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Paul Andrews

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Real Name:
Paul Andrews
Member since:
25 January 2014
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1 YAMMA ST, SEFTON New South Wales
Ph: +61.297388911
Categories: Manufactured Ice-Manufacturing    Tags: Lidcome ice bad customer service experience
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Poor customer service by lidcome ice

Hi Hellen/Bill I just wanted to let you know that the ice sculpture ref:No 31 upside down fish with the bowl/food holder on top we ordered for our special function held over the weekend 11/1/14 was delivered on time,the day was 30 degree temperature & we had obvious concerns about the sculpture still being seen by our guests in its best condition even in the first hour after the delivery. However the sculpture i guess due to being delivered in an unrefrigerated vehicle was dripping profusely & clearly effected by the heat so badly even upon arrival onsite that it had already lost most 95% of the detail & was unfortunately as much as i hate to say it did not carry the wow factor at all as expected & that was before anyone even saw it. Due to its state of advanced melting even upon arrival i was not impressed by it at all, the poorly hand drawn rough sketch of the design we chose in the catalogue appeared to have more detail in it than the real thing. Not surprisingly the sculpture did not receive a single positive comment by any of our guests either who had all arrived within an hour of delivery. I look forward to your reply, After sending this email I received no reply whatsoever & after a week I emailed saying "I thought u should have an opportunity to reply before I go ahead & post this". Then within an hour I finally received a response which read "Hi Paul We are sorry to hear about this issue. The Ice Carving had an insulated blanket over it when it was delivered. The driver has informed us that the Carving had not deteriated during transport upon arrival. The Driver had mentioned to the gentleman that was there when he removed the blanket once on the table, that he should cover it up as much as possible as the Carving would melt very fast, being outside in the open sun and in the 30 ° temperature as you mentioned. The fine details will usually melt within the first hour of the Carving being left in the open. However you will still have the main shape of the Carving for a few hours as it is designed for. If you have any pictures of the carving when you received it with the detail missing can you please send them to me. Regards; Mark Jeffree Lidcombe Ice PTY LTD I replied within the hour with the following... Hi Mark,..thx for your reply, Sorry no photos, I'm sure you can appreciate it makes little sense me trying to go out of my way to rubbish the product that i decided was going to be a great idea & first time test for a centerpiece for our event for what purpose would I do this? In that light it certainly didn't occur to me at the time of still preparing other audio & lighting equipment for the night that you would require photographic evidence/ more than my word as to the poor condition & disappointment the sculpture ultimately gave upon its arrival. (Not 1hr later) As previously stated it wasn't that i don't understand that the fine details will usually melt within the first hour of the Carving being left in the open on a hot summers day this is completely obvious to anyone, the fine detail had melted prior to arrival on site that is what I'm advising you although I'm not interested in playing he said she said because your driver on the day not exactly ironically has a different opinion. Regards Paul Its been 2 weeks since then & I have received absolutely no further response to my reply after that which I thought concidering they only responded at all even the 1 time simply because i asked them twice & they only decided to then reply because i advised them in advance that i planned to post my negative experience, & all they did was basically advise me that they didnt believe me & that there driver had said the opposite of what i said about the poor condition of the ice sculpture which as mentioed was obviously no surprise

Tags: Lidcome ice bad customer service experience
 6 hours, 33 minutes Ago
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