First, don’t try to say that as an actual word. It’s pretty offensive. Second, that’s an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. Well… I hate to say this, but this really isn’t a F.A.Q. I don’t really ever get asked any questions, so it’s more of a Q and A board. It still has a bundle of questions you probably would ask, or may come to mind, so, technically is a F.A.Q.

-What is this blog?

-This is The MechaPress! Most of the other stuff I would say here can be found by simply looking above, and clicking the “About” button. It’s always there to help, so be sure to thank it.

-Who are you?

-Once again, the “About” button knows it all. Maybe you should check it real quick, then come back here.

-I see that fancy “Celestial Cyber” area on the sidebar there. What is it about?

-That, my friend, is a nice little fiction work I’m doing. It’s something to really take a look at, and every ounce of it! If you have anything you want to know about what’s in the C.C., then check the “About” button’s happy (and more text-filled) neighbor: the “Celestial Cyber Database” button! He’s there to provide a hand, too.

-Do you have any–*

-I’d hate to interrupt, but anything about me or this blog is the “About” button’s business. Please, it answers a probable tonload of questions you really have about those two topics.

-Ok, unrelated to almost anything question: are you a robot/alien/cyborg/etc.?

-Um, no. I am a hardcore fan of all those things, but I’m not one. Well, as far as I know, anyway.

-I know you say this on the “About” page, but what was your reason for making this blog?

-I may as well say it here, too. I just wanted a place for my creative output to flow. This is also just a headquarters for any stuff I decide to come up with, and as a happy bonus, will probably look good on my résumé! It’s just the first step, and probably will the place where I make my many others, too!

-I like your creative stuff! How in Lunos’s name do you come up with this stuff?

-I wrote a fairly decent post about my process, but I’ll sum it up. Take stuff I already know, dig around for older ideas that turned out great, fill in the impossible with fancy fiction, and iron out the details. Done!

-Can you tell me about each post category? I’d like to make it easy for me and my friends to navigate!

-Ok! Rants were originally my Wonderful Uncle Scott’s idea, and I just had to take that as my own! It basically is just my “Miscellaneous” area. Posts n’ Updates are usually important bits of news. If something seems off scince the last time you came, you should probably take a look there first, before freaking out. Backstories are things that are very personal, and how I came up with my whole Fictional Universe. Then Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3 are all the “books” for my little story! Some may not be up around the time you’re reading this, but they all will in time.

-Argh! The site’s not working right! Can you fix this, so I can get my daily M.P.?

-Sadly, this isn’t my issue. I didn’t script the site whatsoever, so either it’s WordPress’ issue, or your computer is acting up. Sorry I can’t be your punching bag for stress.

-Is there any way I can keep up-to-date without having to come here each time?

-Sure there is! Subscribe to my Twitter account, or follow MechaPress via E-Mail! You could also get a pal to do this, and giddily tell you every detail of every post, but that would get very annoying, I assume.

-Can I get a real-life picture of you or anyone you know in the real world?

-Nope. This is the Internet, and I like to remain just a little mysterious. I will draw pictures of my… fictional self, though.

-Do you work on this site alone? Or do others help around?

-I actually write every single post and every single everything else on the site, but I get some intel for ideas from my friends. There are also people who helped get this blog off the ground and into the Blogosphere: Luni and Leon (not thier real names, of course). Chromelon ((also not his real name)no matter how insane he may be) and his little neighborhood community helps with smaller things, but didn’t really provide that many ideas I use. He’s a whiz at coding and other computer stuff, though, so it all evens out.

-Do you make any games or things other than blog posts and drawings?

-I’m trying to make some games, and I’ll tell you about them as soon as I can! It’s not really easy, as I’m not a programming whiz, but Chromelon helps a ton with that stuff, whenever he feels compelled to!

-I heard that you draw stuff instead of taking notes in class. While I would ridicule you for not being a good student and all, could I see those drawings, or any other art you made?

-I’ve been trying to do that, but I really don’t have a scanner. I may get one soon, though!

-Ooh! This post is amazing! Can I use it for anything?

-Ok, here’s a few rules about that. You can take anything on this site and use it, BUTyou must ask me first! I may actually say no, based on what you intend to do.

-Can I make something for you?

-Sure! Feel free to make any fan art or something as a gift! I’ll appreciate it, and I’ll be sure to talk about you politely in dinner conversation!

-What is your dream job?

-Either a Writer, or an Employee at some great game-development studio, like Media Molecule!

-You haven’t posted anything in a while! This is not what I expect from you and am very disappointed.

-I’m sorry. I don’t update the place on some daily basis, so you may have to wait. You can always follow me on Twitter, if you really need to know if I’m alive!

-Where did you get the header image, background, and logo for the site?

-The first two: Google images. It was hard to find em’ though all the horrible keyword-activated… um… “vulgar images”. The last one I made using Paint.net.

-Unrelated question again! If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

-I would tell you, but they are way too personal. Sorry.

-This post conflicts with my opinion. I hate this as everyone agrees with me and will show hatred towards you as long as I dwell on the topic.

-These posts show my opinion, so shove it. If you really hate the place, leave, and never return!

-Why WordPress? Why not Blogspot or something else?

-Seemed like a good idea at the time.

-Ooh! I have an awesome idea that I want to share with you! Can I tell you?

-Sure, go on ahead. I may not use it, but it’s worth a shot. You never know! I will provide credit if I do!

-I sent you a heartfelt E-Mail message! Why haven’t you responded?

-I have an annoying real life to deal with, and probably was too busy to see it, or was bombarded by hundreds of said E-Mails and tossed them all away. Sorry.

-Do you have any advice for starting bloggers?

-My advice: Get started! You actually want to have something to edit and tweak to your liking instead of just thinking about it. You need to get the ball rolling. Also, don’t write boring stuff. Try to jazz it up with metaphors and the like, or add pictures and make it funny! Or both, even! Or try to do something completely on your own, and see where it takes you! Just remember, it’s easier said than done.

-I have some more questions, and you didn’t answer them! How can I find out?

-Ask in a comment! I’ll put it up here if it’s a really good question.

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