Animal Ethics aims to achieve a shift in attitudes towards nonhuman animals. Our vision is a world where all sentient beings are given full moral consideration. We are named after the field of research, also called “animal ethics”, that deals with why we should take nonhuman animals into account in our actions and decisions, and the ways in which we should.

We do research and outreach work aimed at addressing speciesism, the discrimination against nonhuman animals. Like other “isms” such as racism, sexism, heterosexism and ableism, speciesism is a type of discrimination based on characteristics that are arbitrary, meaning they are not relevant reasons for treating someone worse. Just as someone’s skin color or sex has nothing to do with whether or not abusing them can be justified, neither does the classification of species.

We also provide resources for other organizations and any individuals concerned about issues in animal ethics, animal sentience and the situation of nonhuman animals.

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Speciesism is discrimination against individuals who don’t belong to a certain species. Many nonhuman animals, both wild and domesticated, are victims of speciesism.

Animal Sentience


Sentient beings are those who can have positive and negative experiences such as pleasure, joy, pain, and distress. Apart from humans, many other animals are sentient.

Respecting Animals


Respecting others means bearing in mind that things we do can affect them, and acting accordingly. Sentient animals can feel suffering and pleasure, so shouldn’t we respect them?

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