The Exhibition Season in 130 Seconds

Here's the whole of the Layer Tennis Season Three Exhibition Matches edited down for fun. Thanks a million to Diego Bernal for the use of Lunch Money (Brown Paper Box) from his most mighty album "Besides," which is available as a free download from Exponential Records. You can pre-order the vinyl for five bucks. Also check the Retrospective Video from Season Two.

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All matches are played live on Friday afternoons.
Layer-by-layer commentators in parenthesis.

Layer Tennis Season Three

December 17: Mig Reyes* vs Noper (Jeffrey Zeldman)
December 10: Mark Weaver vs Mig Reyes* (Jason Kottke)
December 10: Noper* vs Greg Hubacek (John Gruber)
December 3: Frank Chimero vs Greg Hubacek* (Rosecrans Baldwin)
December 3: Noper* vs Aaron Draplin (Jason Koxvold)
November 19: Emory Allen vs Mark Weaver* (Bryan Bedell)
November 19: Armin Vit vs Mig Reyes* (Ben Greenman)

* = Winner

Regular Season
Match 12 Oleg Pashchenko * vs Adam Hill (Matthew Baldwin)
Match 11 Tom Whalen vs Olly Moss* (Jeremy Keith)
Match 10 Jennifer Daniel* vs Mike Monteiro (Jeffrey Zeldman)
Match 9 Jessica Hische vs Mig Reyes* (Joshua Allen)
Match 8 Oliver Reichenstein* vs Tom Muller (Liz Danzico)
Match 7 Dustin Hostetler* vs Radim Malinic (Ben Greenman)
Match 6 Brian Taylor* vs Davin Risk (Kevin Guilfoile)
Match 5 Frank Chimero vs Kate Bingaman-Burt Tie (Alissa Walker)
Match 4 Scott Thomas vs Mark Weaver* (John Gruber)
Match 3 Joshua Davis* vs Brendan Dawes (Matt Haughey)
Match 2 Aaron Scamihorn vs Nick Campbell* (Rosecrans Baldwin)
Match 1 Matt Stevens vs Armin Vit* (Matthew Baldwin)

Qualifying Matches
Andrew Baumgartner vs Troy DeShano
Bernat Fortet Unanue vs David Stewart
Andy Ross vs Nick Tyler
Micah Bauer vs Ruben Cordoba Schwaneberg
Rich Arnold vs Robbie Kanner
Emory Allen vs Phil Coffman
Chris Kyung vs Beanbag Amerika
Noper vs James Donaldson
Able Parris vs Will Ringland

Exhibition Matches
Live at Adobe MAX: Folkert Gorter vs Atley Kasky (Bryan Bedell)
Around the World in Ten Layers: Various (Jeffrey Zeldman)
Video Editing: Whitehouse vs Beast (Keith Phipps)
Motion Graphics: Matt Smithson vs Daniel Oeffinger (Jason Koxvold)
Photography + Music: Naz Hamid vs Sam Javanrouh (Mark Greenberg)
Typography: Mark Simonson vs Peter Bruhn (Grant Hutchinson)
Photoshop: Khoi Vinh vs Nicholas Felton (John Nack)

Layer Tennis Season Two

Winners listed first, layer-by-layer commentators in parenthesis.

The Final: Shaun Inman* vs Gregory Hubacek (Gruber & Santa Maria)
Semi 1: Gregory Hubacek* vs Aaron Draplin (Bryan Bedell)
Semi 2: Shaun Inman* vs Scott Hansen (Jim Coudal)
1st Round 1: Gregory Hubacek* vs Chris Glass (Rosecrans Baldwin)
1st Round 2: Aaron Draplin* vs Sam Potts (Jason Kotte)
1st Round 3: Shaun Inman* vs Aaron Scamihorn (Alissa Walker)
1st Round 4: Scott Hansen* vs Jason Koxvold (Kevin Guilfoile)

Regular Season
Week 13: Jakob Nylund* vs Joakim Jansson (Joshua Allen)
Week 12: ISO50* vs But Does It Float (Matthew Baldwin)
Week 11: Chris Glass* vs Aaron Draplin (Dave Cuzner)
Week 10: Kevin Dart* vs Tom Muller (Bryan Bedell)
Week 9: Sam Brown* vs Ted McGrath (Rosecrans Baldwin)
Week 8: Jillian Tamaki* vs Jennifer Daniel (Jason Kottke)
Week 7: Rex Crowle* vs Simon Cook (Anne Ward)
Week 6: Jason Santa Maria* vs Derek Powazek (Jim Coudal)
Week 5: Sam Potts* vs Armin Vit (Ben Greenman)
Week 4: Phineas X. Jones* vs Dan Grzeca (Kevin Guilfoile)
Week 3: Werk Stockholm* vs DK Chicago (Justin Cone)
Week 2: Rod Hunting* vs Mitch Ansara (Matthew Baldwin)
Week 1: Brendan Dawes* vs Jeffrey Kalmikoff (John Gruber)

Exhibition Match
Pre-Season: Around the World in Ten Layers Exhibition Match

Qualifying Matches
Season Two qualifiers: Week By Week Listings

Layer Tennis Season One

Championship 1: Shaun Inman* vs Glass (John Gruber)
Championship 2: Jason Koxvold* vs James Hutchinson (Rosecrans Baldwin)

Regular Season
Week 12: Veerle Pieters* vs Cindy Li (Kevin Guilfoile)
Week 11: Jason Gnewikow* vs Matt Owens (Joshua Allen)
Week 10: Jason Koxvold* vs Bran Dougherty-Johnson (Matt Haughey)
Week 9: Trevor Van Meter* vs James Hutchinson (Bryan Bedell)
Week 8: Aaron Draplin* vs David Nakamoto (Steven Heller)
Week 7: Scott Hansen* vs Rob Cordiner (Alissa Walker)
Week 6: Marian Bantjes* vs Armin Vit (Heather Armstrong)
Week 5: Jason Santa Maria* vs Brian Taylor (Matthew Baldwin)
Week 4: Chris Glass* vs Naz Hamid (Rosecrans Baldwin)
Week 3: Steven Harrington* vs Chuck Anderson (Jason Kottke)
Week 2: Mathew Star Thomas* vs Neil Duerden (Debbie Millman)
Week 1: Kevin Cornell* vs Shaun Inman (John Gruber)

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The Layer Tennis Blog

Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

Thanks to all the players, commentators and fans who made Season Three of Layer Tennis a big success. And thanks to the crew at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and all the folks at Adobe Creative Suite for making it possible. Watch this space (or sign up for Season Tickets or follow us on Twitter) for news about some special exhibition matches being planned and about Season 4. jc-12.20

Cast your votes on The Championship Match. Both Finalists will receive invitations to play in the post-season tournament for Season Four. jc-12.17

Here's how the voting works. Decide who you'd like to declare as winner and then simply tweet their first name following a hash mark. Either #mig or #noper and, this is important, also include #lyt in that tweet. We'll leave the voting open all weekend and announce our Season Three Champion on Monday. jc-12.12

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