The IRIX® operating system is the leading technical high-performance 64-bit operating system based on industry-standard UNIX®. For the past 20 years, SGI has been designing scalable platforms based on the IRIX operating system to connect technical and creative professionals to a world of innovation and discovery.

With IRIX, customers can take full advantage of MIPS® processor-based SGI® systems, ranging from visual workstations to advanced visualization systems and high-productivity supercomputers. IRIX 6.5 is SGI's fifth generation of IRIX and is one of the most important and mature UNIX operating system releases in the industry.

Designed for users with the most demanding technical compute and visualization needs, IRIX 6.5 readily scales to tackle huge data sets, compute-intensive problems, and real-time 3D visualization enhancements with ease. Combined with a quarterly release process designed for robustness and stability, IRIX is a true leader in high performance technical computing.

MIPS IRIX products are offered as of March 2007 only through the SGI Remarketed Products Group (RPG). End of support for these products is currently scheduled for no sooner than December 2013. Questions about MIPS IRIX end of production can be sent via email.