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Neck DeepGrowing Pains 12 Jan 8:51pm
Neck DeepKick It Loved track 12 Jan 8:48pm
David AbelesThe North Strand 12 Jan 3:33pm
Steve KazeeFalling Slowly 12 Jan 3:28pm
Steve KazeeFalling Slowly (Reprise) 12 Jan 3:23pm
Steve KazeeGold 12 Jan 3:18pm
TerrorThe Most High 10 Jan 8:43pm
TerrorYou're Caught 10 Jan 8:41pm
TerrorStay Free 10 Jan 8:38pm
TerrorStick Tight 10 Jan 8:36pm
Stick To Your GunsAgainst Them All Loved track 10 Jan 8:33pm
Stick To Your GunsWhere The Sun Never Sleeps Loved track 10 Jan 8:29pm
The CureLove Song 10 Jan 8:22pm
Panic! at the DiscoNew Perspective - Soundtrack Version 10 Jan 8:18pm
Vitamin String QuartetCareful 7 Jan 11:28pm
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About Me

My profile is wicked misleading. I made it in middle school when I was going through my 'screamo' phase.
I don't listen to scremo anymore.
I love Stick To Your Guns more than anything.
Pop punk, not pills.
Don't hesitate to message me! I love meeting new people!

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