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5 Boxing Day shopping commandments to live by

Five ways to navigate a Boxing Day sale like a pro.
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Ryan Porter, December 19, 2013 3:22:52 PM

Who cares if you’ve been naughty or nice? Boxing Day does not judge. Before tackling the sales, commit these five shopping commandments to memory.

Thou Shall Not Impulse Buy
A deal is no deal if it’s something you never wanted to begin with. Canada’s go-to for cents sensibility Gail Vaz-Oxlade, host of Til Debt Do Us Part and author of 13 books including Saving For School (out Dec. 31), will be making a list and checking it twice as she hits the Boxing Day sales. “It’s easy to get carried away when everything is 70% off,” she says. Vaz-Oxlade has already written her Boxing Day shopping list, which includes “new Christmas deco, a new bathrobe and bandana bras.”

Thou Shall Get A Second Opinion
When you’re juggling shopping bags, hangers and maybe even a last-chance holiday mocha, four hands are better than two. “A tag-team approach is the best way to conquer the Boxing Day crowds,” says Janna Zittrer, the shopping Sherpa behind Montreal Shopping Tours. “You can split up to cover more ground, hang on to each others’ handbags and prospective buys, keep each other focused, and make game-time decisions together.”

Thou Shall Collect Points
Lineups on Boxing Day are like dishes after Christmas dinner: it’s just a necessary bore. Don’t be the jerk to make the waits even longer by holding up the line while you sign up for your store’s reward program. “I recommend signing up for their emails and reward programs in advance as they often give special offers to the people on their mailing lists,” says Jennifer Garcés, a Vancouver-based personal shopper at “It could mean even further discounts as well as knowing what will be on sale.”

Thou Shall Not Overdress
Whether you’re freezing in the mall parking lot or sweating in your goose down in the food court, winter shopping is always complicated by the weather. Fiona Green, a Toronto-based stylist who has worked with Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Munn, says when it comes to the right shopping outfit, less is more. “Wear lightweight clothes and sneakers that you can easily change out of, or even try things on overtop of,” she suggests. Think skinny jeans or leather leggings and a thin jersey longsleeve top.

Thou Shall Stay In Your Pyjamas If You Damn Well Feel Like It
There’s always the option of skipping the brick-and-mortar stores altogether, especially because you got that new tablet for Christmas (hint, hint)’s winter sale has items for up to 50% off and has labels such as L’Wren Scott and Giambatista Valli on final sale for 70% off. Plus both sites cut you a break on duty, customs and shipping year round.

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