Last updated September 28, 2013.

DrupalCons are the major Drupal community events held two to three times a year. These are the gathering places for the community of thousands of Drupal users, developers, designers, evaluators and business people to participate sessions, talks, code sprints, and social events.

DrupalCon Chicago Group Photo

Upcoming DrupalCon Events

  • Austin: June 2-6, Texas, USA
  • Amsterdam: September 29 - October 3, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you have questions about registration, sponsorship, scholarships, volunteer efforts, etc, please visit the DrupalCon FAQ on the Drupal Association web site.

Past DrupalCon events

  • Prague: September 23-27, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Portland: May 20-24, Portland, Oregon, USA
  • Sydney: February 6-9, Sydney, Australia
  • Munich: August 20-23, Germany
  • Denver: March 20-22, Colorado, USA
  • London: August 22-26, England, UK
  • Chicago: March 7-10, Illinois, USA
  • Paris: Sept 1-5, France
  • DC: March 4–7, D.C., USA
  • Szeged: August 27-30, Hungary
  • Boston: March 3-6, Massachusetts, USA
  • Brussels: September 22-23, Belgium
  • Vancouver: February 6-11, British Columbia, Canada

Regional organizing groups

DrupalCon videos and slides


I just added a mention of Drupalcon São Paulo, which was announced at Drupalcon Denver but was not listed here. I also noticed that Drupalcon São Paulo does not seem to be mentioned much yet on I had to do a fair amount of searching just to find a reference to it. Searching d.o. for "São Paulo" currently turns up zero mentions of it. By comparison, an announcement for Drupalcon Munich is currently visible on the d.o. home page. I hope whoever is responsible for organizing and publicizing the São Paulo conference can make sure it gets more prominent mention.

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Latin America has a separate page and you could add this event in this page too which is specified to Latin America events, although i don't know the reason of having separate pages for Asia-Pacific and Latin America when all these events could be on a unique page here.

Doubt is the father of invention..... Hubmesh | download converter

Saforian developed an event app for the upcoming DrupalCon Portland. We’ve researched, deliberated, and made some cut-throat decisions to compile our list of the best things to do in Portland. Our fun, interactive app lets you live it up at DrupalCon by showing you what’s going on at the conference and the hot spots to check out in Portland, along with making it easy to connect with other Drupal lovers. Not only is the app loaded with useful easy-to-access information but the way it's presented and its user interface are incredibly fun and interactive.

The support site for the app - features a game in which you can make the 2 characters, a lumberjack and bear, fight using keystrokes. Download it today!

I attended the Drupalcon helpd in Portland on May 20-24. The four-day event gave me so many insights and information not only from the conference itself but also from the developers and other people. I am planning to register again for the next conference. So, for those who want to attend, take it from me, you'd surely learn and have fun at the same time.

Really? When will Sao Paulo have its own conference? I have friends there who want to attend Drupalcon. They do not know when it will be held there. As planned, I am going to the Drupalcon this September. All things I need for the trip are ready.