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'Supernatural' Spin-Off in Development at the CW

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July 22nd, 2013

Like A Virgin

The CW is contemplating a spin-off of its longrunning series Supernatural. TVLine reports that an episode late in the the upcoming ninth season, possibly episode 20, will serve as a backdoor pilot for the proposed series. That episode will introduce a new character who will be the lead in the spin-off.


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  1. Dennis

    lol Really???

    Honestly no need for this

  2. Sean

    When done right, great news! But will this be the long talked about Samuel Colt Wild West spin off? It would be awesome if it were.

  3. Revenger

    I think this could be great if they handle it well

  4. Mae

    I do not see this working at all.

    SPN works so well because of the cast that it has. Without the cast, SPN would have been canceled years ago. Viewers right now are so invested in Sam and Dean, as well as Cas, Crowley, Bobby, Jody and Charlie. They are not invested so much in the SPN world in general.

    The quality right now is just not that good (although it did improve towards the end of Season 8). Introducing a new character to carry the new show is ballsy.

  5. Lisa

    Darn, I would have loved a Garth or Charlie spinoff. How will they new if a new character would be successful? Maybe if they brought on a good supporting character to co-star???

  6. Feedback

    Why do you call it “SPN”? It’s a very odd acronym. “Su”-”Per”-”Natural”? Very very odd.

  7. Simon

    Seriously? Think its time to end and FIX the original first!

  8. Scott511

    I wouldn’t mind a Ghostfacers spin off. The way those guys bumble around oblivious to the realities and danger of what they are doing is hilarious and might work as a half hour show on say Monday with the other comedies.

  9. james

    This is amazing news!!!! if your a supernatural fan like me youve been worried about the end of supernatural one day arriving, this will soften the blow of when that day comes

    i really hope they do it right though. do a whole 5 year plan like they did with supernatural not just individual season story arcs

  10. John A

    It might do well for CW. It couldnt any worse than HOD TCD or Nikita.

  11. davie

    this is actually crazy news. Im surprised theyre not adding the new character in the premiere and lead up to the backdoor pilot that way they’d know if the character is liked/could carry a show.

    This is very enticing. WB must not be looking at Season 10 as the end? That or the complete opposite and they’re just looking to keep the franchise going without the mothership.

    Ah…I don’t know about this

  12. Alan

    Too late for a spin-off. Seriously, SPN should end already. I get that it still has great ratings, but it’s getting old, and it seems like the CW decides to end long-time running shows until nobody watches them anymore. Another theory is that they are trying to get rid of SPN and they are trying to find a similar version of it.

  13. Wright

    It’s about time. SPN is the best show on the network. I will definately be watching.

  14. Michael

    Supernatural is still on the air?

  15. TV#1

    @ Davie

    Unless Supernatural sees a big ratings drop I doubt season 10 will be the last season. I have a feeling the show is going to run 12-14 seasons overall.

  16. charmedcraft

    Spinoffs are hit or miss, as long as they don’t mess with SPN I’m happy. I agree that the cast plays a big part in the success of a show, if not for Jared and Jensen, I wouldn’t be hooked on the show.

  17. Justin121

    “I have a feeling the show is going to run 12-14 seasons overall.”

    If they wanna milk it dry, then yes.

    I don’t think the fandom will stick that long, and it’ll go out with a whimper. (or worse, a cliffhanger.)

  18. HereToSortYourLifeOut


    No, it’s not. It’s been off since 1990, but we’re talking about it like it’s still on the air because we’re playing a trick on people who come on message forums as ask ridiculous questions like “SPN is still on the air?”

    It’s all for you.

  19. Neil

    SPN: Red?

  20. CBSviewer

    @ TV’s #1

    I have a feeling the show is going to run 12-14 seasons overall

    14 Seasons is too much but I agree with you Season 10 will not be the last. I can see it lasts 11-12 Seasons at most (if the spinoff is a hit). Even if Jensen or Jared wants to leave after Season ten, writers could bring back Adam and create an all new story.

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