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commando droid

Battle Droid Upgrade



An enormous improvement over the standard battle droid, commando droids are elite warriors too expensive to produce in huge numbers. These stealthy yet powerful warriors are tougher and faster than their clanker cousins. Complex engineering gives them incredible agility, while advanced processors let them think fast on their nimble feet.


  1. The Clone Wars
1.91 meters
Battle droid
Blaster rifle, vibro blade
Separatist Alliance


battle droid

battle droid

The standard battle droid is dim-witted and slow compared to the elite commando droids, but are much cheaper to produce and deploy in huge numbers.

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clone troopers

clone troopers

Though clone troopers can easily blast through dozens of battle droids, they consider commando droids a much bigger challenge. Clones develop tactics to specifically keep the commando droids from closing into deadly short range.

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General Grievous

General Grievous

General Grievous has a grudging respect for the commando droid, though they have not replaced the even more advanced MagnaGuard droids he employs as bodyguards.

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