Alambazar Math: The second Math of Ramakrishna Movement         ::         Atmano Mokshartham Jagadhitaya Cha - My ideal indeed can be put into a few words and that is: to preach unto mankind their divinity, and how to make it manifest in every movement of life.
Welcome to Alambazar Math
Alambazar Math is the second Math of Sri Ramakrishna Movement. Here the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna lived, between February, 1892 and February, 1898. After the western conquest Swamiji returned to Calcutta on February 19, 1897 and the same day he came to Alambazar Math. He lived in this Math for one whole year with occasional trips to North India and Calcutta..

In Alambazar Math Swamiji entered not as a wandering monk but as a prophet. Here, he inspired his brother monks and disciples to come out of their dream of individual liberation and dedicate their lives for the service of the human and convert the spiritual power of Sri Ramakrishna Movement into a global movement for elevation and purification of the world civilization. Here, Swamiji first gave the vow of Sannyasa to his disciples. Here, he framed the rules of the future Ramakrishna Math.
History of
Alambazar Math
Alambazar Math, the second math of Ramakrishna Movement was started in February,1892.                                                                        
Swami Vivekananda
at Alambazar Math
Swami Vivekananda stepped in Alambazar Math on 19th February 1897- the very day when he returned from the west like a heroic prophet.
Famous Monks
of Alambazar Math
Alambazar Math had provided shelter to many great monks and scholars including the direct disciples of Thakur Shri Ramakrishna.
The Road Ahead

Since 1898 the Alambazar Math Building was left unnoticed to outsiders. After a lot of struggle Swami Satyananda, a disciple of Swami Abhedananda ..
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