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Good Monday to you all!  Today we have Sachiko from Tea Rose Home.  Sachiko has so many wonderful tutorials and always has something beautiful in the works.  I love her idea here to make juggling bean bags with scraps.  The natural diagonal design that the strips create is brilliant!  This is a great gift idea for those older children who are sometimes harder to sew for. 

Hi everyone, I am Sachiko from over at Tea Rose Home where I share my sewing and craft ideas and tutorials. I also host a link party every Wednesday, so come see me sometime to join the fun! It is so nice to be here today to share my little tutorial with you. Thank you Susan for inviting me to your fantastic blog!
Before we move on, let me tell you how I came up with this project.
I am originally from Japan and I moved to the United States when I was 23 years old. I came from one of the area that got severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March. I have my family and friends there, and since the earthquake, there is not one day that I don't think about them. Luckily, my family is ok, and they still have their homes to live in. Thinking about them so often reminded me of how to make "otedama", I learned from my friend's grandmother a long time ago.
The fun part about this project is that you can cut many same size fabrics as pictured below, and come up with different combinations of otedama. It is the perfect project to use scraps! People used to use scraps of kimono fabrics but of course you can use 100% cotton.
Are you ready?
{You will need}
1 3/4" X 3 1/2" fabric strips(to make one, you will need 4 strips)
Needle & Thread
Small beans or rice
{How to}
1. Cut lots of 1 3/4" X 3 1/2" strips, and lay them out. That way it is easier for you to coordinate and match the fabrics.

2. To make one otedama, you will need 2 sets of fabric strips. Mark in the middle.

3. Lay the fabric strips as the picture shows.

4. Start sewing. I recommend hand stitching; because it is so small, and the corner is very tricky to do by machine (it is perfect as a take along project). Make sure to secure the stiches at the start and finish so they won't come undone.

5. Make sure to match all the ends and corners, it will make a difference. Please use the pictures as a guide.
Sew from point 1 down to point 2 then over to point 3...

Then sew from point 3 up to point 4...

When you saw all three sides, it would look like this...

Make two of the same parts to make one otedama.

6. Put right sides together on these two parts and sew together. Make sure that the corners match.

7. Turn, and stuff with small beans. Use slip stitch to close.

8. Done!

I kept making them for my little girl, and sent some to my nieces in Japan...

It was so fun to come up with different combinations. I also made some drawstring bags for my nieces to put the juggling bags in. (with their names on them :) )

Do you want to see my juggler at practice?

Isn't she doing great?
Thanks Sachiko!

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See ya tomorrow!


casserole said...

These are sooo cute!!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Living in La La Land said...

very cute an perfect for the stash!
Thanks for sharing:)

Coco Birdie said...

With the right filling, these could also be super cute pin cushions!
Thanks for sharing!

VickiT said...

Those are just awesome. Thank you.

Theophanie said...

Great! They are a nice change from our regular, flat bean bags.

Coco Birdie said...

Steps 5 & 6 need better instructions. Break it down a bit more and make some clarifications. I'm working on this now and am getting caught up trying to figure out what you mean just by studying the pictures.

::little projects in style:: said...

how adorable! and they make great pattern weights too!! xx

Sachiko said...

Coco Birdie-

I am sorry that my tutorial wasn't clear enough. I will try to come up with better instructions in a couple of days.

chimerastone said...

I love these Otedama. they have a similar shape to biscornu pincushion. I have lots of fabric stash left over and trying to find a way to use them up. Wasn't much of master the sewing machine and try making one.

Gemma said...

could this pattern be used to make the ojami cushion by increasing the measurements?
Many thanks

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