of my upcoming 4-day-weekend will be only punctuated by this:

And by stars, I’ll enjoy it.

And We’re Back on The Air!

For some reason, my blog doesn't put alt text here. Weird.

Yuppiy-yup-yup! (That means “Yup” or “Yes”.) Mechapress is back in business! Well, “business” really. As you can guess from the upper photo, illustrations are now¬†coming to¬†The Mechapress! And by “coming” I mean “are already here”! How awesome is that? Probably not¬†as¬†awesome as, say, a¬†space-faring robo-turtle or a¬†catapult that¬†launches frog-cowboys, but awesome nonetheless.

So what’s been up and about when I was gone? Well, for starters, I left the place alone for a while to see what would happen when I¬†”threatened” to shut¬†a few areas down for good if they didn’t get any¬†views. Afterwards, I spent most of my time playing Awesomenauts¬†, which I bought off Steam to play with some friends. I also received a tax-refund thing in the mail that says that it’s worth 400 dollars. I’m not that advanced in economic jargon, but I somehow managed to “earn” a 400 dollar check through said ignorance, so it’s all good! I have no plans with the cash infusion, so I’ll just stash it away or something. Yes, I know it’s “not using it”, but you don’t give a guy like me 400 dollars and expect him to use it wisely. I can guess that I would spend it all¬†Disneyland-Style, but with videogames and DLC’s instead of stuffed animals and theme-park rides.

In case you didn’t see already, A.A. has been removed for good as no one responded to it’s requests. I guess I can’t just ask for user-based content yet. Oh well.

Anyhow, I have a few long-term plans for the M.P., such as tidying up the Database, jazzing up this web theme with new illustrations of Mechon, Hazmius, Daki, Haeon, Luni and the rest in the background (I’ll need to scan in pencil illustrations for THAT one, with my nonexistent scanner.) and finally getting around to using The Wall. It’s going to be a busy Summer after…

Hoh’ boy, I almost forgot about the dreaded thing about High-School: FINALS WEEK. Dun dun duuuuuun…!

Wish me luck on… June 3rd to June 6th, guys. It’s going to be a horrible gauntlet of full-on unit reviews on things we learned in the beginning of the year and all forgot!

It’s like re-living all the quizzes in your year, but all at once and it’s reviewed for¬†like¬†life depends on it.

MechaPress 2013!

MechaPress2013 Banner

2013 is almost upon us, and we here¬†housed up in MechaPress Studios (our three houses) and we’re deviously¬†planning (texting to me, whom this blog is centered around (yes, call me a narcissist¬†if you must, or a spotlight stealer, but Leon and Luni really don’t care.)) what goodies you, our loving fans, will obtain. What’s coming soon (and/or somewhat later) after the neon ball drops is going to be so fryzkin incredible¬†you’ll need to cover your eyes when you realize that I’m probably overdramatizing this. But maybe I’m not!

We have some ulkra-good things coming you way, so much, in fact, I’m having to write in Hexanian because I’m at¬†a loss for words here! What things can you expect? Well, here’s a flashy list (click it¬†if the letter’s are too small)¬†I made for you using more fancy photo-edit magic to make you realize that I’m kind of sneaking spoilers in here!

Mechapress 2013 Update List





I am Steaming glad today folks! Why, you ask? Not only because LittleBigPlanet Karting comes out today, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star comes out the 11th, and not because this is my first post in a while… but because…


S.H.I.F.T.T.D. is now a concept on Steam Greenlight!

Woo! Got a logo up with Chromelon’s¬†(He’s not a real Mechapress Team member, but he’s a nice guy, if not a tad totally cow-brick-suckerfoot-poo insane) advice to get Paint.Net, which is great for making 2-D images! I didn’t spoil everything about S.H.I.F.T.T.D., unlike what I did here, so you dear readers get¬†a happy bonus because you light up my day! Thanks!

In other news, I’m getting oral surgery sometime early January 2013, and it’s going to suck mold. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled (all four of them) and getting brackets on my 12-year molars which are sideways and deep under my gums. So yes, I’m gonna have metal wires going under my gums. On top of that, I’m going to be really doped up on all these painkillers, so my brain is going to behave like an injured starfish I.E., pink, shriveled, and not much thrilling activity while everyone stands around it looking sad, saying: “Aww, poor starfish!” while the starfish is probably thinking: “Ok, I was wrong, land sucks and those flying things are really bad. I’ll just slowly inch my way back into the sea and regrow my limb.”.

I’m just focusing on the only good bit: I get to¬†miss a week from school.

This… is going to be very interesting.

Oh, and give my Steamin’ good Greenlight a visit, why don’t you! Here¬†is the link, by the way.

What the “107″ in “Darkstar107″ is For!

It’s so my birthday!

It’s so today!

It’s so my birthday, hip-hoo-ray!

I’m three times five, which is¬†only numbers prime!

But I don’t have a care,

for any math, anywhere!

So let’s get down and celebrate!

It’s so my birthday!

It’s so today!

It’s so my birthday, Extended yay!

Pokemon Black & White 2, come out on this very night, woo!

And I do have a care,

for all geek things, anywhere!

So come on and go sing!

It’s so my birthday,

It’s so today!

It’ so my birthday, and I’m OK!

I’ve been around the sun: 15 times, it was fun!

I also have a care,

for all spaaaaace things, anywhere!

But still¬†don’t make me a cake…

It’s so my birthday!

It’s so today!

It’s so my birthday, con-fe-tay! (Confetti.)

All hostile mobs dance, it’s your one and only chance!

Endermen, steal those blocks.

Creepers, blow up doors with locks!

And let’s shoot some TNT into the sky!

It’s so my birthday!

It’s so today!

It’s so my birthday, fans, say “yay”!

October the 7th, this year, on the Sabbath.

Yet I don’t really know,

about religion stuff, oh!

So maybe, just¬†get a bit mad…

It’s so my birthday!

It’s so today!

It’s so my birthday, On a sunday!

I have a day of ‘morrow, so don’t feel any sorrow!

I have things to do,

but on tomorrow, woo-hoo!

So let’s sing the final verse!

It’s my birthday! (Yeah!)

It’s so today! (Yeah!)

It’s so my birthday, three cheers: Yay! (Yay yay yay!)

I’m fifteen now, I still don’t need a car now. (*Whew*)

So stay patient, my friends! (Yeah!)

The song’s almost¬†at its end! (Aw…)

But please say something in the comments! (Um…?)

‚ÄĘComposer: Darkstar107.

‚ÄĘMusic: Darkstar107

‚ÄĘLyrics: Darkstar107.

‚ÄĘTitle: It’s so my Birthday! (15th year edition.)‚ĄĘ

‚ÄĘSung to the tune of: They Might Be Giant’s: “It’s not by birthday” short song.

Whoah Nelly!

It’s finally happened. I only could dream of this even happening until now…

Oh. Right. What tantalizing, pants-defying, mind-combusting, sudden-blog-post-inducing thing could cause such shock-and-awe?

The Mechapress is on a first page of Google search results!

Alone, that may not sound like a big deal, but did you know that the search word is “Mechapress”? Yes, you may now simply type “Mechapress” into your Google search engine, and you’ll find it right away, on the first page for your convinence.

Oh, you want proof? I’ll give you proof. Proof of the photographic kind! (Or “PrtScn” key and “MS Paint” kind, to get technical.)

Also with alternate text for you observant folks out there!

Yep. There it is. The “Paint” software I used was greatly lacking in… well… pretty much everything. Sorry.

But to the topic at hand!

That, my friends, is internet skill.

Oh, and I didn’t know that “Mecha Press” was an actual other thing. (A magazine, to be precise.) Just wanted to clear that up. No offense, whoever created the “Mecha Press Magazine”!

MechaPress Update!

Yay! If you haven’t noticed the new background, either you are a extremely misguided colorblind person, or you just did when I mentioned it.

Either way, check it out! It took quite a while to find, edit, and finalize the images. And now they look awesome!

What do you think? I may be able to make it even better than this if I find anything. (Yeah… What I meant by that is if you recommend anything good that works for me.)

Aggh! Another short post! Call in the Calvary!