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Welcome to Sour Grapes Winery!

Sour Grapes Winery is an alternative online magazine, which cultivates itself from a group of writers, who all aspire to make their voices heard and to develop their craft. While today's media is ruthless and can be a difficult nut to crack for even the most ambitious writer, Sour Grapes Winery has developed from a philosophy that even the inexperienced, aspiring writer has something important and relevant to say about the world around him.

Sour Grapes Winery is about empowering writers to use their voice to be a part of whatever change, or movement, that they want to see come about in their world. For some, it might involve lofty ambitions; for others, it may simply be demanding that better films be made for their film-going dollar. Regardless of what each writer aspires to, Sour Grapes Winery seeks to also enrich its readers by presenting fresh opinions and ideas that may or may not be in line with the mainstream.

We seek to operate as a forum of ideas. Make no mistake, while some writers may delve into topics involving politics, ethics, or social commentary, Sour Grapes Winery will not and never will be a talking piece for any political ideology or philosophy. Ideas from all ideologies are welcome, and while the Editor-in-Chief, Joel Bain, has his own views, we will commit ourselves to always give a voice to different ideas. All that we ask is for writers to be open to criticism, and for readers to examine these ideas with an open mind. We do not seek to change minds, but to give pause for reflection on the status quo.


Joel Bain
Editor-in-Chief, Sour Grapes Winery
Contact info: editor(at)sourgrapeswinery.com