My passion is to utilize my skills in programming and drawing to develop entertaining games and software for the online game "Minecraft". Someday, I plan to start my own enterprise focused on the gaming industry targeted towards game consoles and the mobile platform.


A productive member of a community must give back as well. I am happy to say that I have been passionately volunteering at many different organizations since I was in middle school.

Liberty Science Center   

I am stationed in different exhibits around the center, explaining concepts to young children and guiding parents to exhibits. I have been volunteering here since 2011

Ashbrook Senior Nursing Home

During my 9th and 10th grade, I spent my time helping the staff in keeping the senior citizens company and organizing games for them at the Ashbrook Nursing Center.

Union County Magnet High School

At high school, I was the treasurer in the Student Government my freshman year where I helped keep track of costs and manage our activities. I also participated in Relay for Life to help raise money for cancer research.

Beyond School Explorers

From 5th to 8th grade, I helped out at my local elementary school. At the end of school, there were different activities set up to help entertain children. I would assist the teachers in managing the students.

Technical Capabilities

I am fluent in Java and C#, and have used both backend and frontend web development languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and HTML. I am familiar with SQL and have used relational databases like MySQL and object databases like MongoDB.

Leveraging C#

C# is an extremely powerful language, especially when developing desktop applications. Utilizing the power of C#, I have written a server status tool that allows server administrators to monitor the status of their Minecraft server in real time.

Utilizing Java

The beauty of Java is its cross-computer compatibility. I have written many add ons for Minecraft servers that run across a diverse array of operating systems, from Linux boxes to Windows servers and to Mac computers.

Prototyping with PHP

I have utilized PHP to its fullest extent for rapid development and prototyping of backend server systems as proof-of-concept tests. I have also developed numerous websites, such as Switchnet's website

Backends with MySQL

MySQL is the norm today in database storage. I've used my knowledge of MySQL in order to set up organized databases that run critical information needed to power the largest Minecraft servers today

Open Source Contributions

To further my ideas and help the gaming community, I have released some of my code to open source projects on websites centered on public coding under the handle dreadiscool


LilyPad is a reverse proxy that allows load distribution of Minecraft servers. In order to help server administrators do their job well, I wrote a plugin called DeadFrog which allows server staff to manage a server in an orderly fashion.


I have written two different sets of open source software on Github. The first, PowerBlock is a Minecraft Classic server written in Java with its own scripting system. The second, DistroPerms is a global permission manager that allows Minecraft server administrators to finely control permissions on their game servers.


Bukkit is the #1 software for Minecraft servers. I have written a plugin for Bukkit called Bukkit Chat IRC that allows server administrators to connect in-game chat with an IRC channel, enabling cross-server communication. Although it is one of my first projects ever, I believe it is still being used by several Minecraft servers.

Entrepreneur (My Game Sites)

I first got interested in programming when I was in eighth grade. My first reaction to programming was, "Look what I can do!" Every day that I program and learn something new, this euphoric feeling has not changed. Programming remains my passion, and I plan to make a career out of it.


Co Founder & Lead Developer

After, I decided that running a server is something that I still wanted to do. With a friend from CraftEra, MCKillZone was founded. With a network of seven servers, it is my largest project to date



My experience in dealing with DDoS attacks led me to start a server hosting company focused on providing solutions to clients to mitigate such attacks.


Lead Developer (Mar 12 - Apr 13)

I started CraftEra with a partner. This was my first ever real partnership, and I learned a lot about programming and networking. Though I am no longer associated with this server, CraftEra still utilizes my software


Owner (Jan 11 - Feb 12)

My first attempt at running a Minecraft server, and seeing others enjoy my work. Though this server is no more, it helped build my programming foundation skills.

Consulting (Programming Services)

I have consulted for some of the largest Minecraft servers in the world to develop their custom Minecraft games. I have built websites for friends and am always glad to help people out.


UberMinecraft is my largest employer. I've developed many Minecraft minigames for them, such as Super Craft Bros, Minescape, and DeadLyfe


Run by one of my friends, Minetime has skyrocketed to fame, utilizing my software such as an internal voting system as well as all of my reverse proxy load balancing modifications


When CraftGasm needed a plugin developed with speed, I was there. I developed their "NoDrop" plugin for use on their SkyBlock server


Attacks come in all forms. When SwagCraft was taking fire from spam bots, I developed a plugin to quickly identify spambots based on their attack signature

Paras has made a name for himself in the online gaming community. I hired him for his excellent Java skills and his ability to pay attention to details. Minetime owner

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