Backstory 2: Afterwards-

I’m not sure what happened after all that mess with The Island. Maybe I called off my exploration entirely. Maybe I just forgot to come back. Either way, The Island was long forgotten afterwards. Instead, I looked to the stars. Of course, I also acquired my 2nd companion, Leon. (Luna I met years ago. We really didn’t explore together.) Together we uncovered early Hazdbazza and M3-CC4, their inhabitants, their technology, their leaders, their companies, and their times together. We uncovered an entire chapter in the two planet’s history, even! We also are witnessing, as of this very moment, the 2nd chapter in that history too.

I tried exploring on my own afterwards, trying to get a good vibe like the old days again. That’s when I found Daki again. He had changed. More understood, more talkative, and more personality. He was one of those wealthy, posh, upper class-types of people, yet was never snobbish with others. He had also founded his major company, HEXA, and built a massive space vessel, the LIBRAN. He seemed pretty content with himself. He knew I was the one observing him back at The Island, yet never really became aware of my presence, as if I wasn’t there. Then I noticed. I wasn’t there. I had changed into someone else completely: “Librus, The Creator”. At first I was surprised. Why should I do this? Then, as if a voice told me: I liked doing this, deep down, and was going to shape this… universe to something massive and incredible. So I did. Daki met Haeon, Daki met Luni, Mechon and Hazmius got in the fray as well, and the Greyforce was back, thirsty for revenge.

And here we are now, 1 year later. Me writing a semi-metaphorical tale of my past. I feel like an old man or something.

Well, at least I finished that part. I should probably make more sense next time!

But, something wants me to ask: “What’s your story, if you have one?” It’s OK, don’t be shy! It took me some willpower to write this, believe me! Come on, Dreamers, Writers, Shifters, Makers! Come right up and spin a tale of your adventure to today.

No, really.

Backstory 1: The Ancient Tome-

The world was filled with special worlds when I was “little” (9 years old. Not that much changed about me over those 5-6 years). Uncovered by new, bold explorers. Lands like “Middle Earth”, “Mars”, “The Edges Beyond Space”, and more. Those had already been uncovered by people. (I don’t remember all their names.) I traversed through them, learning of the life, science, and wonders of each place. But one day, I came across my own place: The Island. It was teeming with oddities, flat creatures (known as “Murkers”) that hid under the swampy muds of the woodlands and would snag wandering adventurers, hostile “Daviedonts”, plants that would root into the sides of cliffs and confuse intruders by making odd noises. It was a wide expanse of land, surrounded by miles of sea. I began logging everything I saw there in a guidebook, or what was once a dusty old tablet of a notebook I found (I titled it “The Ancient Tomes”). . Every time I came there, there was always something new waiting for me. 2 years passed, and I still hadn’t covered it all. Where did the Malletongs keep cool in the desert? How did those paraglidox find those leaves to glide on? What lived there before, in the Rune Temple? Those questions were answered, but left more behind. Finally, one quiet, December sick day, I found someone else on that isle: Daki. (Quiet, I’ll explain everything…) I stayed hidden in the shadows, observing what he did during the day, and spied on him during the night. He built a labyrinth of towers atop the frozen peaks of the Northern Cliffs, yet he managed to quickly make it down and up in an instant. I didn’t uncover much, and eventually left him to his ways. I did, however, log this information in the tome. (It’s long gone, so I can’t really scan it in. I’ve just copied what I remember, filled in the blanks too.)

Entity #11

Location The Uppermost Northern Peaks.

Not much is known about Daki at this point. He appears to be human, yet is far too agile and observant to be one. He wears a white suit (The outer part, the part that only covers your back and sides), with blue , screen like wraps on the sleeves. They seem to be a type of high-tech-interface with something far away. He also has a complex headset, as well as his (in his opinion) valued hat, (takes the appearance of a navy captain’s hat). He seems to be observing the environment, searching for something, possibly myself. I wish to stay hiding, though. He also seems to be forcing various replicas of the life in the North to dig for valuables. More explanation yet to come. 

The isle eventually faded away, as with Daki, into history. I did uncover it again, yet it had been sealed in some other dimension since then. All that was left was the ruins and the plain, leaving every other last detail missing. I renamed the floating, extra-dimentional, remaining piece of the island “The Creation Realm”, (I said be quiet.) and now stay halfway there, halfway here.

The tome has long-scince been lost. I’m kind of glad that it’s gone, as that island holds a few, tragic memories for me. I would hate to recall every detail of things I wish to forget, wouldn’t you? I thought so.