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Arrested Development Pirates Skip Netflix Out of Habit

Over the past two days more than 175,000 people have pirated episodes of the revived cult series Arrested Development. While the numbers don’t come close to those of hit series Game of Thrones, it’s remarkable to see how many of the downloaders come from regions where the entire season is available on Netflix. Are these people really too cheap to buy a Netflix subscription or are they downloading via BitTorrent out of habit?

adTo reduce unauthorized downloading, content producers should make their products widely available and take away the incentive for people to pirate.

The above is an argument often heard in defense of piracy. In theory it makes sense, but when Netflix released the entire season of the revived cult series Arrested Development this Sunday, something strange happened.

Tens of thousands of pirates lined up to grab a copy from various torrent sites. Many came from the U.S. and other countries where people only have to sign up for a free Netflix account to watch the show.

TorrentFreak tracked the download numbers for the various episodes and season bundles and found some interesting results.

During the first two days, episode one of Arrested Development topped 175,000 downloads on public BitTorrent trackers. A decent number, but one that pales in comparison to records set by Game of Thrones and other hit series.

Unfortunately the download figures by themselves are meaningless without context, so it’s hard to draw conclusions on how the Netflix release affected them. From past experience, however, it is safe to say that the numbers would be significantly higher if a show had been released on a premium cable network.

After all, in countries where Netflix is available people have little reason to pirate the show. Or do they?

Looking at a sample of the geographical locations of the pirates we see that the United States comes out on top with 18%. Other countries where Netflix is available, such as Canada (11.8%), United Kingdom (5.6%) and Sweden (3.5%) are also high on the list. In fact, Australia is the only non-Netflix country in the top five.

sample N=2,712
# Country % City %
1 United States 18.0% Melbourne 4.2%
2 Australia 15.0% London 2.6%
3 Canada 11.8% Perth 2.2%
4 United Kingdom 5.9% Stockholm 2.0%
5 Sweden 3.5% Sydney 1.9%
6 India 2.7% Brisbane 1.5%
8 Norway 2.6% Toronto 1.4%
9 South Africa 2.5% Cape Town 1.3%
10 France 2.0% Auckland 1.2%

While it’s easy to conclude that this proves that these “pirates” are just cheap thieves, the reality is a bit more complicated. For one, it could be that the download numbers would have been exponentially higher if Arrested Development hadn’t been made so widely available.

On the other hand, it also appears that not all of those who choose to pirate Arrested Development do so because they are unwilling to pay for a Netflix subscription.

Looking at the comment section of a popular TV-tracker there are plenty of comments on the issue. One downloader comes in with the stereotypical response, saying that he just “wasted” $8 on a Netflix subscription. However, there are many who disagree with this view.

One commenter notes:

“I certainly don’t see it as wasted. I’m fully supportive of Netflix for what they are trying to achieve. They’ll have my $8 regardless of whether I use it or not.”

Another one adds:

“You didn’t waste $8, you proved that Arrested Development was worth funding for a fourth season. And you got to see it slightly sooner, which is totally worth it.”

The above comments are among many suggesting that even those who have a Netflix subscription may still download the episodes through BitTorrent sites.

In part this is out of habit as that is how many people have enjoyed TV-shows for many years. The comment below from a Swedish downloader shows that pirate habits are sometimes fueled by unusual situations.

“I have a Swedish Netflix account, but for some stupid reason the PS3 app won’t let me turn the subtitles off. I can choose between Swedish, Finnish etc subtitles but there’s no option to turn them off completely. So here I am downloading the episodes, even though I have Netflix, just to watch without subtitles.”

Of course there are also many downloaders who turn to unauthorized sources because Netflix is not available in their country, as is the case in Australia, which has the highest piracy rate per capita.

In an open letter, the Australian consumer advocacy organization Choice recently asked Netflix to open up shop down under, so Aussie fans can watch their shows legally. Netflix is receptive to these comments and told PaidContent that it’s “busily expanding” into new markets.

According to one commenter on a torrent site, the potential for new customers is certainly there.

“I would have paid for a month if they were available in my country just to show appreciation for Arrested Development and their great business model but hey…”

The above lays out some of the challenges faced today by TV-producers old and new. There is a huge demand for TV content but at the same time people’s viewing habits are rapidly changing.

All in all Netflix has to be applauded for their efforts to innovate. The lack of windowing and on-demand availability will certainly have an impact on piracy rates, although it may take a while for some to convert, even those who already pay for Netflix.

If the conditions are right, however, old patterns will eventually change.

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  • politux

    Maybe if Netflix worked on Linux I would consider it.


      Maybe if content wasn’t created by the collective forces of the empire of greed I would consider it :DDDDDD

    • Danny

      Works through WINE ;-).

      However it is good to see the hoops we jump through are worth it as the DRM implemented via silverlight has obviously stopped it from getting on to file sharing networks.

  • Trespass22

    New releases take an extremely long time to make it to Netflix streaming. The mail thing is a pain.

    I recently returned from a monthlong trip to Europe and downloaded the 4 episodes of GOT I missed, later remembering that it is available on HBO on demand. So there is something to the adage that “old habits die hard.”

    • Fred

      The first I heard of GOT being available on itunes in aus. was when I heard via the media that foxtel had flexed their muscles and reminded itunes that they had exclusive distribution. Oh well, I would have bought it, but foxtel is too expensive and doesnt give me downloads like I want. Back to the torrents.

  • cgimusic

    Torrents are just so much easier. I can watch torrented files on any device I want even without internet. I got Netflix and will be paying for a month after the free trial to support their continuation of the show but really torrents are just easier.

    • newstarshipsmell

      When I read about this over the weekend, one of the selling points for the new season was that all 15 episodes take place concurrently, each from a different character’s perspective, allowing the viewer to skip from one episode to another to follow another character mid-episode, if they so wish. What wasn’t clear was whether or not the episodes all play out at the same pace, i.e. the same point in a given episode will take place at the same “time” in the rest of the episodes at that same point.

      I don’t have a Netflix account, but I’m familiar with the interface from watching it at friends’. I’m assuming that Netflix didn’t enhance their interface solely for this season (if I’m wrong, someone please correct me) so I’m guessing this option is awkward at best to implement, forcing the viewer to exit all the way out to the episodes list and then manually skip forward to the desired scene in the desired episode.

      Compare this to torrenting it and playing the season back in VLC. It takes 3 quick clicks to load the file list, select an episode, and then click on the progress bar to select the desired point in the episode. Which sounds easier?

      Once again, piracy FTW. Nice try, though, Netflix. *looks for a season repack*

  • BlitzBomb

    Netflix refuse to support linux so fuck them, That’s why i don’t use them. Its silly to assume people pirate because they are “too cheap” there are a magnitude of reasons.

    • Christopher Kidwell

      No, it’s more that Linux refuses to support DRM and that is why some places are passing them over.

      • politux

        Support DRM” that’s funny.

        DRM is anti customer and customers are anti-DRM. Why would anyone in their right mind submit to system of control imposed by a billion dollar corporation specifically to limit their freedom to do what they want?

      • RandomBob

        Been a while since i had a proper dabble in the world of *nix, but I’m sure the basic ethos is still the same…

        There is no “linux” to refuse to do anything.

        There are countless distro’s that all use the linux kernel, and pretty much anyone is free to make/modify/tweak any of the distros or produce a program for them that enables what they want.

        Although I do believe netflix uses silverlight, so I’m not sure what that means for such things.

        • Scary_Devil_Monastery

          True, as far as it goes. However, almost every Linux distro uses default security architecture – meaning that third-party apps trying to gain root is a no-no. You’d have to specifically render key parts less secure in order for a given DRM solution to work.

          And that’s why making DRM work on Linux as a whole is not very feasible.

      • Rodalpho

        This is wrong. Netflix uses Silverlight, which is owned by Microsoft, and MS chose not to release it for Linux.

        Obviously they don’t HAVE to use silverlight, since you can run netflix on platforms like roku, PS3, x360, android, and iOS which can’t run silverlight. It’s just what they chose to do.

      • hikaricore

        You don’t actually even know what Linux is… do you?

      • WLF68

        Netflix probably would support Linux if they knew they’re corporate partners/masters wouldn’t cancel(Fox, Universal, WB, etc)

      • Masau Fuku

        You’re wrong – while Linux users (like most users in general) detest
        DRM, there have been numerous offers to fork Moonlight and integrate DRM
        support – it Netflix promised they’d add linux support. No such promise has ever come forth as far as I’m aware.

        • Danny

          The netflix Devs did once upon a time promise a native client. But unfortunately it never appeared. I assume the studios threw a tantrum.

        • bumpa

          Linux is worse than piracy.


      • Kal

        No, there was a group of Linux programmers willing to make a version of Moonlight with DRM, and Netflix more-or-less told them to fuck off.

        Netflix just doesn’t care about Linux. It sees the small market share and doesn’t bother providing a service.

      • Alex Cockell

        Not quite. The Moonlight devs offered to implement DRM, but the studios said “no dice”.

    • xpmule

      ya this story i think is bullshit and Ernesto has a lot of little digs at pirates i noticed.. just read his/her comment he gave the Huffington Post lol
      I find it insulting to be called a cheap pirate numerous times in his stories i have seen a bunch in the last few weeks that said that. I expect little comments like that from the copyright trolls not in TF editorials (news ?)
      And this story is a load of bullshit.. drawing conclusions out of how many used netflix or torrents for this show is dumb and proves nothing.. lets see what the numbers are now !
      Further more how many people were aware a showed that was cancelled was even available on torrents ? How many found out AFTER seeing this story spread like a plague across the net ? What about those stats again ?

      O well what ever i’m just a cheap pirate that according to Ernesto is probably a write off / a lost cause. and if Services like netflix improve our pirates will die off and vanish.
      Seems to me his opinions mimic what the trolls here say everyday !
      Want some screenshot and quotes people ?
      I noticed people don’t read the whole stories here a lot of them time and just started jumping on one side or the other.. read the fine print guys ;)
      TF seems to want to look impartial but that is not what actually happens you all just need to read careful at what is said and ALL of the story not just the first paragraph lol
      Often the most interesting part is buddy’s commentary about cheap pirates right at the end of the story..

      I can spend what i want and share what i want. I support file sharing because its my right to do so. I don’t do it because i am cheap and further more i am NOT a fucking pirate.
      Some people do NOT understand the issues i think.

  • pogue972

    How do you even rip content from Netflix? Do you have to copy the output from your video card, like an analog rip or use some kind of Silverlight emulator?

    • cgimusic

      Many people seemed to use screen recorders. I am sure there are other ways though.

    • Violated0

      If it can be streamed it can be ripped.

      At very worst you can use CamStudio to rip the video from the display at high lossless quality which only needs a recompression to a manageable size.

      • johnny

        Assuming the base file being streamed is about 400MB, what do you estimate the size would be after recording and recompressing?

      • pogue972

        Well, it’s streamed in such an unusual way, its not like ripping an FLV file off Youtube where theres a direct link you can save. That’s essentially what I was curious about.

      • Hmm.

        It may not be not worth your time because Netflix changes the quality mid-stream at the slightest hiccup. Your encoding would be extremely manual.

      • Andrew Lee

        Yeah, and with a decent PC and a good connection it would be very hard to tell whether it was an actual rip or the method you said. “From watching it”

        Then even if the compression was knocked down to 2-4 GB that’s not really bad these days when storage is dirt cheap. I’m sure it could be compressed far more though.

        • Andyman

          One way is to use amerisoft video recorder to record the window and then use handbrake to convert the wmv file to mp4. 43 minute show = ~900 megs at netflix standard hd resolution. Tedious for sure but easily done even over wifi

    • Scary_Devil_Monastery

      Same way you’d make a video cassette recording? Just record what plays onscreen.

  • Robin_H

    I’m European and purchased a VPN + Netflix account to watch the latest season.

    I also did torrent it, I like having it sit on my drive for future viewing when I don’t have access to a high-speed connection.

    Did fall in love with Netflix now though. The ease and amount of content for such a low price is astounding! I find myself trying out a lot more series now it’s just a click away.

    • MadAsASnake

      You forget that there *should* be a mountain of stuff truly in the public domain by now.

  • Chichachachi

    While netflix is a response to the charge that the movie industry doesn’t adapt to new markets, I still see it as a shuffling resistance to new economies. We can see now that movies and entertainment do not need to be made with huge budgets. Most of the best selling blockbusters do not offer anything new to the world. We are at a potential escape point, since we are temporarily beyond a pure resource based economy. More and more exist an attention economy, where the time others spend looking at their works gives them status, helps forge new connections, and begins new projects. Netflicks keeps people alienated and on the couch.

    We are getting to the point where everyone can figure out how to create enough spare time so they can contribute meaningfully to the cultural resources of the planet. Keeping people hooked on passive media is a sign of shuffling feet. Movies can help inform, educate, and inspire personal projects, but I reject the aspects of society that use movies merely for passive relaxation and escape from the horror of work. That is the world that netflicks is a part of. That is the world netflicks supports.

    Bittorrent offers a novel distribution mechanism where money is absurd and the real resource, time, is what is at risk of being squandered.

    • anonymous

      100% agree. Lets not forget, Arrested Development owes much of its popularity to torrents and became a cult show in many territories long after its initial release.

      • xpmule

        agreed and they can’t deny that pirates make them who they are either at least in part..

        A good example of this is the Record Label / Distributor Scion AV they regularly release music from Major bands and they do it for free and why would they ?

        They know damn well those files are going across the world in seconds. I see it as marketing, they give pirates music to share on purpose knowing full well media will end up getting shared through our usual channels.

      • gest

        Torrents are the only reason I bought the first three seasons of this show on DVD.

        And GOT and Futurama and Curb Your Enthusiasm and Trailer Park Boys and so on. The discs are obsolete but if I like the show, I might want to put it on a shelf like we did in more savage times.

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  • Mordrin

    Downloading instead of streaming = watch what people want, where they want, when they want on the device they want. Netflix cannot compete with that.

    • Lora

      it certainly tries the hardest – the Netflix app is on tons of devices

      • flubalubaful

        This is what i like about netflix, they really are trying to encourage the market to grow,they still need to adapt a little more but i think that is coming sooner rather than later.

        • Scary_Devil_Monastery

          Well, it has become the Steam of movie media, which is saying something.

    • TallBoy6t6

      Yeah, I want to put AD S4 on my iPod classic. Can’t do that with Nexflix. Can do that with ripped copy. It’s simply having a digital file that I can covert to different formats that Nexflix and other streaming services don’t offer.

  • A-Tuin

    It’s also about simplicity. People know they can go to their favorite torrent site to get the episodes they want, they can then watch them where/when they want after that.
    If I want to watch the latest GoT I’ve to go to HBO on demand, arrested development apparently netflix, what about true blood when it starts again or the next big TV series.
    It’s a major convenience getting them from one place and being able to do what you want with it after. I’m sure people would actually pay a decent subscription fee to somewhere that would provide _everything_ and that’s the keyword here.

  • Nellius

    The advantage to torrents over streaming is simply the fact that broadband speeds simply aren’t reliable enough for uninterrupted HD streaming.

    To watch something legally on Netflix or BBC iPlayer, I pretty much need to exit any other internet-using program and cross my fingers and hope my broadband provider is in a good mood that day.

    When I torrent shows, it doesn’t matter what my download speed is, because once it’s finished downloading, I can watch a full episode uninterrupted.

    The trend towards widespread legal streaming is great, and Netflix is a wonderful platform… but the basic broadband infrastructure needs to improve before I will turn to streaming 100% of the time over piracy.

    • Austin Williamson

      Meh. The advantage of torrents is that it works on multiple systems without eating extra bandwidth. Those of us on capped plans get f-k’d over thanks to streaming.

  • lotto

    comparing streaming with downloading ? people now in 2k13 want to watch what they want whaen they want.

  • Myself

    even if it were available in my country i still would not download that show xD

  • FionaT

    We signed up for Netflicks because of Arrested Development, even though we could torrent the episodes, the first month is free so what’s to lose? As a service it is actually really good with a great choice and for what it is it’s so cheap! We will be keeping it for sure.

    • $$$

      I signed up for this blog because of Arrested development. I was totally not paid by anyone to leave this review and I will be keeping the account for sure!

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  • Guest

    Why on earth are you watching TV with your CPAP mask on!!!

    • kenny f powers

      perchance to breathe?

      • medfreak

        You don’t need CPAP while awake if it is for Obstructive sleep apnea.

        • Tobi

          No but it helps if you watch a show as you go to sleep.

        • Lisa Hammond

          what ℂhristℴph℮r r℮spℴnd℮d I’m in shℴℂk that anyℴn℮ ℂan g℮t paid $6747 in a f℮w w℮℮ks ℴn th℮ ℂℴmput℮r. did yℴu s℮℮ this sit℮ link……… Fℴx85.ℂℴm

      • Lisa Hammond

        as Kimb℮rly said I am impr℮ss℮d that anybody abl℮ to mak℮ $5199 in on℮ month on th℮ int℮rn℮t. hav℮ you r℮ad this sit℮ link……… Fℴx85.ℂℴm

    • Danny

      I usually leave my crap in the toilet.

      It rarely ends up on my face.

  • Forkingham Melle

    why has my comment been removed pleas?

    • Guest

      streaming online is not the same as downloading and watching offline,
      it’s what a lot of people i know like to do, so they can watch when and
      where they like. other than that, it’s nicer to get something from a
      torrent than an awful sounding place like netflix. re-name it for
      christ’s sake, something like stealstream, or robberywatch, or

      This one?

  • Forkingham Melle

    my removed comment:
    please re-insert it

  • Violated0

    I would put it down to quality and convenience.

    For example I have been watching Doctor Who episodes from the free online BBC iPlayer. I have encountered various issues though mostly related to peak usage times including stalling, failure of service, limited bandwith compression faults, a large video & subtitles desync and more. So sometimes I can just BT download it instead.

    I find that iPlayer usually wins for early viewing though but I still download anyway because iPlayer cannot handle NetFlix like long term availability. For example now that Series 7 has ended then it would be nice to watch again all 14 episodes but iPlayer only now has ONE (the latest) on-line.

    So trying to match viewing needs to legality still has some issues.

  • flubalubaful

    I have no interest in the specific show they are mentioning but i will register and pay my monthly fee just to support them in their attempt to really try a better model than is being used by others, now i just want to be able to download all the episodes to my hard drive so i can watch on my phone or tv or computer, whichever i am using at the time.Yes i can have multiple sessions of netflix but i would rather have more control over my content. They know it is going to be pirated so allowing it to be downloaded should not hurt their bottom line.

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  • Tombozi

    It’s simple. People watch the show on Netflix, they like it, but Netflix has no option to view it ‘offline’. So they just grab a copy from a torrent. I would do the exact same thing. This also explains why it’s mostly US users. Because they are more exposed to the content since it’s available on Netflix.

  • kenny f powers

    question remains – is it worth the bandwidth?

  • JordanKratz

    No, I am not going to pay for Digital Files I do not own, can not display, can not will to my heir, tells me where I can put them, ETC, ETC.
    I want to own what I buy so I only Buy physical products.And MAFIAA Stuff I buy only Used.

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  • Somebody_Else

    Maybe it has to do with the annoying ads that even paying a subscription fee won’t eliminate.

    • Rodalpho

      Not so much, because netflix doesn’t have ads. You’re thinking of hulu+.

      • Guest

        Speaking of Hulu, those douchebags stuff the content to the brim with ads and then wonder why most people would rather pirate it instead. They’re a perfect example of how not to adapt.

        Just wanted to get that off my chest.

  • pirated

    Maybe because real pirates will never pay a dime for content they can download for free. I live in a netflix supported region and would never sign up for netflix.

  • IratePirate

    Well this sucks…I want to support Netflix for the efforts they are putting in to providing a more accessible service, however that would mean supporting the MAFIAA indirectly, and I will never support such degenerates in any way, At least not until the day they make a public apology for their criminal acts over the years, which they would never do. They are tyrants and deserve to burn!

  • Joe

    I for one had Netflix streaming and canceled it, not worth the lousy content and Netflix seems to constantly be the last of the online streamers to get a contract for a TV show or movie. I have seen Netflix stop in the middle of a series many times because they couldn’t secure a contract for the rest of the series, so no thanks, I’ll keep pirating.

  • Fartman

    1. Who watches that crap anyway?
    2. If it’s a TV program that was aired on TV than it should be free.
    3. WGAF, WGAS!

    • The_Strawbear

      No TV is free..

      It’s paid for by people buying the products advertised, that money goes to their ad budgets which goes to the stations which then goes to the production companies.

      Unless it’s publically funded by donation of a licence/tax system.

  • NotMarksy

    I watched it on Netflix and pirated it because i wanted to watch it on my holiday overseas where i dont have internet access.

  • Joshua

    I have Netflix streaming, and it’s 95% material that no normal person would ever watch. I stream from it when I can, but given the poor selection and the (oftentimes) poor quality of the streams (I’ve got very decent internet speeds, but I oftentimes don’t get HD streams), I still pirate. That being said, if a movie is available for streaming on Netflix, I can see little reason to pirate said material.

    I’m sure if Netflix got rid of all their crappy titles, they could afford some good ones.

  • maffiausa

    The rich movies jews are not getting anymore of my money or the greedy RIAA mafia.

    • Derp

      You do realize there are company’s supporting the MAFIAA and the like that are white supremacist? Oh wait I almost forgot, your too stupid.

      • The_Strawbear

        *Oh wait, I almost
        *you’re too stupid

        Also some references would help to back this up.

        • Guest

          I get your trying to make a joke and his/her grammar/spelling sucked. If someone wants to make fun of white supremacist let them. This is the internet as long as people can understand the comment; good grammar/spelling are not needed. To many grammar trolls out there.

  • guest

    So many retards that didn’t get the watermark joke.

  • pirated

    There are pirates of poverty and pirates of inconvenience and then there are the rest of us, real pirates that would never spend a dime on content we can download for free.

    • Chichachachi

      Agreed, except that nothing is free. You have to search for the film, spend time downloading it, make space in your schedule for watching it, and use space in your brain so you can quote it later and appear witty.

  • IHaveNoBalls

    “Are these people really too cheap to buy a Netflix subscription or are they downloading via BitTorrent out of habit?”

    Neither for me,

    1. I didn’t know netflix was funding it… (until the show started)

    2. I’m not getting a netflix account ever because i don’t like them

    And I wont get the next episode as i didn’t like this one… nuff said

  • skgjdlkhlgd

    As one commenter said earlier: “The number one advantage is that I can watch what I want, when I want, how i want (offline, for example)”.

    If you don’t understand this statement, you missed the whole point of p2p media pirating.

  • Rodalpho

    I actually have a netflix account, but there’s no way to watch netflix inside XBMC and netflix is profoundly uninterested in helping out with that. So once the free month is up I plan to cancel.

    There’s actually no linux client at all, really, although recently there is a hack to run the windows silverlight under WINE, I would need to hook a keyboard and mouse to my HTPC.

    Shrug. Linux users are a tiny minority, so I understand why they don’t support it, but if they don’t support me…

    • Guest

      Don’t kid yourself into believing they’re a tiny minority. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are grabbing a ton of folks too smart to buy a premade machine and too broke to pay for Windows.

      • The_Strawbear

        And those numbers will only increase as MS & Apple look to lock down their machines more for the next OS generation.

        • Guest

          I’ve used windows for years because I don’t Apple products. Windows has more support for software than Linux. After Windows 7 I’m done with MS unless they unlock everything. I’ll making my way over to Linux.

        • Guest

          Too bad desktop Linux is always going to be stuck in 1% marketshare hell because most people enjoy having an OS with working drivers and a real software library.

        • Anyone

          if Steam for Linux takes off the change to Linux from Windows will be so much easier, games are still a big reason to use Windows

          but after the Win8 fiasco many people will look for alternatives, this is Linux’ chance to shine

        • MadAsASnake

          Depends what you are trying to do. WGA is a real headache, and getting worse. I like being able to reinstall periodically… it’s getting harder.

        • Scary_Devil_Monastery

          You forgot that with Steve Jobs out of the equation, Apple is right back to where they were when they almost went chapter 11.

          Jobs, for all his faults, was a BOFH to the very tip of his banhammers. How many people does Apple have left able to come up with anything other than new versions of the iPhone and try to sue competitor surfpad-makers out of the market for building rectangular communications devices?

          It won’t just be the lockdown – the standards will drop as well. Fast.

  • Pelham123

    I would happily pay $10 or even $15 to watch the new Liberace Soderbergh movie. Unfortunately, the title is not available to me at any price. Come on, HBO, Get the stick out of your ass.

    • DavyD

      It will be available in cinemas in almost everywhere but the US.

      • Anyone

        that means no Oscar
        sucks for the actors

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  • Darroll Howard Jr

    for one, if you pirate something then you own it and can pull it up anytime most notably when the net is out or you forgot to pay the bill or just didn’t pay the bill for some unforeseen reason, if its on Netflix you have to have net and bandwidth some people are limited on bandwidth, also some people have slow internet like the AT&T service I used to have and because I was so far out of town I could only get a 5mbit service which made Netflix skip and buffer constantly its better to spend 30 mins to download an episode, its not that Netflix is expensive, also has to do with the general timing in which Netflix adds movies/tv shows, if you go to their “new release” section they have movies from 2009 that is far from a new release, with the other choice which is hulu you get 6 commercials for a 22 minute video and i had the payed version for about 3 months for Hulu and you get the same commercials, i find myself watching more shows and movies on Veetle than any legit paying service, so all together because of the constant let downs of payed services people don’t want to even go check places like Netflix or Hulu they just automatically assume that they don’t have it or its gonna have commercials all through it, after all one of the main reasons people go to internet television is because they don’t want commercials and they want to watch the shows and movies on their own terms.

  • goat_anus

    Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.

    • IHaveNoBalls

      Yeah give us you’re email address and will tell you when it is..

      Or you could just go to a torrent site (for the last ten years)

    • Forkingham Melle

      it is with media hint?

  • Steve GraphiX

    i want to point this out to EVERYONE including The authors of this blog.

    Netflix for the UK people only have 34% of content compared to the same netflix customers in Canada, and the great ole USA.

    people are under this impression netflix all over the world is the same.
    it’s not trust me as a UK user with a netflix account i have to buy a VPN monthly just to watch the same stuff on netflix as those people in the USA,

    hardly anything at all is available on netflix as a UK subscriber without a vpn for Canada or the usa.

    ALSO to point this out, torrent sites actually daily list new content to see, netflix has no news announcements anywhere of NEW content to be added to their library at least not for the Android App (for my tablet or my ipad) that’s for sure.

    so that’s another reason people turn to torrents, as there is no up coming schedule of new content added daily/weekly or any way to find new stuff only search for it and hope it’s there.

    • Rodalpho

      I live in the US so I haven’t tried it, but I hear good things about the “hola unblocker” chrome addon. It supposedly, well, you can probably guess what it does. Give it a shot.

      • Steve GraphiX

        thanks i have used that, and media hint but the point is i am using the same service as people in the usa, paying the same money but for 50% of the content

        its all completely wrong i have to pay for a vpn to watch netflix to get shows or movies that i cannot with my PAID subscription.

        but yea the hola is a great tool specially for pandora, another free service available only to usa people yawn…

        that’s why i pirate because its just not fair usa people get everything legally free i pay a 150 pounds TV license to watch TV as does everyone else here in the uk since its the law.

        but we don’t get anything like the free services the usa gets, music, streaming, tv shows out the asshole all online legally free.

        if it’s free for the usa then it should be free for everyone else in the world getting screwed over.

        • Guest

          Its the law you have to buy TV service? I don’t understand “that’s why i pirate because its just not fair USA people get everything
          legally free i pay a 150 pounds TV license to watch TV as does everyone
          else here in the UK since its the law.”

          If that is the case then WTF and scary future we have to look forward to in the rest of the world. 90% certain TV is not mandatory and I misread that.

        • Anyone

          for example in Germany and Austria you have to pay for the public channels

          there is no “opt-out”, if you own a TV or computer you have to pay the fee, even if you never watch

        • DiD

          In Germany they have just changed the payment model and it is now more like a tax. Independently of whether you do or do not own a TV, each household has to pay a monthly fee…!
          Btw: before they changed it this year, not only TVs were subject to fees, but all devices that potentially could receive public TV or radio, including computers with the technical possibility to access the internet (!.. which computer doesn’t??) and smartphones!!!

        • Steve GraphiX

          yea seriously it’s been that way in the UK since horse and cart basically were paying a license every year if your OWN a tv never mind even watch it.

          google UK TV License laws. and read the crap we have to endure every 12 months and have done for 30 years +

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  • obryan

    What if I told you…. netflix requires the internet, windows/mac, and doesn’t have movies/shows contracted forever?

    • q’qr

      Netflix will no longer let you know about expiring titles.

      http: //www. uproxx. com/tv/2013/05/netflix-expiring/

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  • Randomguy

    I live in Canada. Our Netflix sucks balls here.

  • WLF68

    I wish I could like Neflix, but my connection is not fast enough for hd streaming. I also like my 5.1 sound to much to actually waste time with Netflix. I have a backup harddrive, so I use it.

  • 0omg

    you dont pay for a full service for only 1 show …. netflix really need to put more content available INTERNATIONALLY and not just in the fucking usa….

    • Steve GraphiX

      you got my vote!

    • The_Strawbear

      Would have been nice intro to their services if they’d have done this on a micropayment basis for other people who aren’t signed up.

    • Guest

      Its the MAFIAA region restrictions fucking everyone internationally.

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  • Forkingham Melle

    oh well. i wrote a comment and it was removed. it was not that important i suppose, but i do not think what i wrote warranted removal. it had no swear words(for once) and no links. i was not insulting anyone(that was a first too) and i did not knowingly put any remarks that would have been seen as removal material. i have asked to have the comment re inserted but it was not. i would like to know, torrentfreak, why i was removed at the very least. i know this is just a small thing, but it WAS nice to be able to express my views without the back of the mind thought of being among thought police or moderators of the antiquarian type. please restore my confidence and at least acknowledge the removal.
    mail address is imgoingtocreateanaccountjusttopissyouoff at the wonderful outlook dotty comedy

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  • Shogunreaper

    Maybe they are fans of it, but don’t feel that the netflix subscription is worth it just to see that one series.

    Netflix’s selection is very lacking and it seems to be losing titles as time goes on. I would say that amazon would be a better deal but not when you’re asked to pay the full years price up front to get access to it.

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  • JFG

    Obviously, we want to watch it in HD.

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  • Quinn

    While this article makes good points, I disagree with the behaviors disappearing just because the technical side of the environment changing. In order to reduce the incentive to be party to unlicensed distribution, perhaps the entertainment industry should work on their PR a bit.

    I know for a fact I won’t be paying for stuff if the money trail leads to the same people trying to destroy things I like about the internet.

    • Quinn

      In amongst the arguments that have been hashed out a billion times and are in no way productive at this point. Unless you plan on starting a TV studio of your own.

      • Quinn

        Um, is there a particular reason my comment was removed?

        • Quinn

          Never mind.

  • beckerist1

    Streaming requires an internet connection where bittorrent lets you view offline. I have some friends that love the show but have crappy or metered internet connections.

    Also it requires Silverlight (or a device that can use “apps”) AND it also requires a credit card to sign up, which some people don’t have.

    I know numerous people who fall into “some or all of the above” category.

  • Masau Fuku

    Working in a hacked together wine instance and Linux support are two very different things.

    And the Kernel IS the OS. A distro is *NOT* an OS – it is an OS with a bunch of pre-selected software (just like windows).

  • AAAA

    You are a retard. That’s wine, emulating stuff under wine sucks for the most part, and the point still stands. Netflix doesn’t support (gnu) linux, dur dur.

    • Danny

      WINE Is Not an Emulator.

      It is a translation between the windows API and Linux. No emulation occurs (unless you are running from an unsupported CPU arch).

  • ErnestoFan#1

    Personal choice? Maybe some of use like to view our content offline, or are in situations where access to even basic internet is still a luxury. You know, outside of Chicago even, there are areas that don’t even have the most basic access to BROADBAND internet access. Most rural areas in central Wisconsin (founded in 1848) still doesn’t even have cable/dsl access let alone anything that could handle HD anything.

    #FirstWorldProblems… lulz @Ernesto
    Seriously, STOP THE CAP, anyone? Come on Ernesto I expected more from you.

  • Anonemoose

    Netflix STILL doesn’t have a very wide choice of shows or movies, nor are they current (and don’t even *try* to mention Hulu/HuluPlus – *garbage*!) 90% of what I look for on Netflix (a relative has an account) I can’t find.

    • The_Strawbear

      That’s why I cancelled my account, tho this was a few years back, it was mainly B movies and 80s tv shows I think.

  • King_Anon

    I’m just glad South Africa is on the list! Wooohooo now the world knows us more! Xd

    But anyway, it won’t make those retards bring the shows any faster. Hmmm let’s see, to watch 6 months old episodes or download latest version for free…. i think the answer is obvious.

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  • deathwalker

    from past experience i get a better quality picture from torrents than i do from netflix.
    yes i do have a subscription that i pay for too before fetty dumbass says something!!

    • The_Strawbear

      But for AD the quality of torrents will be based from the netflix stream won’t it?

      Is it being released in any other way at all?

      • Anyone

        it will be out on bluray in a few months, just like they did with House of Cards

  • cheffy

    Personally i am going to download it. But rest assured i will sign up for Netflix and pay them for the series. Bringing back the best comedy ever deserves my money!


    File Sharing sounds alive and well muhahaha :).

  • BenIgma

    I want to directly support artists, so the only way I will pay is my bitcoin directly to their bitcoin address. I want to have my 1080p .mkv files on my drive wherever i go…

  • PiRat

    Some people refuse to pay because they don’t want to support internet censorship!

    • The_Strawbear

      How is netflix censorship?

      They’re at least trying something new and different.

      • Guest

        It’s simple.

        The MAFIAA tries to censor the internet.

        Netflix helps to fund the MAFIAA.

        Support Netflix, support internet censorshop.

        • xpmule

          sad but true because i want to like Netflix because they are among the minority that get it and are trying to forge their way into the future or should i say how things are now ? lol
          Bit of a paradox for us..

      • PiRat

        Where do you think the money from customers goes?

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  • gon

    game of thrones shucks

  • frozar

    You pirates make me sick! If you don’t have the money then just download it and pray to the Lord Jesus up in Heaven glory be his name! Pray that the RIAA will be taken care of financially and pray that you don’t get a letter and God will take care of you if your prayer was truly sincere. Prayer can do anything. It’s how I pay my internets bill and I’ve never ha-

    • Glory to the Lord

      I’m sure his internet account standing is fine. He was probably just hit by a tornado that signals the end times. Praise Jesus.


    And we have a winner.

    This right here is why I download content that I buy. I may own the BD releases of a bunch of anime, but I download it as well because lord knows its more convenient for actual watching.

    • Will

      It’s cool that you buy it. I have no problem with folks downloading content that they purchased in order to have more convenient viewing options but I do think it’s wrong to steal content without having offered some compensation to those who created it. We all expect to be paid for our work and scream about Hollywood all you want, but lots of little people work in that industry and depend on those jobs.

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  • xpmule

    will never use Netflix it does not suit my purposes in any way.
    i like to grab video files so they ca be played as i see fit in my customized version of WMC on Win 7.
    I use my internet connection strategically in a variety of ways and the last thing i want to do is stream anything. My torrent client is setup different ways based on the situation.
    I just don’t think Netflix could ever compete with the flexibility of being able to get what you want in the format you want and using it how you want when you want as many times as you want, for FREE.
    It just doesn’t suit my needs but if its what other want then fine see if i care.. have fun or whatever lol
    I guess if you don’t take the solution offered you are a sleazy no good thieving shit stain pirate feeding off the hard working content creators like a parasite right ?
    Or maybe you just don’t like Netflix lol
    There is alternate competing systems out there but i like doing things manually but i seen some sites and software that automated grabbing torrents and viewing them etc.

    I also read this story and wondered if it made any difference if the country was an english speaking country as a first language. Does that matter ?

    Do people named “bugmenot” have something to hide ?
    they must right ? OR do they not want to be bothered ?
    Maybe people don’t use Netflix because they don’t want to ?
    Why ? Who cares lol

  • David

    Serious question. If I pay for a netflix subscription and download the stream using video capture or some other method am I pirating? What about if I download the torrent but I’m paying for netflix. Sometimes I like the ability to be OFFLINE and watch shows. Why do companies not understand that I don’t want to be forced to have an internet connection to watch/use my content.

    • bno112300

      Pirating has no technical definition, but
      in most cases the
      uploader is considered the pirate.

      Torrenting the episodes is piracy in that regard, and saving the stream by any means is severely illegal in the US.

      • Conservative

        Judges in the USA have ruled that you can torrent tv shows that you have a legal right to watch. It is called “Time-Shifting”. You are simply moving the time that you watch it from time A to time B. Its like jailbreaking your stupid locked down apple phone. It is 100% legal.

        As a conservative I won’t support Netflix because Netflix gives money to the evil MAFIAA. But if liberals want to support netflix then I won’t make a big deal about it. Peace Out.


      That’s a great argument you have there for wanting the flexibility to use the content you rent or buy offline without having to constantly reconnect.

  • supermassive_asshole

    Netflix streaming sucks chocolate salted balls. It’s better to torrent and watch it later.

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  • preloading

    Does Netflix offer preload functionality (load full episode/movie on your computer to watch later) in addition to streaming? If not then it should.

    • xpmule

      Well said !

  • Scary_Devil_Monastery

    Using WINE to fake Netflix into thinking it’s on a windows OS isn’t exactly “working under Linux”.

    From copyright standpoint, trying to use the netflix client that way is just about the same as downloading it from TPB. After all, what you actually do is bypass the DRM.

    Nevermind that you can do the same on windows. DRM and copyright law usually means you’re being unlawful even if all you do is to ensure you and no one else is in control over your own computer.

    • Kal

      Wine just translates Windows API to Linux, basically. It’s not circumventing any DRM. It’s nothing like downloading the show from TPB, because the implementation in Wine still utilizes Silverlight. In other words, no copyright law is being infringed, nor is the DMCA, as far as I know, so I don’t think the comparison makes sense. Though please correct me if I’m wrong.

      Anyway, I do wish we had a native version of Netflix in Linux. We probably will when they move over to HTML5, but the lack of support is still rather frustrating. Still, waiting some seven or so years for more Arrested Development means I’m more than willing to support the company.

      • Scary_Devil_Monastery

        I’m not familiar with exactly HOW Netflix implements it’s DRM, but generally speaking, I only use that designation when the app you’re running tries to override your superuser privileges.

        On Linux, there is no way in hell that is happening casually on any security-friendly setup. Especially not with a WINE-translated silverlight plugin.

        Whereas running windows OS means silverlight already has it’s grubby tendrils deep in the heart of the system, running or blocking whatever it likes, on a kernel level, if need be.

        I could be wrong. It is possible netflix don’t give a good god damn about the system you run their client under. That’s a big IF though.

        And my offhand guess is that running an app without allowing the DRM portion access to perform what it’s designed to do does count as “circumvention” of said DRM.

        And that again leaves us with “copyright infringement” as you’d be accessing the media in ways not covered by the terms granted. Leaving you wide open, essentially, for any greedy Prenda Law wannabe out to make a quick buck.

        • Kal

          I don’t think the Wine implementation of Netflix circumvents Silverlight’s DRM in any way, though. I believe it just implements the DRM through Wine. I’m not privy to how exactly Silverlight’s DRM works, so I guess I just don’t see how the Wine implementation would somehow circumvent it.

          Also, you’re confusing distribution privileges with the DMCA. Violating the DMCA is not a violation of copyright law, e.g. if I break a DVD’s encryption to make a copy, that copy has been legally made (because a copy of a DVD is allowed to be made for personal use) under copyright law, but it has violated the DMCA. In the same vein, even if running Netflix through Wine circumvents Silverlight’s DRM, it would not be a violation of copyright law, but the DMCA. It could also potentially be a violation of the EULA, I suppose.

      • ConnorBehan

        The whole “not an emulator” thing is mostly a lie… just like how Lame IS an MP3 encoder. If a Wine process is running in userspace it might as well be as slow as emulation. The one implementation of Wine that does have the potential to be as fast as Windows is the Linux Unified Kernel.

        If Netflix ever moves to HTML5, it will be when the W3C’s proposal for encrypted content modules gets completed. And they will be just as platform dependent as Silverlight.

        • Kal

          Could you elaborate on this? How is Wine an emulator? I thought it just translated Windows APIs to Linux. Also, how will the conversion to HTML5 be platform dependent? I guess my lack of technical savvy is showing pretty heavily here.

        • ConnorBehan

          Part of “translating Windows APIs to Linux” involves the wineserver process which is slow: If the program is open source, you can run it at native speeds by compiling it against “libwine” but most Windows programs aren’t.

          If Netflix uses the current state of HTML5 like YouTube does then it will not be platform dependent. But Netflix is one of the main groups urging the W3C to add support for DRM. The DRM scheme would check for third party plugins which would not be as bloated as Flash but still evil.

  • Prongle

    unfortunately, the reason MOST people pirate is because they are cheap thieves. its human nature. i try to see the good in people but its rare. people, if left to their own devices will steal eventually.
    those who really cant afford it, or live in areas where availability is a problem, have a legitimate reason to pirate, and thus are justified.
    but as we can see, even if something is offered for “Free” legally with a bit of effort, they still choose the laziest most immoral path.
    god save humanity, but is it really worth saving?

    • Scary_Devil_Monastery

      That differs markedly from my experience and that of my “pirate” peers.

      Convenience is the biggest barrier, really. If you have the choice of moving between two or three subscription platforms in order to get what you want…or just move to one single location where you find everything then the second choice is what EVERYONE will opt for.

      That’s why supermarkets thrive.

      The second barrier, in my mind, is DRM. Any process which runs on my OS over which I do not have full control is called “malware”.
      And the reaction is much the same as if a car owner was being told filling his tank from the “approved” station would ensure his car would sometimes refuse to move as he dictates.

    • xpmule

      I have not bought a pre-made oem computer i have been building my own and upgrading them since my OLD P1 machine back in the old days so am i a bad person that is simply too cheap and lazy to pay Dell or Lenova etc money ?
      nonsense !
      Its a power struggle.
      I mod the living hell out of my computers and i consider it kinda like the people who mod their cars are those people being pirates too because they want custom options on their ride and they aren’t paying the car dealerships for car work ?

      Most people will not steal that is not fair. I don’t agree.
      I figure more people use Valve’s Steam than people pirate games so what does that tell ya ? And when they don’t it’s a control issue. I have been involved in the past in removing some of their DRM because of a demand for it. Which is why some don’t want it etc. I have legally bought games and cracker them such as GTA or CSS and can show my receipt yet i want them cracked so i can use what i bought how i want to. And the DRM is just a nightmare for those that paid. And yet doesn’t stop pirates, for example i have a copy of CS:Go on my machine and can play it anytime i want regardless of their CEG DRM system lol

      If i never got to use my keychanger on the WON network many years ago i never would have got hooked on CS and got other playing and bought copies of the game for myself and others. How many other pirates ended up buying ?

      “..with a bit of effort..” ?
      You mean when submitting to the control being exerted.
      Its about control of media and forcing people into behaving a certain way and its not that we all love stealing, it’s that we don’t like being controlled and especially for no reason other than supporting a corrupt cartel that simply want power and money.

      Life is simple, if their is a demand it will be served.
      The internet was crated and expanded why ? To transfer data between people.. so who is to say that certain type are true evil and others are acceptable ? Seems to me the only people doing that are the copyright mafia and it is not their place to decide what the people of the world want or can have. The demand is there for a reason and it has little to do with lazy immoral people stealing things.
      The reality is technology has advanced the people involved with media distribution refuse to update their business model to accommodate the world we live in now and because of this their business model is dying and they want someone to blame and its easier to blame us then look in the mirror.

    • Cadet

      That’s quite sad that you see human nature in such a negative way. The world has come so far in the short time that the internet has existed. A US citizen now shares culture with a Russian citizen via file sharing without any problems. It was only a short time ago that the singer Paul Robeson’s so called “communist sympathies” led to the Peekskill Riots. File sharing is good for the world because its allows barriers to be broken down and shows how much more in common we have with each other rather than the opposite that was expected. IMO it is not the lazy path or immoral – it is moral to bring together people and as Robeson found out (or knew) it was never going to be an “easy” path when you try to open the door to communication and change. Many file sharers are still getting used to the idea of a world without borders and if I’m honest some of my cultural prejudices are still being tested to the max but I’m not going to call a man immoral or a cheap thief because he chooses to file share and then go on to say that MOST (your emphasis) of the people in the world are like that due to human nature. I think its quite sad that you think like that when the evidence shows that file sharing is establishing relationships between individuals (far more important than government relationships) all over the world from one corner of the globe to the other. From the jailing of Pussy Riot in Russia to the political activity of Aaron Swartz in the US – sharing ideas, sharing culture, freedom of thought – is this the humanity that you consider cheap thieves, immoral and lazy?

  • elgeebar

    I would probably use Netflix for something like this except they don’t have an app for my Panasonic TV. I can watch YouTube, BBC iPlayer and even use Skype, etc but Netflix do not seem to support one of the biggest TV brands in the world so I have to get my content from elsewhere :(

  • TheScrote


    free internet and stop whining about it. ALL CONTENT free WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT.
    Anyone who disagrees is a FUCKING FAGGOT.

  • Kal

    I just want some Linux support.

  • MadAsASnake

    And this is the whole point. Most of us want a copy on our hard drives. Why? I for one don’t trust these guys.

    The way I see it, there should be a growing body of public domain stuff, and everything else available via subscription. If this was packaged in an easy standard format that just worked everywhere, there would be no need to stuff our hard drives with this stuff. Spotify is probably the closest to this model.

    However, at the moment, the machinations of the maximalists ensure everything stays “in copyright”, and as we have seen time and again, any time anyone moves this way, it gets hobbled. This is the main reason I don’t use Netflix – they don’t have to offer anything, and can remove it at will. I can’t easily take a copy, so I use sources where I can.

    The other reason is that I don’t have a good solution for showing Netflix on my TV… must investigate that.

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  • Mikko

    Netflix sucks

  • Randy_Lahey

    You cant compete with free. Some people will pirate just because they can, no incentive will ever change that.

  • Brax

    You need to download it if you want to add subtitles for another language to the one for the country you are in. This is an increasing problem for Europe where languages and subtitles are divvied up like a numbers racket and everyone has their patch.

  • Wazoo

    It’s funny how many people said they watch it on torrents despite having netflix because “it’s easier.” I have the first three seasons stored and I watched them on Netflix prior to S4 release because it’s easier. It remembers where I was watching it from and I had to click twice to load it. That being said, I’m probably also going to download S4 when I get done watching it so I can have it in my offline collection as well. Knowing S4 was coming is one of the reasons I let my account renew, despite having watched anything worth watching already.

    TF, I’m sorry these numbers don’t support your general theme, but ending the article with weasily stuff like “If the conditions are right, however, old patterns will eventually change” isn’t backed up by these numbers at all.

  • Dia

    Wouldn’t buying netflix and then not watching the show on netflix hurt the show? I’m sure they’d tracking what their customers are viewing, so a large customer base with the same number of viewers for a show would make the show look bad!

  • BenJeremy

    I have Netflix, but I grabbed the scene releases for a couple of reasons… 1. convenience, I can watch them on multiple devices without NetFlix and 2. I will ALWAYS have access to them now.

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  • Gear Mentation

    Something wrong with this article. People don’t automatically get NetFlix just because one show is on. They consider the overall NetFlix experience and value when compared to just torrenting. On the positive side, NetFlix has some old shows that are hard to get on torrent. But mostly people want new shows, both the previous episodes and up-to-the minute. Netflix doesn’t have new shows. So, it’s only for those old shows. However, you only have Netflix for as long as you pay… so you are paying each month for old shows which you want to watch someday… but not for a while. Whereas if you torrent you have your old shows sitting there for free and you can watch when you get the time and you didn’t waste money. Sooo:

    Netflix: does not have new shows

    Netflix: is a convenient site…

    Netflix: requires a subscription for old shows

    Netflix: does not work on slow connections; poor quality and pauses.

    Netflix: I’m guessing it’s hard to get on mobile devices, and anything with a bandwidth cap.

    Netflix: has to be downloaded EACH time you view, whereas torrents are already there.

    Netflix: cannot be used without a connection.

    Netflix: does not give the feeling of ownership that files do; you own what you download.

    Netflix: can’t be shared with your buddies.

    Netflix: cannot be played on Linux.

    Torrents: require a VPN to be safe, which costs the same as NetFlix, or a little less.

    Torrents: are a little harder to get. Sometimes it’s confusing, and people who find computers hard might have trouble setting up a client, or finding the downloaded files etc.

    Torrents: used to require that you configure a VPN, but I guess that’s been fixed.

    Torrents: you can’t start watching as fast.

    People who torrent don’t consider it stealing. They’re just getting the best experience. So, considering that torrents are a better experience, it’s a wonder Netflix has any customers at all. They owe this partly to the convenience of their site. But overall, torrents are a better experience. The time for the industry to adjust and create a better experience than the pirates has passed. They’re too late.


    I have no channel any content provider offers. I just download for the sake of raising the finger to the filth that runs the entertainment industry. The only way to get a proper market for digital content, is to destroy the old one. :DDD

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  • D

    I like to archive TV and I try to pick the best quality possible. My 1080p WEB-DL’s are better than watching 1080p streams IMO.

    Kudos to netflix. I can afford $8 a month and plan to subscribe even though I doubt I will use the account much. I’ll pay $8 a month to support a company trying to do great things.

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  • tonyj

    Sometimes we forget a $7 in the U.S. is like a weeks wages in other countries.

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  • Pingback: 'Arrested Development' a bust? Netflix laughs off the critics | Headlines

  • Bard Grant

    Netflix will not accept a debit style credit card in Canada which is why I and two others I know do not have Netflix. This was the case a few months ago, they may have changed their policy since. Im not a fan of that show but if Netflix made it easier for people who don’t want a regular credit card, or to make transactions with a regular credit card online then they are hurting their business in my view. Many people prefer to use a debit style card because if its hacked or its info ends up in the wrong hands you lose a lot less. I have experienced this myself and was thankful I only had a $10 credit on it when it was misused. The card info was obtained via a well known file storage site. So perhaps Netflix will makes some changes for people who either can’t get a credit card or don’t want to use a regular one with the current climate of theft online.

  • [email protected]

    I have a paid Netflix account, and have had for years.

    It is much easier to download from bittorrent. Netflix’s search engine is slow, and if I want to watch on another device, I have to remember login, and start the show over. With bittorrent, I can put all episodes on a flashdrive and watch when and where I want, including countries Netflix wont allow me to (Mexico).

  • Ignas

    The reason I don’t even consider to use Netflix, is because it is simply not available in my country. You don’t want my money? Well you’re not getting it.

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  • Urmums

    You are just a bunch of cheap cunts and this figure just proved it

  • Pingback: The rise and rise of online streaming video - The Farm Digital

  • Dook

    Netflix is a bastard over here, limiting selection and using _fansubs_ instead of paying professionals to do the work. Their managamenet also made some really shitty comments regarding translation and translators, so Netflix can fuck right off.

    I liked Netflix until we got it. Way to ruin your entrance.

  • Hugh Janus

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before but Netflix is not available in some countries like South Africa. We have to pay for a DNS service as well to use things like Netflix and Hulu. Torrenting is still a better option for us, otherwise we have to wait for years sometimes for shows to hit local TV or else pay extortionate fees for a local satellite service with limited options.

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  • Aaron Carter

    “The above comments are among many suggesting that even those who have a Netflix subscription may still download the episodes through BitTorrent sites.”

    Exactly the situation I was in. I don’t have the speed to stream HD so the only way I can get it is through torrents. It’s kind of a flawed system but I’m facing the hard reality of being in the relative minority when it comes to mbps.

  • Darroll Howard Jr

    didnt torrentfreak just write an article saying that netflix says that it was killing torrent traffic? looks like they are mad now because they found they werent, I mean really how can u judge traffic thats unseen what did they look up pirate bay only stats and think thats the only torrent site? there are plenty of others the best being private and netflix doesnt know what the traffic is on that one

  • Darroll Howard Jr

    for the people that says you cant watch netflix on linux

    Here is how to install the Netflix Desktop App on Ubuntu. Open a terminal and run these commands:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

    Once installed, go up to the top left of your screen and open your Unity dash and search for Netflix and run the app. It will load up everything needed on the first run. After logging into your Netflix account and selecting a video to play, Silverlight should ask you to enable DRM content. Please enable. Netflix movies should work fine now :) Congrats!

    The Netflix app starts in full screen mode. You can exit out of the app completely by pressing ALT+F4. You can also press F11 to exit out of full screen mode.

    now no more excuses and don’t pretend you were just torrenting because you couldn’t watch Netflix, it took me 10 seconds of Google to find that

    • Gear Mentation

      “This app is actually a package containing a patched version of Wine, the
      Windows build of Firefox, Microsoft Silverlight, and some tweaks to
      make it all work together. Previously, Silverlight would not run
      properly in Wine.”

      Seriously? Um hum. Do not want that on my machine.

      • Darroll Howard Jr

        well im sure more than my 10 second search will turn up better solutions, I just showed how easy it was without even trying, I dont use linux that often I do have it installed but only beside my main OS (windows 7) last time I used it was when I didnt have the drivers for my wireless adapter and booted into linux to download the windows drivers, before that was to try to get to like linux and it didnt turn out to be fun to use for me, I like being able to use programs to much for me to set up linux as my main OS, just saying dont use an OS to make yourself look better then other pirates, if you wanted to play a game or watch an unsupported media format, or use a program I bet you would have it up and running within a day

  • Pingback: Netflix's Affordability Likely Cause of Low Piracy of “Arrested Development”

  • xmichaelx

    I have Netflix, and will almost certainly get a torrent of these just so that I have a more portable copy, or maybe so I have a better quality version to play on my projector.

  • Pingback: Netflix’s Most Original Programming is a Semi-Original Show | Artboiled

  • Mikael Lindlöf

    Limitations like inability to open tabs make me crazy. I like to use copy in my hard drive instead of watching an Internet stream. I like to be sure that I use the highest quality copy available. I hate that Netflix does not use HTML5 streaming because HTML5 does not support DRM. I hate DRM. I do not like Silverlight. I don’t like that usability of information depends on whether Netflix streams it or not instead of whether people have a copy of it or not. I hate the red full screen Netflix logo. I hate to rush to stop Netflix from playing the next episode. I find the regional limitations sometimes absurd, especially with older content. Sometimes there is missing content without warnings or disclaimers.

    Please forgive me if some points there are not accurate. I have not been using Netflix very much. However, I think most will find some valid points there.

    I would like to buy ones argument about what Netflix is trying to achieve. However, existence of DRM and stream-only restrictions make that argument very hard to sell.

  • StatikSh0ck

    Been subscribing to netflix for 6 months since I heard of the Arrested Development launch on there, haven’t used it since I bought it, but I did it so that I can atelast “pay” for my episodes; as I planned on torrenting the episodes regardless.

  • jon

    This article sure missed why I download things instead of having a Netflix subscription. First of all, I pay for cable TV, so don’t view downloading as any different than using my VCR from a moral standpoint. But as to the actual reasons:
    -I can’t watch any time and any place with Netflix. It needs a high speed internet connection. Even with a net connection, it may not be adequate. Or I may want to watch on an unsupported device.
    -Shows I like, I watch more than once. Who knows what Netflix will be carrying next week, let alone next year or next decade. Or if it will even still be around, and if not what its successors will or will not carry. We have the technology to make every show ever made permanently available, but until that’s a normal offering, I’ll maintain my own library.

    I don’t want to be subject to the whims of a streaming provider. My own library is vastly superior in every possible way. I have 78 full series and 350 movies (about a third of TV and 90% of movies are in HD) available to stream over my network, from my computer to any of my devices over the internet, or to make an offline copy in any format I want for any device; and these will never suddenly be unavailable (or if they are, it’s my own fault and not out of my control). Netflix simply doesn’t offer this.

    • Darroll Howard Jr

      so true like Netflix doesnt have the 1 and only season of john doe, or Malcolm in the middle,or house,big bang theory, young justice, heroes tosh.0, they dont have what I want however I do have the service, and like you I also like to control my media, I think they have limited space and arent planning to upgrade so they see what shows arent being watched as much or movies and then get rid of them kind of a stupid policy, should be at least a 5 year stay for shows on Netflix minimum

  • Guest

    Netflix doesn’t support Linux.

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  • ausinnz

    Ol.. expanding into aussie… local media companes have gone out of their way to ensure that its extremely difficult for media companies to set up… quikflix being a pathetic shell, hell even local streaming from tv stations is limited in bizzare ways at the behest of rights holders. To ruin the experience. I can watch tose on my TV wth xbox, ps3, buy a smart tv, but not via airplay on appletv? dafuq

  • miralda

    I prefer using Netflix so how can I download videos from it legally ?

  • Pingback: Widespread Piracy Means Fewer Dragons, Jobs | Creative America Blog

  • Chaz

    I have Arrested Development t-shirts, and will gladly buy more. I will still download the episodes, because i want them on my hard drive. I’d rather not stream the episodes and end up with nothing to re-watch 5 years from now.

  • anon

    Stop advertising Netflix already torrentfreak jesus christ, we are not going to switch over to it so stop already…

  • Vuze
  • BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously


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