1. "That's a wrap," Vic Stauffer calls as Woodmans Luck wins in a photo in the finale

  2. Great launch party and indiegogo video! I lift my Rothbard shot glass of bourbon to you!

  3. Video: Bicycle Anecdotes from Amsterdam from Streetfilms on Vimeo.Here we present our final - and most...

  4. Catching up on video post-production for and . Need to find time to write code too.

  5. Finally home after 5 days in Yosemite for and 3 days at for . Catching up on 11 days of email.

  6. Dodgers are in first place with a .538 record and they just sign Brian WIlson. Is this Bizarro World or what?

  7. Video: From the October 11, 2012 meet up - A Foo Walks Into a Bar: Programming Meets Improv by .

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