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Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre is the centre of excellence in the area of Liquid Propulsion for ISRO’s Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft programmes. The Centre is entrusted with the responsibility of research and development of Earth Storable and Cryogenic Propulsion systems and delivers Engines, Stages, associated Control Systems and Components for Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft programmes of ISRO.

Units of LPSC are located at three places, viz,at Valiamala, in Kerala; Mahendragiri in Tamil Nadu and Bengaluru in Karnataka.

LPSC, Valiamala in Kerala is the Headquarters and the main activities carried out at Valiamala include

  • Research and Development in earth storable and cryogenic propulsion systems for Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft applications
  • System design and architecture
  • Management of system projects
  • Management of earth storable and cryogenic engine and stage systems
  • Integration of launch vehicle propulsion control system packages and modules
  • Low thrust thruster test facilities for satellite thrusters

The main activities carried out at LPSC, Mahendragiri in Tamilnadu are

  • Assembly and integration of liquid engines and stages
  • Testing of liquid engines and stages
  • High altitude test facilities for upper stage engines
  • Propellant storage facilities

The main activities carried out at LPSC, Bengaluru in Karnataka are

  • Design and realisation of monopropellant thrusters and components
  • Integration of spacecraft propulsion systems
  • Development and production of transducers
  • Management of launch vehicle stage tanks and structures at industries