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LIFE... it's a journey not a destination

LIFE... it's a journey not a destination

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Doug Nassaur Update

Still hearing from people that have been ripped off by Doug.  His next target to is probably going to be Young Harris College.  The college must not have very high standards if his son is going there.  Unless he fits right in with the crowd.  They will probably be on his next list of creditors that are trying to get paid or have to write it off, just like he did at Pinecrest Academy.  Please get the word out so there aren't any more victims.

Thank you to everyone who has been contacting me and giving me more information.  Unfortunately I am not alone when it comes to people Doug has stolen money from.  People at Pinecrest Academy should beware as that is his latest target and probably AT&T if he is working there as well.  I think we know where his next round of victims will come from, Young Harris College beware.

I received an an email with new information on Doug.  Doug's son Brad will be attending Young Harris College, Young Harris GA - they claim on a "baseball scholarship" - likely another lie.  The college must like thieves, liars, and thieves.  His Pinecrest tuition was supposedly paid for by Mark Doxtader.  Mark Doxtader lives in Creekstone (Hwy 141 in Cumming, South Forsyth) and runs Carton Craft.  This information was given by an anonymous person so I don't know the validity.  If anyone can verify please let me know.

My attorney was notified by Doug that he filed for Bankruptcy on June 24, 2011, quickly followed by his mother (Barbara Nassaur) in an attempt to stop the law suit.  What a family tradition, it gets better though.  Before filing he Quick claimed his house to his mother even though he owed money on it and it was illegal.

I know that Doug had a lot of TVs, computers, and networking equipment that he used to store at the store.  I probably disappeared during the middle of the night when he moved out. None of it was listed in his filing for bankruptcy, probably sold it and kept the cash.

He is trying to get out of paying what he owes and his mother is doing the same thing.  There were several other creditors that he is trying to avoid having to pay as well.  The case # is; 11-68491-wlh, Judge Wendy L Hagenau presided.  Doug listed his address as 7975 Georgetown Circle Suwanee, GA 30024.  I went down to the courthouse and got copies of the documents.

It appears that Doug even stiffed Pinecrest Academy.  It's no wonder private schools are so expensive.  Everyone else has to pay for people like Doug's son to attend the school.  If your child attends Pinecrest Academy you should be thanked for paying Doug's sons tuition.

The documents list 66 people / companies that Doug is trying to avoid paying.  Please get the wor out so nobody else has to put up with dealing with him and the court system.  He even listed his mother as a creditor.  They were probably using each other to shelter or hide money.

I was recently contacted by an acquaintance of Doug's, known him for ~30 years.  The only thing that hasn't changed he said was that he has always been a crook.  I heard he is working for AT&T.  If you work for them, know anyone that does, or use their services tell them how disappointed you are they would hire a person of such low, none, character.

Others have contacted me and have sued or are in the process of suing Doug.  He tells them he is going to pay them but never does.Please warn others and get the word out before he rips anyone else off.

Great news, my attorney was able to affect service on Doug a week ago.  He didn't respond, no surprise there. Probably wont show up in court either.

Doug also likes to get paid for other people's work and not give them the money.  It seems that GA isn't the only state where Doug has ripped people off.  From what the attorney and investigator found he also has been in VA, NY, NJ.  Doug is hiding from process servers, to avoid being prosecuted for Fraud and failure to pay bills.

If you know where Doug or Barbara are hiding please let me know so I can have the process server give him or her the papers Harald Sundal.  Thanks for the tips hopefully we will get him served and into court soon.

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Barbara Nassaur Update

The latest on Barbara is she filed for Bankruptcy fiver (5) days after Doug, guess it runs in the family.  Fraud and failure to pay bills seems to be a family tradition.  Passed down from one generation to the next, who will be next.  Hopefully like father like son wont be repeated but I doubt it.  People of Pinecrest Academy beware  he has already struck once.  Let people know before it is too late.

The last address I have is 7975 Georgetown Circle Suwanee, GA 30024. That is the address Doug used for filing Bankruptcy.  He Quick claimed it to Barbara in an attempt to shelter it from creditors.  He borrowed money and used the residence as collateral then gave it to his mother who filed as well.

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