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Israel using US Congress to stop deal with Iran: Gareth Porter
Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:58PM
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Investigative journalist Gareth Porter says that Israel is using its powerful influence on US Congress to stop a deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

“I think we see a pattern here of Israel playing its name cards which are of course its control over the majorities of both the House and the Senate in the US Congress and its very powerful influence on French policy toward Iran,” Porter said in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

“So, the combinations of those two things I think are the main threats now to a deal being reached,” he added.

The latest nuclear talks between Iran and the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany ended in Geneva without a deal. But the two sides planned to meet again later this month.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his outrage over a looming deal with Iran and called it the “deal of the century for Iran.”

“Israel does not recognize this agreement,” Netanyahu said. “I understand the Iranians are walking around very satisfied, as well they should, because they got everything and paid nothing. They wanted relief from sanctions ... and got that.”

The White House has offered to relax sanctions against Tehran with progress of negotiations. However, lawmakers in the US Congress are stepping up efforts to thwart a possible diplomatic deal with Iran.

“I think this is a move that reflects a growing move toward a confrontation between the United States and Israel over the negotiations,” Porter said.

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