Wow, you actually typed this in? Woah, I guess you're looking for Det Erest's Goldeneye sites, or possibly his comics? Sorry, you won't find them here. For many years this domain name has lain dormant, stranded on Det Erest's former hosting provider's nameservers. Fate has seen to it that I, Samuel Pinder, was able to acquire this domain after it expired. Rest assured, I do not intend to fill this domain with search engine page adverts you typically get when this happens! I intend to hand this domain name back to Det should he request it. Why, you ask, did I acquire it? Well, I am a massive fan of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. I would hate to see a name like this be ruined. Plus, search engine page idiots tend to place "robots.txt" files in root directories of expired domains, blocking ALL automated crawlers, *including* the Web Archive, which effects this retrospectively! This would have meant the entire archive of what was once here would have been effectively held hostage. The world deserves to see such a magnificent piece of history. In the meantime, I'm sorry, but there's not much I can do for you other than relink you to Det Erest's blog, and his Goldeneye Tribute site. If you do know of any way I can get hold of Det, even if he never intends to reinstate his former glory, please let me know at In the meantime, here are some links to where you may find answers:
Archived version of, Det Erest's blog