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Industrial Parade
2012-05-26 13:28:00
Military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" operating under subordination of the Ministry of Defence, presented at the Industrial Parade self-made heavy armored technique, artillery systems and aircrafts.

They are:
Didgori-(3 models)
Unmanned Aerial System
•             Three -Axle Armored Vehicle
"Tam Jet"-(aircraft with four seats)
"Elit Jet"-(aircraft with seven seats)
60mm Mortar
82mm Mortar
120mm Mortar
"RPG-7" Light Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher
Disposable Grenade Launcher 
"MKUDRO" Noiseless Mortar 
"RD-7" Off-route Antitank Mine
Automatic Weapon
M4 Silencer
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher "ГП-25"
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher "AG-40"
The above-listed combat equipment has been produced in Georgia. When manufacturing the military technique, their authors used an international experience accumulated in the military industrial sphere.
Furthermore, Enterprises operating under control of the Military Scientific-Technical Center "Delta" exhibited at the industrial parade air heaters -"Kera-3m", "Kera-8m", "Kera 10";  water pipes and air pipes of different sizes; military shoes and uniforms.
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