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74th Academy Awards Nominees and Winners
Special Awards
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Nominations Announcement
Nominees Luncheon
Foreign Language Film Symposium
Governors Ball
Oscar Night America
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Reminder List of Eligible Releases for 2001

Academy Awards Show Presenters

Whoopi Goldberg
Halle Berry Tom Hanks
Sandra Bullock Marcia Gay Harden
Russell Crowe Josh Hartnett
Tom Cruise Ethan Hawke
Benicio Del Toro Helen Hunt
Cameron Diaz   Samuel L. Jackson
Kirsten Dunst Hugh Jackman
Jodie Foster   Ben Kingsley
Mel Gibson   Nathan Lane
Hugh Grant   Jennifer Lopez
Ian McKellen   Ali MacGraw
Tobey Maguire   Ben Stiller
Walter Mirisch   Sharon Stone
Ryan O'Neal   Audrey Tautou
Gwyneth Paltrow   Charlize Theron
Ryan Phillippe   John Travolta
Julia Roberts   Denzel Washington
Maggie Smith   Owen Wilson
Will Smith   Reese Witherspoon
Kevin Spacey   Naomi Watts
Voices of Oscar
Glenn Close   Donald Sutherland
Cirque du Soleil   Faith Hill
Sting   Enya
Randy Newman with
John Goodman
  Paul McCartney