Razer Nabu Smartwatch and Smart Band in One


Smartwatches made a pretty big impact at CES this year, with over 10 new smartwatches being announced throughout the duration of the event.  Gaming computer hardware company Razer decided to get in on the hype by releasing its own smartwatch, which seems to be getting quite a bit of attention for its price and innovation.

The Razer Nabu is not quite like any other smartwatch that has entered the market.  Not only does it have many of the information tracking features of a fitness band and the notification features of a smartwatch, but it also has a very different look and a new way of displaying notifications.

On the top screen the user can view the icon of the specific notification, and on the bottom, more private screen, the contents of the notification or the ID of the caller will be read out.  Not only does this allow for the smartband to be less bulky with 2 smaller displays, but it also gives privacy for the user, as he/she will be the only one who can view the content of the message.

The Nabu will work with iOS and Android based phones, and settings and notifications can be controlled through a utility app which will also display information gathered by the fitness band part of the watch.

The Nabu has been offered to developers for an incredibly low price of $49, hoping to attract developers who will begin to build a community of apps for the smartwatch.  The watch’s retail price has not yet been revealed but it will be released in the first quarter of 2014.

Source – Razer