Game Review 3- Pikmin 3!

Pikmin 3 is a really beautifully done game for the Nintendo Wii U console, and a very good one at that! In fact, it’s the reason I even got a Wii U in the first place!

The game takes place after the two previous games, beginning on the Planet known as Koppai. Koppai is suffering from overpopulation, a food shortage, and a lack of planning for the future. The only hope they have is to find another planet that has food on it. After sending out dozens of unmanned probes (called SPEROs), they find a bountiful world they name PNF-404. They then send out a expedition, led by three Koppiates (the three characters you play as), Alph, Brittany, and the Captain, Charlie. However, just before they’re about to enter PNF-404′s orbit, the ship suddenly malfunctions and the trio are hurled out of the ship, falling down to the surface…

The crew are separated at the start of the game, but they’re soon reunited so you can play to the fullest. While exploring the new planet, you’ll find the adorable Pikmin, tiny creatures that are half-plant and half-animal. Like in the previous games, the Pikmin live inside what is called an onion, which stores and plants Pikmin seeds. There’s more than one type of Pikmin, and as you find them, their respective onions join you.

The Gameplay is much like the previous games: you hurl Pikmin at foes or obstacles, they’ll take the spoils and send them back to their onion. Normal items, like enemy corpses or pellets (from Pellet Posies, a strange type of flower) will be sucked up into the onion, where it’ll spit out a number of seeds based on the size of the item. However, some corpses or items are heavy, so you’ll need more than one Pikmin to carry it back. It’s sort of a cycle that way, you get more Pikmin to defeat and carry bigger items to gain even more Pikmin to defeat even stronger and bigger foes. There’s also obstacles and foes that are only weak against one Pikmin type.

There are 7 Pikmin types that have been introduced over the span of the franchise, but Pikmin 3 only has 5. Red Pikmin, which deal more damage to foes and are resistant to fire. Yellow Pikmin, which are shock resistant and can complete broken electrical circuits. Blue Pikmin, which can survive underwater (other Pikmin types will drown). Rock Pikmin, which can break crystal barriers and hard enemy carapaces. Lastly, the flying Pikmin, which are small, weak, but very maneuverable and can fly over most obstacles. You’ll encounter them all as the story progresses.

The mission the trio have is to harvest fruit from the planet, and you’ll find them scattered about each stage (there’s only 5 total, but you have to revisit them often). When you find your first piece of fruit (a strawberry), it becomes evident (to you, not the characters) that you’re on Earth! You have to carry the fruit back to your ship with some help from the Pikmin. The ship (called the S.S. Drake) takes in the fruit, and then juices it for food the crew consume at the end of each day, while the seeds are stored for when they return to Koppai. Each day also has a time limit: as night falls nocturnal predators will start to wake up, so you must retreat your ship and lift off (along with the onion). Any stray Pikmin you leave behind will be eaten.

Here’s a cool part: You use the Wii U Gamepad as a Koppaite exploration tool, called the Koppad. It shows you a birds-eye view of the map as you explore the world, and acts as many other useful tools. You can also enter a first-person mode and use the Koppad to look about and take pictures, which you post on MiiVerse!

That’s the general gist of the game in terms of plot and gameplay, but the puzzles get harder, the plot gets thicker, and the enemies get tougher as you play on.

If you ask me, the game is incredible. The enemies even act like their original counterparts. Frogs (Wollywogs, the game calls them) croak when idle and even clean themselves when in water. Bugs swarm, spiders scurry, crabs nibble their mandibles, bats are stunned when you light up their caves. Add on the beautiful graphics, and you’ve got some astounding visuals. I also am fond of the fact that you and your Pikmin are about the size of a dime. Tiny bugs are towering beasts. A watermelon is like a heavenly fruit for the explorers. A cellphone is a powerful piece of alien technology that enhances the S.S. Drake’s scanning range. They even name the fruit they discover! A cantaloupe is a ”Wayward Moon”. Star fruit are “Stellar Extrusions”. They even mistake a Kiwi for an animal! The countless little details are just charming. It’s a beautiful game.

I don’t want to spoil too much, and there’s many upon many a review for it out there. (I’m also a little out of practice…) I highly recommend this game, and I say it’s a very good reason to get a Wii U console. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.


I am Steaming glad today folks! Why, you ask? Not only because LittleBigPlanet Karting comes out today, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star comes out the 11th, and not because this is my first post in a while… but because…


S.H.I.F.T.T.D. is now a concept on Steam Greenlight!

Woo! Got a logo up with Chromelon’s (He’s not a real Mechapress Team member, but he’s a nice guy, if not a tad totally cow-brick-suckerfoot-poo insane) advice to get Paint.Net, which is great for making 2-D images! I didn’t spoil everything about S.H.I.F.T.T.D., unlike what I did here, so you dear readers get a happy bonus because you light up my day! Thanks!

In other news, I’m getting oral surgery sometime early January 2013, and it’s going to suck mold. Getting my wisdom teeth pulled (all four of them) and getting brackets on my 12-year molars which are sideways and deep under my gums. So yes, I’m gonna have metal wires going under my gums. On top of that, I’m going to be really doped up on all these painkillers, so my brain is going to behave like an injured starfish I.E., pink, shriveled, and not much thrilling activity while everyone stands around it looking sad, saying: “Aww, poor starfish!” while the starfish is probably thinking: “Ok, I was wrong, land sucks and those flying things are really bad. I’ll just slowly inch my way back into the sea and regrow my limb.”.

I’m just focusing on the only good bit: I get to miss a week from school.

This… is going to be very interesting.

Oh, and give my Steamin’ good Greenlight a visit, why don’t you! Here is the link, by the way.

Game Review 2- Pokemon Black 2!

First, let me say that if you believe either that I’m too old to be playing such “childish games” or that “the Pokemon series is lame as ever”, I will simple state that…

You should just shut up and leave. Really.

I like these games, and if you don’t like them, then you, my kind sir, are horribly misguided (or horribly inebriated), and that in both cases you should close the window/tab that this site is in and leave until you feel like you can tolerate my preferences or NEVER RETURN AS LONG AS YOU WALK THIS EARTH. I know a few Guys in College that play this, and even a few guys my age that do the same! And if the series was truly lame, they wouldn’t be making any new games, now would they? You, sir hater, have been proven wrong. Are we all clear here? Good.

Now then, I got Pokemon Black version 2, so there are some things that are different in White version 2 and I should tell you what they are. First off, as in every game, the final legendary is different, and featured on the cover. Also, there is a different Pokemon that is impossible to catch in one version, and another for the other version. In this case, Gothita, Gothorita, Gothielle, Cotonee, Whimsicott, Vullaby and Mandibuzz are in BV2 only, and Solosis, Duosion, Renuclius, Petilil, Liligant, Rufflet and Braviary are in WV2 only. Also, they kept Black City and White Forest, and each one is only accessible though their respective versions. You can, however, use the (hard to figure out) Entralink feature and merge into your friends’ game! So if you want to get it, be careful which version you get! (I assume you got Black 1 and White 1 if you are planning to buy this game, so I can guess that you already know most of this already).

Ok, so now for the actual review. (Like in my previous review, you could always skip that).

BV2 and WV2 take place 2 years after the original story, so there are many new towns and places to explore. Also, over the years, Pokemon from other regions (Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, etc) have spread into the current one (Unova) and taken root, so you can finally get some retro Pokemon in your party without having to get to the post-game swapping-whatsit place! Yay! The game also features a few new bonuses that eagle-eyed (and eared) gamers will notice, such as unique music for each Gym, Pokemon Dens (hidden between trees, and those dens are home to very powerful and rare wild Pokemon), and a new place that allows people you met via Wi-fi to stream into that plaza and set up shops (that offer incredible stuff)! There’s a whole lot more, but I don’t want to spoil that much, and I haven’t beaten the game yet, anyway (more surprises for me, too)!

You have to choose from the 3 starters in Black and White 1, so you can still have that rare starter Pokemon you wanted in your party from the start. There’s also a few Minigames BV2 and WV2 have to offer, such as the musical (old) and movies (new, and it’s amazing). Movies are exactly like a battle sequence, but you sometimes have to hit a foe with a certain move, or endure attacks for a few scenes. It’s cool though, that sometimes the opponent will send out a prop set (a big metal green screen with a Charizard face on it), and the background also is green screen too! The big part though, is that (A) you sometimes don’t have to knock out the opponent (or even damage it!) and (B) you have to sometimes choose a line. You wouldn’t want to act all timid when you’re supposed to be the hero, no? So be careful. However, you can always restart and the director’s comments will let you know how well that one line works. (“What the heck…?” to “Yeah! That gets me right here. Nice work!”). The whole thing takes place in Pokestar Studios, oddly themed off Hollywood. A personal comment by me is that the logo looks a bit… evil, as it’s a star with big angry eyes.

There’s a lot of backstories to follow, as when you make more sales in Pokestar, more people come and comment about you’re latest debut, and the stories in the movies, however classic and overused they are, still have an interesting story (and comic-panel-like dialogue scenes!). Also, the same thing goes for Join Avenue (explained earlier) and one special backstory where you find a Cross-Transreciever (a kind of camra-phone) that was dropped by someone who is now using an audio-only model. (I’m not going to say how it goes, so you’ll have to see that for yourself!).

The main story goes that you and a few friends (including your rival, who actually is a friend this time, so don’t give him a nasty name!) head off to see the sights of the nearby towns. Eventually you make it to a nice ranch, where the local farmers lost one of their Herdier’s. So after a short while digging through the grass and getting blocked by the (very adorable) Mareep, you find the lost Pokemon being harassed by none other than Team Plasma. Turns out they disbanded after the last “pesky kid” (you from the last game!) beat them, and now they’re back, angry, and now pirate-themed instead of Templar-based. Odd. After you defeat them, they run off, griping about how they might lose again like last time, and the Herdier happily follows you back. Also, for any “N” (strange, leader of the old T.P. that ended up turning good in the end) fans, you eventually find a small group of the older T.P. members, now giving up on their old ways and making up for it by taking care of all the Pokemon they stole. They tell you that after they lost, they broke into two groups, one that still is determined to rule, and the other that follows N, yet they don’t know where he ran off to. (They give you… something of his to give to him if you find him). I’m not spoiling anything else, guys!

Oh, and almost forgot… *shudder* the medals and stamps.

They are too much of a good thing for ANY achievement hunter, or any human gamer in general! It goes like this. For doing a certain thing, like taking enough steps or digging in trash cans for loot, or even stinking at type match-ups, you’ll get a medal from Mr. Medal (duh). He’ll also give you hint medals to figure out how to get the other ones. Simple, right?


What the heck do they mean when they say, “Make a plot twist in a sudden, unexpected, yet great way”?! Most medals will tell you easily what to do, but sometimes they contain cryptic messages that leave you wondering if you’re doing it wrong when you’re slamming into walls on your bicycle intentionally.

And then the stamps.

For collecting/seeing every Pokemon available in a habitat, like a route or a cave, you’ll get a stamp on your Pokedex and complete the “Habitat list” for that area.


How the hey can a man sleep without finding that ultra-rare Koffing in the Virbank Complex?! Why doesn’t Zebristrika just come out of the grass already?! Where the heck is Dunsparce?! These and many more have set my achivement-hunter-blood afire. I never knew Game Freak was so… good at this.

So, all in all, it’s a great (and first) sequel to B&W. Should you get it? HECK YES. It’s fun to see how the 2 years affected everyone and the region itself, and trying to uncover all the charming mini-side-stories as well! Oh, and of course, the medals and stamps. Good luck, people. You’ll need it. I just wouldn’t get it if you don’t have the first B&W, because there are a ton of things you won’t understand/get if you don’t.

Good News! More Like Bad News to You, But Think About This!

Okay. So the bad news is that… well… you-know-darn-well-what, isn’t going to work. I got a response from Ryan Seabury, (Look him up, don’t ask me!) and he said… well… here. Let me show you what he said. Where is that stupid button… ah! Here we go!

Thanks for reaching out to let me know about your idea!

As you can imagine, I was heart-broken when LEGO announced they would be closing LEGO Universe. That universe was like a child to me; I spent over 5 years of my life conceiving it, watching it grow, and guiding it to become a living, breathing world. I stepped back from an executive job just so I could lead development on LU; I traveled all over the world promoting it and getting people to help create it; I was sadder about it closing than losing a grandparent in the same week, I loved it so much.

You are not alone in your desire to see LEGO Universe alive again. Aside from the hundreds of very talented and passionate people I was fortunate to work with who brought LU to life, I have had many fans approach me over the last year or so asking what could be done. I’ve talked to LEGO directly about trying to operate it with a new company that could be organized in a way to make it cheaper to maintain. Unfortunately, in my opinion (and I certainly do NOT represent the LEGO Group), I believe LEGO has no interest in bringing it back for a variety of business reasons.

To understand this, you have to understand that not everything happens for obvious reasons in life. From a business view, when LEGO closed it down, there were about 100,000 subscribers and 2 million free-trial players playing the game. Those kind of user numbers would be considered successful for any other game, as that equates to generating about $10-12 million a year as a starting point. However, LEGO was unable to bring the cost of operating the game down enough to make it profitable. I believe it could be operated at a much lower cost and be profitable, and it seems like a $10 million business is worth fighting for, right?

That’s because 10 million dollars seems like a lot of money until you compare it to a number like 3 billion dollars, which is about how much the LEGO Group makes worldwide in a year. 10 million no longer seems like something you should worry about, if you have to pick and choose what to focus on.

Imagine you have 3 dollar bills and a dime on a table in a room. Let’s say the room catches on fire, and you can only pick up 2 of the items on the table before you get burned and have to leave the room. Which 2 do you pick? Probably not the dime, right? LEGO Universe was that dime in a fire that might burn LEGO’s hand, in comparison to LEGO’s 3 dollars already safely in hand. Sure it was shiny and cool looking, but as a business, they couldn’t risk reaching in and getting burned over a dime.

This is a rough metaphor, but you get the idea. :)

Having said all that, it makes me very proud that your experience with LEGO Universe was meaningful enough to give you the motivation to try to bring it back. I was extremely sad when LU closed, and every time I hear a story like yours it makes me feel like it was worth all the years of effort, even though it is gone now. I don’t think you’re going to have much luck with LEGO officially bringing LU back, but I do have some advice for you that might result in some more success.

Instead of trying to bring back LU, think about what it was in LU that was so cool to you and others you played with. What made you want to keep coming back to play? What made you laugh or smile? What did you NOT like about it? What made you downright mad about it? Write down some of these thoughts and organize them. Then ask yourself how you could make a game that was even cooler than LEGO Universe. Then do it.

Make your own game, without LEGO, but with the spirit of whatever LEGO Universe inspired in you as a starting point. Do what you are doing with project LUR but with your own game. Put all that effort into something of your own creation, and disrupt the established “old school”.

In other words, you don’t need LEGO or anyone else’s approval to do something cool. Do your own thing. Knock LEGO off their block. ;)

Start small. Recruit some friends with similar interests. Figure out how you’re going to make it together, who’s going to do what and when. There is an amazing amount of free or cheap game making software you can use out there if you google for it, as well as tons of example code, tutorials, and even entire example game projects to learn from. Even the game engine we use at END Games, Unity3D, has a free version and you can make some really cool stuff in it.

Making games is hard. Don’t give up. People will question what you are doing. You will make a lot of mistakes, and you will fail a lot. I know this seems weird, but the more you fail and the better you get at failing quickly, the more successful you will end up being.

You are obviously a smart, imaginative kid and I can see from your blog you are driven and ambitious. Keep that positive attitude and energy going, and you’re going to be successful in life, in whatever way you want to define “success” for yourself. Do something awesome, and let me know when you do so that I know LEGO Universe was worth it. :)

Anyway, I hope that helps you in some way. Thanks for taking the time to write me and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do.



aka “SamPenguin”

Aww! Is that touching or what? I think I just shed a tear here… Everyone, let’s give it up in both the normal way and the about-my-plan way for Ryan! *Applause & Cheering* Now then. What’s my “new” plan? Um. Well. I really don’t have one yet. I do have more of a test- or more of a way to get started. What just is this, you ask? Well, let me tell you in the next paragraph.

I call it: Shifttd (pronounced “Shifted”). Sort of Portal-meets-Quantum Conundrum. It would take place in the depths of the LIBRAN, where, for some plot-based-reason, everything has gone to hell. The place is falling apart from years of neglect, and no one is there to fix anything! To make matters worse, AbOMI (LIBRAN’s AI mainframe) doesn’t have enough power to use his massive computer/hologram body (read the database a little while later, it explains), so he takes hold of a backup robot body. Then he finds you (the player), whom has been stored in cryogenic suspension, and somehow you survived for a long time, while everyone else is dead, evacuated, or in pieces. AbOMI then leads you to the S.H.I.F.T.T.D, or Super-HEXA-Internal-Force-Telekinetic-Transimssion-Device. This allows you to manipulate various robot shells (among other things like cameras and motors to various devices) to your will, allowing you to bypass obstacles. The drawback is that you also have to worry about your own body, because the S.H.I.F.T.T.D. transmits your “mind” into the targeted object, leaving you body behind. You can still move it around while controlling something else, but you can still be”killed” by hazards, so you have to watch out. Now, I’m still not sure where to start with this, but I’m sure Chromelon has some plan about this. (Also, my birthday is coming soon, so I may get a designer software as a gift!)

So! After Shifttd, I’ll probably work on an LU spinoff! Wish me luck, everyone!

What’s Been on My Mind: Gamer Sides.

I’m starting a new line of more serious rants called “What’s Been on My Mind”. I think these deserve to be put in the “Posts n’ Updates” category, as they bring a more… larger matter into discussion. Or sometimes it may just be something that get’s me irked enough to bring it up into discussion. Either way, these posts will have things that have been tormenting me in the back of my mind for a while now. With that aside, let’s get started, shall we?

Now then, you probably know by now the 3 leading video game companies: Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony. Each have their own line of systems and history and award-winning games. Yet, for some reason, everyone used to “take a side” and argue over which company was better. Or, well, at least for a while. Nowadays, the ones who like the more “Modern” companies (I’m taking about Xbox and Sony here) are always, and I mean always beating up on Nintendo. Maybe you don’t believe me, but I’ve seen it. I follow many gaming news websites, and whenever they release a story about the new Nintendo release, or a Nintendo game review, the comment threads are full of comments about what Nintendo did wrong. Take, for instance, a review of the new 3DS game: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (a personal favorite of mine). The review itself was nice, but the comments were nasty. “The game didn’t have ANY new music” they say, when the only music that was the same was the level select maps background song. The actual background music was similar, but was remixed into a set of new yet familiar catchy tunes. Many of the comments stated that Nintendo “never comes up with new ideas” or that “they’ve been around too long” or ”I can never see myself getting a Nintendo system”. Ok, sure Nintendo is old, but the reason they reuse old ideas is because people like that! Satisfying their fans nostalgia for their old games is what Nintendo does best. Nintendo also did a lot of firsts for gaming technology, such as the first motion controller, the Power Glove. Ok, sure it was bad, but at least it worked! They also made the first virtual reality console, the Virtual Boy! It was also pretty junky, but at least it worked in a day where Sony was only making televisions! Nintendo even made other revolutionary gaming consoles, such as the Wii, the 3DS, and the soon-to-come Wii U. Nintendo is a lot better that most people say. Now, you’re probably saying that I’m beating up on Sony and Xbox. Not so! Below is a simple list I’ve constructed to show the pros and cons of each one.


Pro- Been around for over 50 years!

Pro- Famous for various game mechanics, and having many blasts from the past.

Pro- Made a lot of revolutionary gaming systems that pushed the boundaries for all consoles.

Pro- Many of their games have adorable mascots or creatures or… something.

Con- Thier ideas are recycled, which isn’t good for people expecting something new.

Con- They really seem to not make new consoles until the older version is at least 5 years old.


Pro- They make televisions, games, and gaming consoles!

Pro- They focus on making new games, which pleases the impatient folks.

Pro- Occasionally they’ll have a game that’s been around for years, and that’s because it has no shelf life (Like LittleBigPlanet!)!

Con- Thier controllers are really squeaky. (It seems like a minor problem, but people have been griping about it for years!)

Con- They don’t really seem to pay attention to their games after they release them, except a select few.


Pro- They have a really detailed avatar system, with customizable… well…. everything!

Pro- Made a lot of great games, that pretty much everyone in the gaming community knows.

Pro- They are the first to use controller-less motion control technology (The Kinect).

Con- They don’t focus on the younger audience, and if they do, it’s very rarely.

Con- They break up their games into a line of smaller games (You know what I’m talking about here).

Con- You need to pay for online service.

See? Every game company has its goods and bads. Instead of griping about them, just pick the one you understand or like the most! I actually play all 3 systems (Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3), and I’m not some deranged demon-beast! All games are created equal. So tell your friends and get the word out about this! Maybe we can put and end to these nasty flame-wars. (Yeah. Probably not).

If I have made an error in the information in this post, please let me know and I’ll rectify that post-haste. But please do it nicely. I don’t want any nasty hate-filled comments coming my way!

Game Review 1- Darkspore!

I’ve always been a fan of SPORE, with all of its expansion Packs. I loved the way creatures would interact with each other, the funny things tribes would do when bored, the awesome super-weapons of the civilization Stage, and of course, the massive scale of the SPORE galaxy viewed by 6 feet of solid style. It was a great game, where people could create easily, and share their work online and get feedback from others. Galactic Adventures made Space Stage even more funny, or serious, or incredible, or whatever the creator wanted you to think.

For a while, it was a pretty exiting time.

But then Updates never came, the server started to get buggy from neglect, The dev team never made anything, and before we knew it, SPORE was abandoned by many of the great creators who used to make astounding things. I stayed for a while, but then no one ever saw what I did, and eventually left, too.

Eventually, I almost forgot about SPORE.

But then Maxis announced a new game utilizing the Award-winning SPORE editor system: Darkspore. Featuring thousands of new parts, all new methods of gameplay, and no more cartoony whatnot! I was exited until they mentioned that you can’t create from scratch anymore. I then came back to SPORE with a few others and began building from scratch, just like we liked it. SPORE did host some contests for Darkspore NPC’s, but still neglected it.

After a few months, Darkspore was released. I still hated it, as well as many others. We earned the title of Neo-Sporeaddcits, and we liked it.

Then, again, everyone left, and SPORE was left for Old Game collectors.

After 6 months of digging for creative output and getting in trouble for it because I needed to “Pay attention” to a very scratchy tape on the natural history of the pencil eraser (I am NOT making this up! I am ALSO not trying to rip of the famous writer who trademarked that phrase!) I found Darkspore again, and it made quite some progress since the release. The Devs left it around late 2011, but hey, it still was played! I managed to buy it and download it, and after one week of hardcore playing, here I am, now reformed!

And that’s where this review begins. Hey, I felt like you needed some background! You could just easily scroll past that chunk and make it here. Just saying…

Darkspore is a RPG-esque game where you have control over a squad of 3 “Heroes”. There are various types and classes (Explained later). You start off with a few basic heroes, but as you level up (By defeating Darkspore enemies) you gain access to more heroes, built for all types of fighting styles. You equip weapons like you do in SPORE, as you drag them from a palette of all of your available items, and change the shape of them to your liking. Each part has a level of its own, and depending on how high the level is, the better it changes your heroes stats. Your heroes don’t level up like you do, instead the average of their equipment levels is the hero’s Hero Level. Higher levels help you crush foes.

Still follow me? Good.

Each hero has special abilities that can affect the battle. They vary from summoning a meteor to land on foes, to a giant laser beam. You have one basic attack ability, that you use to attack foes by normally, one background ability that always is active and helps, such as summoning two drones that fight for you and spawn every 20 seconds, to making you more durable after every attack for up to 5 attacks. You also have 2 abilities that only that hero can use, such as a giant shockwave to a powerful close-range attack. The last ability is a squad ability, that any hero in your current squad can use. Each hero has one squad ability, but other hero’s can use it. There are all sorts of combinations, and it’s up to you to decide what ones you should use. Another cool thing is that there are 5 deviations of one hero. Each form has an ability from another hero of that type that replaces an old one. It gets confusing, but it’s kind of convenient in some cases!

There are 3 classes, and 5 types of hero. The types of classes are:

Tempest- The ranged class that varies in types of projectiles, from homing to lasers to even missiles. They are well-balanced, and vary in attack speed depending on their projectile type. The can also shoot from point-blank range.

Ravager- The “Fighter” class, they fight using high-speed close range attacks. They are weak in defense, so they usually have abilities to wrap up fights quickly. Some also will fight from a short distance, by using things like grenade launchers.

Sentinel- The “Tank” class. They have high stats, but attack very slowly, dealing high damage. They never use ranged attacks, but they do have a large effect area, and are almost unstoppable with certain abilities that boost attack power.

The classes behave a bit differently. Instead of having specific stats, they have types of attacks that behave like their type. They are not strong against certain other types, but if they attack the same type they do less damage than they normally would. The classes are:

Bio- The name says it all: These types use attacks that involve plants and poison affects. They specialize in healing, and their abilities can turn the tables fast! These are more for the fighters that like to help others by making targets more vulnerable for their friends, and healing them.

Plasma- These heroes use fire and thunder attacks to harm foes. They can burn, stun, and deal heavy damage in a matter of seconds. Although very tough, they should not be overestimated. They are more for the ones who like to charge right in and slug it out while dealing powerful side effects.

Quantum- This type is capable of moving targets around and making them vulnerable by manipulating time and space to slow foes down, pull them towards them, then using a powerful, close-range attack, and even re-dealing damage that was done a few minutes ago! These are for the fighters that like to weaken targets for an easy shot.

Necro- These ghostly heroes attack by leaching life from foes, making them too scared to attack, and turning invisible to take targets unaware. These are for the fighters that like to employ stealth.

Cyber- My personal favorite type, these heroes mostly resemble robots and drones. They use powerful energy attacks, and are capable of using shields and turrets to take down foes. One hero can even swap status effects, so if he’s on fire, BAM! Instant cure, and everyone close by is on fire. These are for the fighters that like to strafe around foes and make the situation turn in their favor.

The classes and types are combined, so you end up with Cyber-Tempest, Plasma-Ravager, and so on. Foes take on types, but not classes, so classes are purely for fighting style. Foes have classes in strength instead, First are Minions, the Lieutenants and, of course, then come Bosses, one for each type. You can tell by their size. Bosses have a little skull on their health bar, and are really easy to tell if it’s a boss.

The game does contain gore, but not just blood, but also “Oil-Splats”. (Upon Killing a Cyber-type foe.) There is an option to turn it off, as well as profanity. So don’t worry.

Overall, this is a great game, and it even has a few homages to the old SPORE, such as certain parts and… other things. It’s not constantly updated that much anymore, so that’s a downer for you impatient fellows out there. But it’s still fun, and has GREAT replay value, too.

Overall, I’d give it a 9.5! So come on and grab it if you want, it’s well worth your money!

Here’s a link to the site for a bit of information on the plotline of the game, and all the heroes and foes you’ll encounter, as well as a few tips!