How does a True Freelancer look at Mainstream Media ?

In 2008, I wrote a book called The Wordsmith Sutra  where I argued that Mass Media has become a dumbing down instrument. It appears that people who control these media sometimes test as how stupid viewers have become. Hence, mass media worldwide, by and large has become a tool of enstupidization, spannered by non-stupid.

Observe the news anchors, the ‘experts’, the stock market speakers : they all look so sleek and confident.

A True Freelancer (I checked with many) look at mass media like a scientist looks at petri-dish. Curiosity and an inter-sprecies difference always remaining as who observes and what is observed.

Next time, as a freelancer when you see any mass media theatricals, remember this.

Many disconnects will get connected. And dont forget the petri dish. Dont forget the inter-species gap.

People who fill the screens of the mass media, except rare exceptions are to be observed like a biologist observes fruitflies. Or Margaret Meade observing her research subjects.

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