Future, Finance, Fear, Freelancing

Every Freelancer, as a freeman needs to be prepared for Future – financially as well as non-financially. This Post would touch the financial aspect for the time being.

1. At the cost of proving to be a fool, I hereby declare that most of the work or job in future would more and more resemble like freelancing work, if not in form, but in spirit.

2. It also implies that regular salary top-up in ATM as well as its permanence for a very long time would be an outdated thing for next generation

3. Even the best  freelancer has a body and the body undergoes decay, disease and even death.

4. The Fear arises in anticipation of financial uncertainty combined with the evident facts related to the working of the physical structure called body

5. The best minds suffer from occasional fear, lethargy, lack of drive.

Hence, a Freelancer needs to earn his/her daily bread as well as invest in something which bears fruit after sometime and then continues with little watering and care. Imagine a coconut tree. A decade back someone gave some water and the wonderful tree carries water and nutrition using the most advanced packaging system of the world.

A Freelancer needs to plant such very powerfully potent seeds.

In addition to planting such trees, a Freelancer needs to plant trees in mind. These exercises include

  • Writing Books for those who are starting and those who need experience to start
  • Teaching eager learners
  • Sharing one’s stories. Storytelling is a sublime art and this itself done artfully can ensure financial return for dcecades and for some great ones, for millenia.
  • Speaking to young audience
  • Be a consultant

All the above and more can be done by a true freelancer for free because these are virtually costless and Internet makes their distribution costless as well.

As the Great Wheel of Time gyrates and as Internet and its distribution evolves, these seeds are going to be gigantic trees bearing unknown and grand fruits for the planter.

If you are in Fear, understand that this fear, like joy is a shared heirloom of all humanity. The best way to overcome this fear is to plant seeds of fearlessness in others.

A farmer gives a fence to proect a sapling of an Oak tree while its very young because a goat even can cause havoc. When the grand Oak expands its shade as well as its breadth, even an elephant can be chained onto it.

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