We provide a payroll solution for many of our clients. With over 12 years of experience providing bureau services for weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly and monthly payrolls for one person payrolls up to payrolls in excess of 80 employees.

Payroll calculations are becoming increasingly complex and now have to take into account the repayment of student loans for ex-students, Statutory Maternity Pay and Sickness Pay as well as PAYE and National Insurance. We keep completely up to date with legislation and can offer an Employment Helpline facility (if our Tax Enquiry Insurance is taken out).

At the end of each tax year we provide all payroll related statutory returns such as P60s, P14s and P35s. For leavers we provide P45s and enable you to give your employees pre-printed personalized payslips. As from April 2013 Real Time Payroll will be compulsory for all employers and we have been selected to phase this in prior to this date .This will enable us to iron out any problems that may occur before the whole country goes live.

We are fully conversant with all on-line submissions and complete all the necessary procedures on-line, which guarantees the timely receipt of information for H M Revenue. We even have procedures in place to make sure that the monthly payment is collected by the Revenue on time, therefore avoiding any late penalties.

Information can be given to us by telephone, e-mail, fax or in writing although the majority of our clients use the email facility as they find the process quick and reliable. We receive the instructions by email and email the payslips back to the client.