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Fire Lighter

There are many different ways to light up a fire, but using firelighters are truly the most convenient way. Different brands of firelighters are available to aid you with your braai and barbecue. It is economic and easy to use even for a novice.

To use firelighters are simple, and you are assured to have a perfect fire, every time you use it. They help to start up a good fire in no time. Braai masters favour firelighters as well as people braaing at home. At MacWood, we offer our own branded firelighters to our customers. We offer the following types of firelighters. Get your life simplified with our reliable and easy firelighters.

Firelighters (Common Pack)

For fast reliable ignition of firewood logs and domestic coal, it is best to use firelighters. This pack consists of 12 small square pieces of easy lighting firelighters which burns for ±15 minutes.

Firelighters (4 Individually Wrapped Pieces)

The product is ideal for barbecues and fireplaces. This pack consists of 4 individually wrapped pieces of easy lighting firelighters which burns for ±15 minutes.

If you are interested in buying firelighters, MacWood offer you reliable firelighters at competitive prices. Get in touch with us to ensure delivery of your firelighters.

Fire Lighters
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I've been looking for quality wood for the last year or so. Than i came across MacWood and gave them a try. And all i can say is WOW. There wood is the best. It gives a long lasting coal, what you can braai on for hours on end. I really love there wood and will never use something else again

- Richard

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