1. Two UVF murals are removed in Mount Vernon estate: residents say they want to reinvent area's image

  2. just saying if you had to watch it via an American broadcaster you'd be saying the opposite.

  3. hmmph. Some american TV *content* is better than British TV. Except all the good new stuff is inspired by UK TV. US *TV* is awful.

  4. Live stream from Sheffield v Dundee game tonight starts in just over an hour. Join for full commentary

  5. Would be good. Might need to be early, like 12/12.30. Working at Odyssey from early afternoon.

  6. but to answer the question… general freshness very much better, christmas disrupted the experiment!

  7. No additional exercise, a few cheats [occasional sweets/cinema popcorn/chocolate]. More or less dropped milk too.

  8. I've been toying with it. Just drop bread [hard!] and base your meals on veg + meat NOT the carbs. Lost a stone in a month.

  9. Amazon used to replace Kindles for now't… (assume as content led their profit, not h/w) I wonder what their current policy is..?

  10. Game day. Live stream of Sheffield Steelers v Dundee Stars. Purchase from the website now

  11. and can score, he was 21+25 for the We're all rooting for him to make it to the show over here.

  12. Getting into the car and going to the shops shouldn't be such a momentous decision; but…

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