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Our free* viewers can help you open the files you need—from DWG™ and DWF™ to IPT and DXF™ files.  In addition to desktop viewers, we offer mobile viewers that allow you to view, edit, and share files on the go.

Mobile DWG & DWF Viewers

DWF Mobile Viewer

Autodesk® 360 mobile app makes it easy to view 2D and 3D DWF files on your mobile device. You can mark up and share your design files with project stakeholders even if they don’t have the design software used to create the files.

DWG Mobile Viewer

Use the free* Autodesk® AutoCAD® 360 (formerly AutoCAD WS) web and mobile application to upload DWG files directly from AutoCAD® to an online workspace. View and edit files on your mobile device or on the web without any software. Share drawings with others and plot to PDF or DWF.

Desktop DWG & DWF Viewers

DWF Desktop Viewer

Autodesk® Design Review software is the free*, integrated, all-digital way to view, print, mark up, and compare versions of 2D and 3D drawings, maps, and models. Design Review works with a wide variety of file formats, including DWF and DWFx, DWG and DXF (requires installation of free* DWG TrueView software), and Adobe PDF, plus several image file types.

DWG Desktop Viewer

Built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD® software, DWG TrueView software enables you to view DWG and DXF files, just as you would in AutoCAD. You can also use this free DWG viewer to plot, convert, and publish DWG files.

Each Autodesk viewer offers different viewing capabilities and features. Compare DWF and DWG viewers by feature or file type to see which ones are right for you.

File Types | Features

Autodesk® Simulation CFD files (.VTFX)          
Autodesk® Inventor®
files (.IPT, .IAM,
Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow®
files (.MFR)
Autodesk® Navisworks® files (.NWD)          
Autodesk® Inventor® Publisher files (.IPMV)          
Autodesk® Showcase® files          

*Free products subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies download of the software