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Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons
Our History

In the Beginning: A Brief History of Affirmation

Affirmation: Singing the Songs of Our Redemption, 1977 to 2007

Affirmation is Turning Thirty!

Affinity Collection Available on CD-Rom

26 Years of Affinity: A Shoestring History

Jay Bell's GLBTI Studies CD-Rom Available

GLBT Religious Archives Network Establishes History Award

A Gift to Last: The Affirmation Collection at the University of Utah

Historical Events Surrounding the Founding of Affirmation: Gay Mormons United

A Look at Affirmation's History

A Little Affirmation History

Queer Mormons of the 19th Century

Lesbian Mormon History

The Flamingo Years: A Retrospective

Pastoring The Far Side: Making a Place for Believing Homosexuals

Our Pioneer Roots Past & Present

Gay Mormon History: A Celebration

Memories of Being Gay at BYU

Homosexuality at BYU - Part 1

Homosexuality at BYU - Part 2

"The Abominable and Detestable Crime Against Nature”: A Brief History of Homosexuality and Mormonism, 1840-1980  An updated version of Connell O'Donovan's article

Chronology of Events on Patriarch Joseph Fielding Smith's Homosexuality

A Brief History of the Affirmation AIDS Quilt

"Mormon Mafia:" David Goodstein and the LDS Team Who Helped Build The Advocate

1978 Response to an Editorial by Mark E. Petersen

Prologue: An examination of the Mormon attitude towards homosexuality     The 1977 paper that caused a stir at BYU

Wasatch Affirmation: Our Story

The Formation of Affirmation Wasatch: Memoirs of a Gay Historian

Affirmation UK: Our Story

You Don't Know Dorothy! Game Show Questions from the 1998 Affirmation Conference

White Shirts & High Heels: Musings on Mormon Cross-Dressing

A Queer History of Mormonism: Course teaches Church History, a side you don't hear about in Sunday School.

Same Sex Temple Sealings: Did the Early LDS Church Embrace Homosexual Relationships? An article by Ben Williams originally published in the SL Metro

Our People

Affirmation Pioneer: A Tribute to Paul Mortensen

Renowned Lesbians and Gays of Mormon Background

Paul Mortensen: Consecrated Living

James Kent: Asserting God's Unconditional Love

A Tribute to a Star: Emery Prickett

Robert I. McQueen: Missionary, Editor, and Activist

May Swenson: A Tribute

Dr. Joel Dorius: "The Accidental Activist" (PDF)

Joel Dorius's Papers & Memoirs

Leona Holbrook, Pioneer of Women's Athletics at BYU

Leonard Matlovich Makes Time

Sgt. Leonard P. Matlovich: Patriot, Mormon, and Activist

Vincent Chalk: Teacher & Reluctant AIDS Activist

Lino Brocka: Legendary Filmmaker, First LDS Convert in the Philippines

Fred "Toby" Bluth, Illustrator

Surfing Information and Making Waves: Edward Jay Bell

"Family” History Resources & Links

Affirmation Has a Book of Remembrance. Do You Have Yours?

"Family" History: Leaving a Legacy of Truth

Keeping a Journal and Other Thoughts

Memoirs of a Utah Gay Activist 1986: Extracts from the Personal Journal of Ben Williams. This site contains language that some may find offensive.

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

The LGBT Religious Archives Network

GLBT History Month