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Our school financial aid guide category explains school loans, the basics of student credit cards vs prepaid debit cards and loan consolidation; where we provide information & resources for highly requested student loans, financial aid, debit and credit card education and information and helpful updated resources for student loans. We've expanded our college student finance guide to feature educate students on both federal and private loan consolidation. The website for Federal student loan consolidation is


If you are a college student finding yourself in need of insurance, there are forms of college student health insurance out there for students and parents to consider. Search Google

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Student Finance Guide 
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If you are a student seeking college scholarships, please be advised there are two types of scholarship services. The FREE services which allow you to access to commonly used, slightly modified college scholarship databases. The FEE BASED services charges you money to use their scholarship searches or services. There are a few FEE based services that actually do scholarship hunting for you - however we advise to ONLY resort to a FEE based scholarship service if all of your FREE searches turn up with nothing for you. Free scholarship information is out there aplenty so take your time and be crafty with Google by utilizing their advanced search. Save your money... be cheap. Use the free scholarship services. Good luck!

Under provisions of the Higher Education Act student borrowers are eligible to lock in to a lower rate fixed rate through Federal Consolidation Loans. There are no credit checks and no co signers needed through the 2008-2009 Government Consolidation program. If you need additional funds for school, above and beyond what you receive in Federal aid, consider private student loans.

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