about Keysborough Equine

Keysborough Equine is a state-of-the-art property specialising in post-operative and rehabilitation services to the equine industry.   The property has been developed over six years meeting specific planning and environmental requirements . Our stabling facilties have been developed by specialist horse industry architects to the highest standards of safety, design and function using quality materials and fittings throughout. 

Keysborough Equine provides quality intensive care for horses following all types of surgeries and injuries . 

We cater for rehabilitation of all breeds of horse from thoroughbreds to equestrian and performance horses, stock horses, ponies and pleasure hacks.

Keysborough Equine is managed by Sarah Harris – an experienced qualified veterinary nurse who resides on the property. Since commencing business in February 2009, over 100 horses have done their recovery and rehab at our property.

We have three-phased care facilities for our horses. Our internal stabling accomodates up to eight horses who require the highest level  of confinement following surgery and/or injury.

We have eight covered sand yards/shelters. The sand yards are twice the size of the stables and accomodate horses’ progressive recovery whilst still in a confined situation (see sand yards / shelters). 

Then we have eight small paddocks that allow horses ’time out’ of the sand yards / shelters to move around in their final stage of recovery (see small paddocks).

All consultant veterinarians that oversee the recovery of the horses that are sent to us have 24-hour access to our property to treat and inspect the horses as required.    

We utilise as much of our rainfall as possible.  The property has been graded as part of a specific permit requirement so that the large majority of the rainfall we receive runs into a dam at the front of the property from which we can  irrigate a few of our paddocks in the dryer summer months.

Keysborough Equine recycles the water used in our stable via a water treatment and reticulation systen throughout the property. We have a 50,000  litre water tank to collect run-off from the 600m2 surfacec  area of the stables.

A three-meter landscape buffer around the entire circumference of the property has been developed to improve the aesthetic appeal for the horses.  All our landscaping has been done with hardy indigenous Australian natives inc bottle brushes, melaleucas and wattles.