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In this session of The Smart Passive Income Podcast (actually, you could call it more like a course!) I’m happy to welcome my good friend Clay Collins to the show!

Unlike other podcast sessions where I interview others about their story and how they’ve become successful, Clay and I get deep (and immediately) into tactics and strategies that will help you optimize conversions into your email list.

Why is this so important?

Because it’s much much easier to do things like double your opt-in rates than double your traffic, and over time you’ll find that the more people you put onto your email list, the more traffic you’ll eventually get too.

It’s an email list -> traffic -> email list cycle, and it’s the fastest way to perpetually grow your audience.

This session really does feel like a course, and along with everything that Clay shares on the show, you get a ton of free downloads/giveaways from Clay to help you out, which are linked to near the bottom of this post.

Clay and his team are the masterminds behind LeadPages, which is my favorite marketing tool that I’m using at the moment. I’m currently using it to create my “coming soon” landing page and collect leads for my Food Truck website for Niche Site Duel 2.0, and I’m also using it to quickly setup great looking webinar registration pages and thank you pages here on SPI.

All of the tips and strategies we talk about implementing in this session can be done without the use of LeadPages, and in fact Clay gives away the exact HTML code for the types of pages we mention so you can start implementing right away, but I’m extremely impressed with LeadPages, so much in fact that I agreed to come on as an advisor for Clay’s company, which I’m super stoked about!

I re-listened to this session after our conversation together, and I have to say that this podcast episode definitely gives all others a run for its money as far as the best and most useful podcast session to date! I’ll let you be the judge of that. :)

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • The highest leverage thing you can do today that will have the biggest impact on your business over anything else you do this month.
  • Why you need to create a Resource Guide Opt-in Page. 
  • The highest converting landing page in Clay’s business and the exact headline he uses.
  • Why people prefer getting tools instead of acquiring a new skill.
  • Example of “counter-intuitive” headlines and why they work the best. 
  • How to say the right words to get people to download your opt-in Lead Magnet
  • Why it’s a huge loss when people get to a regular 404 page. 
  • Why you should give something new away with every blog post, and what kinds of things people can opt-in for. 
  • How individual posts can help you test different types of lead magnets. 
  • Why putting on a webinar is good – even if no one shows up or generate any business for you.
  • What to do on a webinar when you don’t know what to do.
  • How webinars are the cure-all for writer’s or content block.
  • How adding more steps actually increases opt-in rates.
  • The difference between a “giving page” vs. a “taking page” when it comes to your opt-in rates.
  • The “Yes Ladder” and why it matters to you. 
  • Plus much more!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

Right click here to download the mp3 file to your desktop.

Watch the Rapid List-Building 2.0 Webinar Replay!

Clay and I got together in a live training session a week after this podcast went up to talk even more about growing your audience and conversion optimization. The live training event can be watched for free by clicking on the link below – no payments or email addresses required.

FREE Downloadables!

free-downloadsBelow is a .zip file that contains all of the free downloadables that Clay mentioned he would include in this podcast session, including:

  1. A worksheet to help you prepare for Thursday’s “Listbuilding 2.0” webinar
  2. An HTML template of LeadPages™ current highest converting opt-in page (across thousands of users on the LeadPages platform this template is averaging a 61.72% opt-in rate)
  3. Examples of successful “lead magnets” (i.e. downloadable resources given away in exchange for the opt-in).
  4. A landing page template for turning your 404 page into a lead generating opt-in form that builds your list and doesn’t let visitors “leak” through your site.
  5. An incredibly successful free landing page template for giving away a free report or similar “lead magnet”
  6. Examples of our most successful “opt-in pages”
  7. A free webinar registration page template for skyrocketing opt-ins and attendance at your next webinar
  8. Over 12 other files included to support the discussion between Clay Collins and Pat Flynn (These files include landing page templates, notes, example lead magnets, illustrations, worksheets, etc.)

Click here to download all the resources mentioned above. (Right click and save-as to your desktop)

Win 1 of 3 Lifetime Memberships to LeadPages!

As Clay mentioned on the show, he’s giving away 3 lifetime memberships to LeadPages to the SPI community! Thanks so much Clay!

In order to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below with your best one-sentence resource guide opt-in page HEADLINE, based off of the formula that Clay mentions around the 46:20 mark of the show.

Clay and I will pick three of our favorites and announce the winners on Thursday’s (8/29) Webinar.

The three winners have been selected! Here they are below:

“The Top 5 Job Getting Resume Templates (in MS Word Format) Of This Year (These Are the Resumes My Clients Pay Hundreds of Dollars For)” -Kenneth Lowrey

“Free Report Reveals . . . The Top 4 (FREE) Fundraising Tools You Can Setup In Less Than 10 Minutes To Instantly Double Your School & Club Fundraising Profits (Hint: 90% Of Fundraisers Don’t Know About These)” - Chris Von Wilpert

“Lie-Hacker: The Top 5 Body Language Signals Of Liars. Hack Your Lie-Detection Skills Just By Remembering “FM EGS”.” – Jeremy

CONGRATS to the three winners! Great, great headlines.

If you’re reading this after, it will still be beneficial to practice your opt-in headline – not only because it’s a fun exercise, but because Clay will be coming back to the comment section to reply and help you rewrite your headline copy if you need help.

Remember, you’re not giving away ideas or steps – you’re giving away tools and/or resources. No links in the comments, just your best, compelling one-sentence headline for your opt-in giveaway.

Thank you Clay!

Every once and a while, I like to include quotes from our guests here in the show notes. A couple of my favorite include:

“There is no correlation between the amount of time it takes you to create a lead-magnet, and the opt-in rate that you’re going to get.” 

“The biggest killer of conversions is when people think they already know what you’re going to tell them.” 

If you enjoyed this session of the SPI Podcast, let Clay know by clicking on the link below and sending him a quick shout out on Twitter:

Click here to thank Clay on Twitter!


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Click Here to Download the Transcript for Session 78 (PDF)

Thank you so much for listening! I hope you enjoyed this episode of the podcast! And don’t forget to sign up for the webinar’s this Thursday and Friday!

  • http://redqueentales.blogspot.com Yuliya

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    “The 5 best toys to keep your dog entertained while you are at work and the best one is free!”

    Thanks for the help

  • http://www.teacherhealth.co.uk luke brown

    Big fan pat, and love the podcast in particular. The way you’ve integrated ‘to-do’s’ in this episode is fantastic and really made me want to participate and implement as it was going on. As I write this I have paused the podcast as you suggested. My Magnet/headline for my new (nice site duel) site will be:

    ” The top 5 tools to reduce, prevent and cope with your teacher stress and tension. (Hint: They work immediately and cost nothing!)”

    I had a really nice website (no email opt-in) that recently got infect with malware, google removed its listing and pretty much lost it all. Starting again has given me an opportunity to get it right and hit the ground running.

    Thanks for all the actionable info and help. Keep it coming!


    • http://www.LeadPages.net Clay From LeadPages.net

      Hi Luke!

      Thanks for the comment.

      This is a good start:

      “The top 5 tools to reduce, prevent and cope with your teacher stress and tension. (Hint: They work immediately and cost nothing!)”

      The formula is: (1) specify type of tool, (2) specify outcome (must be as concrete as possible), (3) the parenthetical statement should be counterintuitive or create massive curiosity.

      So I would try and come up with something more specific than “cope with teacher stress and tension” … maybe “always have complete classroom respect so that you’re kids stop at nothing to help you out.”

      Also, try and be more specific than tools… are they websites? Behavior modification tactics? “Key phrases you can say” for better classroom management?

      So, something like this: “The Top 5 Phrases You Should Say To Get Instant Respect And Authority In The Classroom (Hint: They’re All About Uplifting Your Students & Making Them Feel Better About Themselves)”

      Thanks a ton,

  • Michael

    Great podcast! Hoping to get feedback on my headline: “5 tools to sell a thousand books in less than 7 days…hint, you can use these no cost items before you have even finished your book! “

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    Long time listener, love the podcast!

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    Awesome podcast. Definitely one of the best!

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    Here’s my headline:

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    Let me know what you think!

    Love this podcast episode as well as the other 77!

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    Hi Everyone,
    I took the principles from “Clay’s” webinar and transposed them into a A3 poster.
    It’s a marketing campaign we are using in Universities for our website and services.
    I would like anybody opinion on the design. I’ve pin these up for any comments

    Mike Stone

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    *My headline*
    FREE 5 Day Fitness Guide To 6 Pack Abs

    I lost 25 lbs and 5 inches off my waist simply by working out at home. Discover my secrets and how you can do the same!

    Love your show Pat!
    Greg Barth

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    Jeff Farrar

  • Jim Reese

    Wow. Wow. Wow. That’s all I can say. This podcast is like the exclusive country club of insider info on marketing my business. I listen on the road, like many others I’m sure. When I get home I take notes as I listen a second time. Your guests have really jump-started my thinking and energized me to get started with my top idea, while developing strategies for introducing the other two of my top three.

    I can’t thank you enough!!!

  • http://Www.healthy-diet-how-to.com Tim

    Love the actionable-ness of this episode, you guys did an awesome job. Got me thinking and restructuring my opt-in strategy immediately.

    My headline:

    The Top 5 Professional Grade Health Foods Plus 2 Killer Tips to Get Them At Discount or Free.

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    Thanks for an amazing podcast – I loved listening to it from beginning to end and enjoyed taking action even more as soon as I finished listening to it. Thanks for the kind hearted self less giving you put into all that you do. It is VERY much appreciated!
    (My husband and I work together and he has already posted our lead-magnet earlier in the comments.)

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    I am looking forward to digging into some of these resources. Thanks for all of that Clay. Here is my lead magnet copy…

    I have put together a spreadsheet to give you a back-of-the-napkin snapshot valuation of most any real estate deal based on your specific investment criteria. This is based on the calculation that I use every day as a professional commercial real estate appraiser. FYI – The spreadsheet is set up to be fill-in-the-blank simple. No knowledge of investment math necessary. I’m more than happy to send this spreadsheet to you for free to help you get started analyzing real estate deals on your own.

  • Ben

    Who were the 3 winners? I’d like to see their headlines but can’t seem to locate the list of winners.

    • Pat Flynn

      Just added them to the post. Thanks Ben!

      • http://affiliateanswerman.com sean

        Rats – Missed it by about an hour. I was catching up on my podcasts this morning and this is definitely one of your best. Thanks again and congratulations on becoming an adviser!

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    The 5 super simple resources to help your podcast dazzle above the rest (hint: they have nothing to do with iTunes)

    The 7 tools for yoga teachers and serious yogis to deepen their yoga (hint: they have nothing to do with doing a teacher training, workshop and are FREE!)

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    Hey there! There is some great information here! Thanks for the awesome content! I was just relistening to the podcast and I noticed that you said that you’d give it a week for the winners to be announce but I heard them announced on the webinar last Thursday. Or did the podcast air earlier than I thought??? Sorry if I miscalculated!

  • http://ecoReata.com Stuart

    I had found Lead Pages through SPI previously and intended to use it for my next site but after hearing this podcast with Clay, I will certainly be using it! Thank you Pat and Clay for doing an excellent job and bringing great resources. As you say, AWESOME!

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    I just tried to download & checkout the html items Clay mentions but it seems the zip is empty?

    Is there any other way I can check this out?

    • maya

      sorry – figured it out :/

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    Premise–I’m business systems consultant

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  • http://www.facebook.com/theymetonline Michelle Y. Talbert

    This episode is phenomenal!!! Thank you so much. It’s timely and chock full of great information, without being overwhelming!

    We have a radio show, “They Met Online…”–met a guy online, whirlwind love affair, broke up…then wrote a book in 2011, “Don’t Do What We Did!” and now host a weekly lifestyle radio show focusing on dating, sex, love and relationships (blis.fm/theymetonline). We help folks in their online dating/dating journey and I am currently creating our landing page and opt-in copy. Our page theymetonline.com is in production, but our first giveaway title (based on your great ideas) is:

    Cut Through the Online Dating B.S.: Michelle’s and Ricardo’s Top 5 Tips to Skip the Creeps (you don’t have to meet them face to face to figure it out)

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    Why I like it

    - Quick and to the point
    - Solves an obvious pain point
    - Potential Lead can easily understand value proposition for giving away email
    - Immediate result and strong call to action

    Fingers Crossed –

    PS Best podcast you’ve done hands done

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    Thank you guys for taking the time and putting out all this information. There is so much to learn and so little time.

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    Heres my headline: The 5 Things You Can Do To Become Friends with a Celebrity like Pat Flynn…3 are obvious, 1 is counterintuitive and the last is pure NINJA!
    (Ninja training camp starts HERE)

    I had fun with this :)

    • Courtney McKenzie

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    I hope you are reading this, i found you as one of the best speakers i’ve heard and why is that i would like to share, when talking to some one you need to get the listeners mind listen to you in concentration and believe me after a longgggg while i have listened any pod cast without doing anything to make me concentrated.

    you can have a career in public speaking :) just saying..

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    Top 14 tools used by today’s most successful Entrepreneurs!

    (Hint: 11 of them are FREE!)

  • Jake S.

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    5 Dirt Cheap Tools Used by Presentation Design Pros

    (and I can’t believe John Lee Dumas is on here with the rest of us – very cool!)

    • http://www.entrepreneuronfire.com John Lee Dumas

      YOU are cool Jake :-)

  • Kaitlyn

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  • http://www.raythevideoguy.com/toutubeguide Ray The Video Guy

    Hi Clay and Pat.

    It was great to hear this episode. What got me was when you said that the simple resource guide works the best, as I have a number of opt-in giveaways, from video courses to ebooks. However, my best one has always been my YouTube resource guide, “The 10 Hidden Secrets That You Need To Know About YouTube”. It is a very short guide that tells you ten things most people don’t know.

    The headline I had been using on the page was, “Learn the 10 Hidden Secrets You NEED to Know About YouTube in this FREE Reference Guide!”

    Here is what I am changing it to:
    “Resource Guide: Learn the 10 Hidden Secrets of YouTube, including the ones I use on EVERY video”

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    Thanks again, great information!

  • http://detoxifyyourself.co/ Drew Taddia

    I’m not all that computer savvy; I downloaded the package but I can’t open it. Any suggestions?

  • http://www.onlineincomestartup.com Dr.Spencer Jones

    Hello Pat, It’s been a while since I stopped by here. Lots of things going on here. Just stopped by to let you know that I just subscribed for a yearly membership to leadpages through your link.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • http://moneystepper.com/ moneystepper

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    This episode rocks! I’m only half way though and had to come over and put my headline in for my personal diet blog, which, as of yet I haven’t put a opt-in form because like you said I thought I needed to create a huge book/product to give away…not anymore!

    I can’t wait to try this and start making a list :-)

    Here’s my headline;
    Resource; Find out the top three products I’ve used to lose over 70lbs naturally (Hint: there not pills or potions!)

    Love to hear your feedback on this headline, and lastly Pat, it’s hard to definitively chose but this episode is certainly in my top three :-)

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  • Matt Child

    OK, I am not a Mac-er, so can someone tell me how to get past the error of “path too long” on Windows 7 when I try to extract the goodies from the ZIP file?

    Now that my urgent need/pain is out of the way, I want to say that this episode really opened my eyes. I am just getting my website off the ground (nothing to show yet, so no link to share) and I realize that even though I don’t have monetization in place, building an email list now is essential for future expansion. I also have little money to throw at this right now, so I have to work on the landing page myself.

    I found some information on creating a static page. Can anyone help me with explaining the pitfalls of trying to set it up by myself? I know a little HTML coding, but from WAY back in the 90s.

    Thanks always, Pat, for all your great information.

  • http://www.ramblingsofawahm.com/ Allie

    Pat and Clay,

    Ha ha! I’m 695 comments too late and I guess about 2 weeks too! I knew I would be. I’m a couple of podcasts behind so I am just hearing this amazing podcast today.

    Thanks for all the info.


  • Hannah

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    What I LOVE about your podcast is that I can download the transcription in order to read it. I am SO pressed for time, and I know that for a LOT of people listening is faster, but for me reading is faster.

    Thanks again!

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    Just wanted to say thanks to you and Clay for one of the best SPI episodes ever. The only thing that beats this podcast episode was the actual webinar. You’re killing it! Keep raising the bar!

  • http://www.onedollartips.com Michal

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    • http://www.WomanInLeadership.com Stacie Walker

      Hi Pat and Clay,

      I love you guys! This information shouldn’t be free but that is what makes the both of you awesome. I listened to the podcast while I was in bed last night and I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night because I was so excited about implementing your advice. Thanks for keeping me up at night. Lol! Chat with you later on another post on the SPI community:)

      To You Success,
      Stacie Walker
      Woman in Leadership Founder

  • http://www.technownews.com Scott from Tech Now News

    After listening to the podcast, then watching the webinar replay I immediately implemented just 2 of the ideas. I changed my opt-in thank you page to include Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons and I started giving away a resource guide with some of my posts, and in just 4 days my opt-in rate has doubled, and Facebook page is growing much, much faster.

    Thanks Pat and Clay for amazing awesome content and ideas, they worked instantly

  • http://www.youcanbuildwebsites.com Chris Cunliffe

    Absolutely gutted. Loved the presentation and was really excited by the software so signed up immediately.
    Unfortunately I use Joomla and this software does not work! It messes up the sites horribly.
    Support have been great trying to find a solution but unfortunately their only suggestion involved getting involved in coding the pages and my site, precisely what I didn’t want and what LeadPages is designed for.
    A real shame that the massive Joomla contingent on here can’t use this software and surely a message that needs sending out clearly on the sales pages.

  • http://scanthisguide.com/signup Alan Reeves

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    “Great QR Code Information Is Here…”

    for my free PDF QR code guide (that was inspired by eBooks the Smart Way). It needs to be optimized but one step at a time…

    Per Clay’s suggestion, I added an opt-in area on my 404 page and I’m getting ready to do a little JavaScript that will display my opt-in form after a click. So many great ideas. Thanks Clay and Pat

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    Thank you Clay as well, for taking time out of your life to help us all with our lead generation.

    Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, my headline:
    The Top 5 Ways to Maximize the Day
    (Hint: You can do 3 of Them Before Getting Out of Bed)

    Thanks again,
    Jeffon Seely

  • http://jawboneuptips.blogspot.com Jawbone Up Tips

    The podcast was too long! If possible maybe shorten the podcast to less than 1hr, or spilt long podcast into 2.

    Too much and heavy to absorb.

    • http://solohour.com Michael

      I didn’t even notice that length. It just flew by. I think I was writing too much. :)

      • http://www.jamiedreyer.com Jamie

        Me too. I thought it was fine… both times I listened to it.

    • Kit

      Um, that doesn’t mean you have to LISTEN all at once! Just a thought… :-)

  • http://solohour.com Michael

    MONSTER Episode guys.

    How’s this strike you?

    8 Killer Resources For Every Solopreneur’s Toolkit (Bonus: 7 of them are FREE)

    Thanks Clay & Pat!

  • http://www.totallybridesmaids.co.uk Naomi Joy

    Cracking podcast, listened on the way to work and nearly turnaround and started my journey all over again. So many nuggets of information and wisdom, will look to use many of the resources outlined and head over to lead pages to find out more.

    Keep them coming….

  • http://parentinggroove.com/ Annie Keeling

    Grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaatttttt Podcast!
    Top 5 of my favorites? Nope . . . Number One!

    Clay: Lead magnet feedback please.
    (I’m not listing resources because a majority of the parenting info out there uses some sort of punishment as behavior management and I don’t recommend them):

    Reduce the Stress, Volume, and Anger in Your Home With A Proven Tool You Can Use Right Now. (And it’s NOT punishment!)

    Thanks, Annie
    Parenting Groove

  • http://www.laurenstjulian.com Tanya

    I stumbled upon your website (literally as I am racking my brain to recall how or who referred you). This is amazing. I spent the entire working day (during my day job or as I like to refer to them as my silent investor) listening to as many pod casts as I could and they were all amazing. Wonderful stories. So helpful that I kept stopping the tape to take notes. Will definetly be coming back again.

    Thanks again!


  • http://www.searchandperch.com Benji Walklet

    Of the hundreds of podcasts I’ve listened to in my life (most of them yours, Pat), this was above and beyond the best. I’ve already spent the whole day implementing some of these tactics, and plan to spend a good chunk of the rest of the week implementing the rest.

    Thanks so much, Clay, for all of the incredible tips and resources. You definitely know your stuff.

  • http://guitarrasinlimites.com/blues/como-tocar-blues-como-los-grandes-parte-1-un-blues-en-do-al-estilo-delta/ Felipe

    Brilliant as always Pat, your podcasts are so useful and the people you interview are so amazing! I get so excited everytime I see a new episode on itunes. Greetings from Spain!
    Keep it up!

  • http://www.whoistavius.com Tavius

    I definitely can see the value of this… being able to build your list fast is a good thing, anything that can help you get more traffic is what you NEED to get the most out of your business.

    There are three things to consider when you are marketing something…
    First – who are you wanting to sell to? Who do you see as your customer?
    Second – have a worthwhile product that can be of benefit to your customer, and offer a price that is valid for that customer,
    and third – find out where that person is going to be, and go there to advertise.

    If you have a product of a great car, and know the price is higher than others… you need to know the type of person who will have that much money, and find out where that person is.

    If it is likely that this type of person is a golfer, then you want to go to places that golfers go and present the product there.

    This is a bit of training that I have been studying here: http://theshortlink.com/dreams_coming_true

  • Jeff

    Do you need to have an aweber type of account to use Leadpages or does Leadpages have something like Aweber built into it?


    • http://www.LeadPages.net Clay From LeadPages.net

      LeadPages does need to sync with an email service provider such as Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, etc to actually collect the contact info being collected. Thanks for the question!


      • http://www.onemiletogo.com/ Luis AR


  • http://hookedonwoodenboats.com Dan Mattson

    Clay – here’s my copy for a lead magnet on my site. I would appreciate your feedback

    10 Must Have Resources for First Time Wooden Boat Builders (hint: 8 are free!)

    Thanks, Dan

  • http://www.freelanceparents.co.uk Lyndsey Miles

    Best episode ever – stuff I can do immediately to improve my business, with enough detail to just go do it right now! OK, my new lead magnet (previously the very original ‘Sign up to get updates’!):

    The 8 Essential Tools you need to start your Freelance Career (brought to you via 8 years of trial, error and eventual success!)

  • http://puttylike.com Emilie

    I just caught this episode the other day and immediately got to working on my resource guide. It is now live on my site:


    Thanks Clay and Pat! I can’t wait to report back on how it worked.

    • http://www.onemiletogo.com/ Luis AR

      Hey Emilie, which plugin did you use as the opt in box

  • https://trustedadvisortoolkit.com Mark McKenna Little

    I just listened to Episode 78 today and am listening to the Webinar replay. I clearly see the value of LeadPages and am asking my staff to look closely at your service (especially how it interfaces with InfusionSoft). I have 2 quick questions, in looking at LeadPages I stumbled across LeadPlayer.

    1. Does LeadPlayer come with LeadPages?
    2. Can LeadPlayer use Wistia as host rather than YouTube?

    Thanks for all you’ve done with LeadPages.

    - Mark

  • https://trustedadvisortoolkit.com Mark McKenna Little

    Also, if you’re still critiquing the Resource Guide headlines I’d appreciate your feedback on ours…

    “Top 5 Resources for Financial Advisors who deliver Comprehensive Financial Services. HINT: 3 of these I use every single day and cost nothing”

  • http://www.kmericks.com Kate

    “The Top 5 Tools You Need to Create Art (Including The One That I Use Every Single Time)”

  • http://www.jewelleryapprenticeship.com Mark

    My site teaches people how to make jewellery

    Top 10 jewellery wholesales sites for tools metal and good quality cheap gem stones / beads and get 50% off diamonds

  • http://www.LifewithGreatFriends.com Doug Terpening

    We help people thrive in life by making Great Friends. Here is the Resource Guide Headline

    “The 5 tools that took me from Lonely to Great Friends. One is google Calendar and other common tools” Or “How Google Calendar and 4 others tool took me from lonely to Great Friends.”

  • http://theapphut.com Harry Lucas

    Hey, First of I loved the podcast it really inspired me to build a high opt-in audience. However, I have one question for Clay that would be great if he could answer. Its in regards to my website (www.theapphut.com) does the current theme suit it or is it too clutered or would a theme like manage Wp(managewp.com/blog) or iphone.appstorm.com generate a higher conversion of opt-ins/ readers. Thanks in advance

  • http://tutorial.world.edu Rina

    Again and again, a very useful podcast, I love this interview, so many precious things that can be distributed to give a lot of motivation, inspiration and lessons
    thank you Pat

  • http://www.ledcome.com Eugene

    Hi Pat (and Clay if you’re still reading these comments) thank you very much for SPI 78 Podcast! I finally listened to it on my return trip and could not wait to get home and get started.
    I always appreciate the “little” tips that yield the “large” returns!

    My headline
    “Top 5 research tools for any topic: (Hint: I put 3 on autopilot and haven’t spent a dime!)”

  • Lauren Halagarda

    Not sure if there is a glitch because the comments section today is showing 0 comments but I’m going to post anyway…

    First, I wanted to say thanks to you, Pat, for always giving so much value in everything you do. Also, big thanks to Clay for sharing so much insight. I love that you have the data to back it up!

    Anyway, I’ve listened to the podcast, downloaded the resources and scoured the comments section for Clay’s feedback. One of the things that I’m confused about is “specifying the type of tool”. Much of the feedback Clay gave indicated that the type of tools people were listing was too vague or weren’t really tools, which I get.

    However, there is one example in the Resource List Lead Magnet Examples titled “Top 10 Tools to Lose Weight and Keep It Of” which is a list of rules or strategies i.e. Track your progress, etc.

    Is it acceptable to just call them tools and create a “resource guide” of rules or guidelines?

    I’m considering something like “Top X Tools to Get Your Home Organized & Keep it That Way”. I could create a products/containers resource guide but prefer not to go the products route.
    Any feedback?

  • frenat

    I’ve been listening to the podcast for hours because I keep stopping it to take a look at the resources. Wow! Amazing stuff – excited to start implementing. Signup for my email list and I’ll share the top 5 things I learned from this podcast :-)

  • Wes Gibson

    Pat and Clay…fantastic show. Tons of information to take action on. Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Got behind in the podcasts and am playing catchup.

    Clay…love your idea of using a resource page for a lead magnet. I’ve been running without a lead magnet for years and am struggling. Wanted to do an ebook, but just haven’t done so yet. Plan on coming up with the new resource page this weekend and getting it on my site, DigitalPhotographyMastery.com

    Here’s my tentative headline:
    Top 5 Tools That Can Take Your Photography From Drab To Fab (No New Camera Equipment Required)

    • http://www.onemiletogo.com/ Luis AR

      great headline, i wanna know this =)

  • Bart

    Catching up on a backlog of SPI podcasts and Pat I gotta say – this one is sick. I don’t know that I’ve ever listened to a podcast so filthy with solid, actionable content. This one will get five or six more listens and will keep me busy for weeks!

    Thanks for all you’re doing for us Pat, keep killin’ it!

  • PaulMTilley

    Hey folks. I know I must be being very slow here but how the heck do you use the HTML template without having to mess or change your whole site theme? feel free to tweet me if you know @PaulMTilley

    • http://www.onemiletogo.com/ Luis AR

      let me know what you find out, thanks.

    • http://www.redemptor.me/ Max Ghezzi

      Which template are you referring to exactly? Most templates would be a simple Landing page and would be a stand alone page ‘outside’ your regular site…

  • http://www.onemiletogo.com/ Luis AR

    Top 5 running gear to help you run your next marathon (Hint: All under 100 bucks)

  • http://www.redemptor.me/ Max Ghezzi

    Sick, sick podcast; Filled with unbelievable content. #Speechless

  • http://digitalscrapbookinghq.com/ Melissa Shanhun

    Finally listened and I’m so glad I did!

    I’m changing up a few things on my site right now!

    My site shows people how to create a print custom photobooks called digital scrapbooks.

    Here’s my headline: The 5 Tech Tools that You Can Use To Create a Scrapbook Page Today. (HINT: Includes software that does everything you need, Including Printing a Photobook for Just $29.97)

    The resource list is a few pieces of software, a special SD card and a download subscription service so not sure what to call them collectively

  • Debbie Kennedy-Crook

    I’m not doubting that LeadPages is excellent but I’m sort of put off by misleading claims about the free stuff. Namely the templates.

    They come with a video file named ” How to use the landing page templates that come with this download.’

    Well it doesn’t show you “How” to use them at all. It tells you that you have to upload them to your HTML editor (will need to know coding) etc which is obvious for people who know this.
    But then goes straight into about how much easier it is to get this done by paying for LeadPages.

    What Clay should do is actually show people, step by step, how to do it. Given that it’s a bit of a task for most people, many would decide to buy LeadPages anyway to save them so much trouble.

    As it stands, anyone who doesn’t know how to edit them in Kompozer for example and upload them to their server or doesn’t know how to copy the HTML code and paste it into wordpress, will have to pay for LeadPages.

    So it’s like “I’m so generous so here’s some free templates for those of you who are just starting out and can’t afford it yet. But we’re not going to show you how to actually use them”.

    These Free Templates are also available from the Leadpages website but no where on the site does it show lesser geeks how to make use of them.

    Seems like a cunning trick and it’s obvious why.

    The point of a LeadMagnet is to build trust and credibility by give something of value, that is useful, and solves at least part of a problem.

    Not something that will only work for most people if they fork out a minimum of $37 per month.

    It’s also obvious that many people are going to want to promote this product as an affiliate. But to do that…guess what?..You’ve got to sign up for the $67 per month package.

    As great as this software seems, the whole ‘ car salesman’ tactics being used is a real put off.

    • Nik

      All the free content and strategies and tactics and advice in this session and you’re offended that they don’t have an instructional module on copy/pasting HTML. Entrepreneurship requires a slight amount of effort on your part.