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The signs were worrying and all surf websites were excited, which wasn’t good news for The Sydney Project as 4-5m swells continued to roll up the NSW coast. A week out of heading down south surfers were excited about another pulse to come up from the Tasman. With just two days to go weather reports gave some hope of the oceans calming down and by Friday 6th May 2011 forecasts predicted 2m ocean swell over the weekend rising again on Sunday. A perfect dive window for the Williams Dawes and WTF wrecks. Read the Full Story
Mate, I think you better take the suit off and go for it!! And so the weekend began with a bang, after some hassles with organising the boat and accommodation in Forster, on arrival and it was smooth sailing. NSW was suffering a heat wave during that week, and originally the dive operator was going to book us into a motel, which we found out before leaving Sydney had broken air-conditioning.  Michael Kalman and Damian quickly jumped on the net and booked us an alternative place, which turned out to be quite good and comfortable. But with early wake up to load the boat at 6A.M, they were not in a hurry to go to sleep, with Louis yet to arrive from Brisbane. Read the Full Story
How do circumstances trigger something to happen in the future, which you may not necessarily realise at the time of it’s happening? I believe strongly that in life things happen for a reason, and this is just one small example of  this. October 2004, a Sydney Project expedition to the wreck of the William Dawes on the South Coast of New South Wales, Bermagui, gathers a group of members, to meet the local fishermen, and present them with a framed photo of the wreck Bega, by Mark Spencer. Read the Full Story
Sydney Morning Herald - 03 June 2006 Secret of the deep June 3, 2006 An elite group of amateur divers has found an important wreck while pushing the limits of their sport, writes James Woodford. UNDERNEATH Samir Alhafith was the kind of inky blackness that astronauts talk of when they first see space. Alhafith and three others were swimming last Saturday in the open ocean at a depth of 125 metres, more than 12 nautical miles off the South Coast town of Bermagui. It was, by just Read the Full Story

The Sydney Project Story

How did the Sydney Project come about, and how did the team get together. Read the following story by Samir Alhafith.

What is it that attracts divers to wrecks? Is it the adventure of diving into the unknown and visiting an artifact full of history, or is it exploring something that no one has seen since it’s loss to the sea? Whatever the attraction may be to the individual, 16 divers living in Sydney, Australia share that same spirit of adventure for exploration of the unknown. It started on March 15th 2002 when the group came together and created what has become known as the Sydney Project. When the project was started some members where good friends already, diving together at weekends but most of the group had only heard of each other through diving circles and had never met each other before.


OZTeK2013 - Diving Conference & Exhibition

OZTeK LogoWidely acclaimed as one of the world's most dynamic and exciting diving spectaculars the eighth OZTeK Diving Technologies Conference and Exhibition - OZTeK2013 - is a clearly targeted event focused solely on divers and diving.

Featuring many of the world's most informative and entertaining diving authorities as speakers - and building on the success of previous OZTeK's - the OZTeK2013 Event will again include a full-scale Dive Exhibition, together with talks, displays, seminars, workshops, film and video presentations, industry updates, an 'Evening With Diving's Explorers', a Gala Dinner and more.

An inspirational voyage of discovery aimed at ALL divers (regardless of their experience level) whose thirst for better knowledge and understanding of all that diving has to offer is matched only by their spirit of adventure, OZTeK2013 is more than just another Dive Show, it's the ultimate excursion into underwater exploration and the diving world of tomorrow; an international event that no person who takes their diving seriously can afford to miss.

Excitement without limits for divers who want more, OZTeK2013 will once more prove that,

"Few shows in the world can pack a punch quite like Australia's OZTeK."

The eighth OZTeK Dive conference & Exhibition will be staged in Sydney over the weekend of 16th – 17th March 2013. Focused on information, education, adventure and excitement, OZTek2013 will have something of appeal to divers at every level of experience.

Sydney Project is an official retailer for Conference Passes. Everyone pre-purchasing a two-day Gold Pass will be entered into the draw to win an overseas diving holiday.

Gold Pass Tickets:

Offering delegates access to OZTeK2013 speaker presentations, Workshops, Seminars and Exhibition during public access times over both days – plus the "Explorers Evening" presentations on Saturday 16th March - OZTeK2013 Gold Passes are priced at: $250

Silver Pass Tickets:

Offering single day access to the speaker presentations, workshops, seminars and Exhibition for use on either the Saturday or Sunday (Saturday Pass includes entry to the "Explorers Evening" presentations) - OZTeK2013 Silver Passes are priced at: $145

Exhibition Entry only:

Admission to the exhibition & select exhibitor seminars will be on sale only at the door, open daily from 08:30am. Exhibition entry is priced at: $15

For bookings please contact Samir Alhafith: 

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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