Monday 20 January 2014 10.30 IST
Box Office India Trade Network

The Box Office India site is now live and hopefully it is a much better user experience than the old site. There is a lot of data on the website so there will be errors and omissions, a name could be spelt wrong, an extra zero somewhere or a even zero less etc.


The checking has been done for major films so that should be okay but the checking process for smaller films is still going and will take time. There could be some teething issues due to a complete new website but they will be sorted out quickly.


There are a few sections mainly an analytic section and this will will go live in the next 2-3 months as all the checking is complete. The Box Office India app will also go live in the summer. There is a more data to be added of films pre the 2000 decade but that will start when all errors and omissions are cleared and problems (if any) are all cleared up and site is running like clockwork.


The website has plenty of information for surfers but really comes alive for subscribers. As you surf you will be able to see what is there in the subscribed website. A registration will enable you to find out even more and the searching and finding process more easier. The subscriber basically gets access to our internal database and will see the final figures be it first day, weekend, week, overseas etc as they are entered every week. 


Due to industry feedback there is a twitter account at which will allow followers to know when the website has been updated. It will be used to put up links and any other questions or inquiries can be emailed to our email addresses on the contact us page.  


We hope our followers will enjoy this new website more than the old one.