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FLOWER POWDER The language of nature’s most intimate and beautiful gift has evolved through the years and giving flowers as a message of dove, concern or friendship is a long loved tradition. If you give flowers as


RURAL POVERTY IN INDIA Poverty imposes an oppressive weight on India, especially in the total areas where almost three out of four Indians and 77%of the Indian poor live although poverty has been reduced during the past

Global Warming and Agriculture

Global Warming and Agriculture Global Warming is an age old phenomenon. Various historical evidences show the records of changing climate. About 18,000 years ago, the world was 4 to 50 c cooler. Before the industrial revolution, climate


4 G TECHNOLOGY By : Rakesh 4G stands for 4th Generation Technology. It is basically an extension of the 3G Technology and has new advancements including better band width and services added to it. But if we


GPS SYSTEM By Rakesh Kumar Today one can communicate through Mobile Phones. From one place to other or from one person to another. We can watch many programs and news about all over the world, sitting at

3D Mobile Display That Works Without Glasses

3D Mobile Display That Works Without Glasses BY: Rakesh Kumar In the last few years, the 3D technology is increasing day by day in every field like 3D movies, 3D Games, Television, Smartphone and Tablets. In simple


WORLD’S SMALLEST ANTENNA By: Rakesh Kumar Although India have a long scientific history, scientific progress and excellence research & science education. Science on India is on the move in a big way. World’s smallest Antenna is


BY: Rakesh Kumar Big Bang – The most popular theory of the origin of the Universe. The birth of the universe is well explained and proved by Big Bang. This theory was born of the observation that

History of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been dead for about 65 million years which make studying the animals not just their unearthed bones and teeth extra ordinarily difficult. But that has not kept researches from trying. Now found evidence may now

The God Particle

THE GOD PARTICAL July 4, 2012 is an important date in history of Science. Biggest Science Project in era of Science Large Hadrons Collider (LHC)


ECO FRIENDLY SHOES Today everyone wants everything “Cheap and best”. That is why; new types of shoes, called Multipurpose Eco Friendly Shoes are developed in India. Suppose one have to go on a tour. So, one will


COLOR PICKER Color picker is an innovative design of a concept pen that can scan colors from anything around and instantly use the color for drawing. After placing the pen against an object the user just presses