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Climate Camp is a fast-growing, grassroots movement of diverse people taking action of climate change, the biggest threat our world has known. Learn More »

Climate Camp Be Prepapred

Climate Camp: One year on, what should happen to the resources? >>

Nearly one year ago Climate Camp decided that it would not organise nationally during 2011. Now we face a new year and we have to decide what to do next...

One year on... »

A meeting in the woods

Metamorphosis: A statement »

In 2011 the climate science is as strong as ever – and the need for action on climate change never greater – but the political landscape is radically different. As a movement, to be relevant, we need to move with the times. Therefore the Camp for Climate Action has decided to change.
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The camp at the end of the runway

The Camp at the End of the Runway »

Manchester Airport is planning to press ahead with its expansion plans, demolishing local homes and green spaces, and doubling air freight capacity. Come and spend a weekend in the woods, getting to know the area and local residents, and learning more about the campaign against expansion, from 27-29 May.

BP sleep mask

BP Week of Action »

From 14-20 April, one year after BP's catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil spill, we took part in a week of action to kick BP out of our cultural spaces.

Climate Camp TV »

Watch videos from the Crude Awakening, and other climate actions, on our very own TV channel.

From The Blog »

Climate Camp's legal team refuse to participate in undercover review →

The Camp for Climate Action Legal Team was recently invited to take part in a ‘Have Your Say’ event on Tuesday 24th May, as part of HM Inspectorate of Constabulary’s ongoing review into the police’s domestic extremism units. The review was launched in response to January’s serial revelations about undercover police officers deployed within a range of protest groups. Today,…

Written by Jacob in Legal | 8 comments

A defendant speaks as campaigners remain defiant after Manchester Airport protest sentencing →

Defendant Dave Cullen reflects on the two day trial of the six climate protesters who breached airside security at Manchester Airport in May 2011, forming a human chain around the wheel of an aircraft. The defendants pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated trespass, arguing that they acted to prevent death and serious injury by stopping emissions.

Written by Dave in Action | 2 comments

Judicial Review of G20 policing: court report →

Anyone who was there on April 1st 2009 outside the European Climate Exchange will not quickly forget the policing of that day and not have two unanswered questions.  Why did the police decide to kettle the Climate Camp anyway?  And why did the police use such a massive amount of force? I spent today at the Royal Courts of Justice…

Written by Simon in Legal | 8 comments

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CLIMATE BLOC AT TUC MARCH - 20 Oct, London Support the Climate Bloc: http://t.co/H8SHoInE

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