1. India's possible sugar tax, its market impact, and the predicted drop in obesity and type 2 diabetes (Medinida):

  2. 7 deliberate, subliminal measures taken in creating the optimal retail experience:

  3. A brand that knows its audiences-10 differences Walmart in the U.S. and China (BusinessInsider):

  4. Why 4K TV is now all the rage, and why that means you shouldn't be buying it yet (Yahoo):

  5. Technology too pervasive? An article musing where technological/life-balance lines should be written in law (Yahoo):

  6. McDonald's sustainable-beef commitment, and the plight of no universal definition of "sustainable beef" (Yahoo):

  7. Thousands of apps are available for all, but these are 5 to keep an eye out for for child privacy (Yahoo):

  8. T-Mobile will pay off your early termination fee with "Get Out of Jail Free Card" (Yahoo):

  9. The pros and cons to the internet melding with the car industry, and resulting "connected cars" (Yahoo):

  10. Crowd-sourcing sites appeal directly to the public, but will a $500 self-sharpening razor concept win investment?

  11. Native advertising more bang-for-buck in 2014: significantly higher click-through rates & higher pricing (Mediapost):

  12. Nielsen, and it's estimated $200M worth, and dominance over the online ratings industry (Mediapost):

  13. Millenials "more diverse, accepting, and inclusive," but beware marketers who mistake them as one cohort (Adage):

  14. Warby Parker releases it's annual report: 365 days, quirky factoids, and marketing success for the company(Adage):

  15. A sign of the Times. NYT redesigns site for first time since 2006 for "cleaner, more engaging user experience" (CNN):

  16. Hulu "very successful at doing premium content distribution," and adding original programming in 2014 (CNN):

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