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Charcoal Briquettes 4kg

Charcoal is one of the most efficient fuels that produce an enormous amount of heat and virtually results into smokeless fire. Charcoal briquettes are ideally made of primarily 2 ingredients. One of the primary ingredients being the char, commonly known as the traditional charcoal. It is responsible for the unique ability of briquette to light up quickly and produce that wood-smoke aroma to the braai

MacWood charcoal briquettes gives off the authentic grilled flavor to the braai. They are easy to ignite and are 100% chemical free. These high quality briquettes burn hotter and longer than the regular ones available in the market. Thus, the braai meat that is being cooked is well grilled and retains its aroma and flavor.

We offer premium quality, uniformly charcoal briquettes for recreational cooking, barbecues and grills outdoors. The charcoal briquettes we offer is highly versatile and do not emit any poisonous gas on the ignition and are environmentally friendly. They are reliable; emit high heat and burn to its maximum leaving low ash residue.

Our briquettes get manufactured from that same quality Namibian charcoal, which is packed in our charcoal bags. This ensures an unswerving heat output. Lumpwood charcoal briquettes ignite quickly, therefore, reducing the overall braaing time. It gives you a longer lasting barbeque coal than the charcoal because of its density. This is mostly used outdoors, camp fires and Weber Braais.

All our quality charcoal briquettes & lumpwood charcoal briquettes come in packs of 4 kilograms. Contact us right away to place an order today!!

Charcoal Briquettes
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I've been looking for quality wood for the last year or so. Than i came across MacWood and gave them a try. And all i can say is WOW. There wood is the best. It gives a long lasting coal, what you can braai on for hours on end. I really love there wood and will never use something else again

- Richard

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