1. Was here before recently but seems so different this time. Maybe a 2nd location in this area? 1st time was better.

  2. Another church with a Michelangelo. This city never gets old. (@ Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva) [pic]:

  3. Not so sure she was impressed with this venue. It's not for everyone. (@ Cimitero dei Cappuccini)

  4. No sense coming out there the day after Christmas unless you want to see a movie in Italian. All stores are closed.

  5. Dear Santa, please sprinkle some magic on my visa renewal to go through smoothly & bring me a r/t plane ticket so I can visit fam/friends.

  6. Ok, so I finally created a page on FB for my artwork designs. Look for to follow my art.

  7. Signed up to be in an artisan mkt today. Made a great display. Still need more inventory. :/

  8. What happened to the feature where you could see the tweets near your location on mobile? Can't find it now. Maybe another App?

  9. Step 2 of the visa renewal process complete. Watch out Italia, I'll be more fluent next year. ;) (@ Scuola Romit)

  10. Happened to find this building when she was talking to the French colleagues from work.

  11. When in Rome... One must stay in the latest fashions. Chris, guess what you are getting for…

  12. After a great weekend, seeing Jules off so she can go home. Come back soon! (at w/ 24 others)

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